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5 Best Horror Games on Android & iOS

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Granted, an Android or an iPhone isn't the usual device one would gravitate towards when visualizing tiptoeing through an immersive horror experience. And yet, in spite of the mobile having a disappointingly scarce amount of interest, there are, believe it or not, a fairly wide selection of great horror games stowed away deep within its archives. Question is, which of them are actually worth playing in 2023?

Whatever your current situation is, be it with an iPhone or an Android, rest assured that there are more than enough quality ports and original handheld games to keep you entertained. But if you're looking to pick up the best of the best that are available to download right now, then look no further. Here are the horror games you should add to your library as soon as you get the chance.

5. Death Park: Scary Clown Horror

Death Park 2 (Horror Action Game trailer) Android, iOS, Steam

Death Park brings all the same open-world exploration elements that you'd typically find in a survival-horror game and wraps them in a creepy abandoned theme park setting. Its goals, true to the evidently worrisome atmosphere, revolve around tiptoeing between attractions in search of puzzles, clues, and an escape from the killer clown that aimlessly roams in a state of paranoia.

Death Park may not be the best story-driven horror game on mobile, but it certainly brings a lot to the table—especially its abundance of nail-biting cat-and-mouse chase sequences. There's this, and then there's the bog-standard sense of being watched on a permanent basis, the deadly carnival of twisted slasher folk, and the all-round unsettling atmosphere that's both silent yet surprisingly effective. Meshed together, this mobile indie bolts to life as a real contender in the portable realm of survival horror.

4. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Mobile: Official Launch Trailer 2020

Dead by Daylight has been praised for its accessibility ever since it first came to the slate back in 2016. Its mobile ports, in particular, have helped bring a smaller collective to a booming hub, a world that's boasts an ever-evolving catalog of themed episodic, as well as a million-and-counting player base comprised of both beginners and long-standing seasoned pros.

In Dead by Daylight, you are tasked with one taking on one of two roles: the killer, whose job it is to hunt, trap, and slaughter; and the survivor, who must band together with other victims in order to solve puzzles, complete objectives, and search for an escape before, well, daylight. In essence, it's one big game of cat and mouse, and regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, it's an incredibly entertaining time through and through. So, if you're up for joining the hunt, then be sure to enrol in the Android and iOS versions of Behaviour Interactive's highly acclaimed co-op horror.

3. Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime - Official Game Trailer

Discarding the fact that you can actually find plush dolls of Poppy in most children's toy stores, the Mob Entertainment-led is actually a horror game at heart—and an incredibly effective one at that. Similar to Freddy Fazbear and the pizzeria bots, Poppy Playtime centers its entire premise around sadistic animatronics that both roam a seemingly vacant location and target victims for the most questionable reasons.

Poppy Playtime lets you take on the role of a former employee of a famous toy-making company. As such, you must investigate the company's abandoned factory after its staff disappear out of the blue and without reason. However, contrary to popular belief, the site isn't quite as vacant as realtors made it out to be, as you'll come to learn as you turn on your torch and tiptoe deep into its labyrinth of plush and gear-based nightmares.

2. Evil Nun: Horror in the School


Evil Nun: Horror in the School is a classic example of how James Wan's The Nun can influence an entire subgenre of survival horror. And while its setting and overall theme is a little, well, cliché, it still lays the foundations for an all-encompassing first-person experience that's both inviting and bursting with horrifying aesthetics. Bottom line is this: if you're even the slightest bit freaked out by nuns or spiritual folk, then behold your very own little shop of handheld nightmares.

In Evil Nun, your goal is to not only avoid the dreaded ghost at all costs, but weave together all the clues and keys that lead to your safety. Narritively, it's pretty straightforward, but it's nevertheless laden with more than enough horrors and puzzles to keep your gaming hours stacked up by the motherload. So, if James Wan's theatrical release did it for you back in 2018, then you'll no doubt solace in this portable gem.

1. Eyes: Scary Thriller

Eyes: the Horror Game | Gameplay trailer | Nintendo Switch

It's common knowledge that abandoned manor homes and vacant castles are generally creepy places. Just as well Eyes: Scary Thriller bases its entire premise around such an unsettling locale, then. But in the strangest of ways, all of these clichés and familiarities are still somehow fleshed out with just the right amount of genuine jump scares and thought-provoking puzzles to keep you entwined for the long haul.

There's no doubt about it — Eyes is hands down one of the most bone-chilling games of hide-and-seek you'll ever play. Furthermore, its locations are accompanied by shadowy crevices, tainted hallways, and a looming atmosphere that's both foul and unnerving. With all of this in mind, you could quite easily get lost in its world for several hours—especially if you're planning on doubling up the intensity with a pair of headphones.


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up any of the above five games on Android or iOS? Are there any horror games you'd recommend playing this weekend? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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