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Dead By Daylight: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



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Dead By Daylight is a game that is quite different from most games. In this isometric multiplayer game, the game tasks players with facing off against a killer. Players are tasked with defeating the killer, who has any array of abilities in which to kill players. This can prove rather tricky if players do not work together. This means players must be innovative and use their heads to stay alive. So, without further ado, here is Dead By Daylight: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.


5. Work Together

Working alongside your fellow Survivors can save you a lot of strife in the long run. When the killer starts to hunt you, you must work together to outwit them. Dead By Daylight features a wide array of various killers as well as Survivors to choose from. Players should assist one another in understanding how to play the game cooperatively to outsmart the killer. This will lead to more successful rounds for the Survivors and, hopefully, a better time for the player.

Players can use various items on the map to impede the killer. This will give players time to make plans accordingly. There are different items that players can use, such as Pallets to halt killers in their path. So players must work together to obtain these items and learn their locations. Working together is one way to ensure that these essential items are acquired and used appropriately by players. In conclusion, working together with your fellow Survivors is one way that you can remain one step ahead of the killers trying to track you down.


4. Avoid Running In The Same Direction

Running away from the various killers within Dead By Daylight can prove to be a problematic task. This task becomes more complicated when you involve more players. More players mean more directions to run off in, but it is advised that you don't all do the killer's work for them and run in the same direction. So by running in multiple directions and changing how you are running, zig-zagging, and so on, hopefully, you'll be able to evade the killer.

Players can even combine this tip with others on this list for added effectiveness. Confusing the killer is one way to achieve safety when playing Dead By Daylight. However, players should also be wary of leaving tracks for the killer to trace, as this will almost surely lead to their doom. Another way of throwing off the killer is by retracing one's steps to confuse them. In conclusion, running away effectively can prove the difference between life and death in Dead By Daylight. So players who are incredibly savvy at squirreling away should do so.


3. Playing the Killer

Knowing one's enemy is one of the best ways to show the player what to do when faced with the killer. Unfortunately, killers seem rather daunting to the player when you are on the opposing side. However, playing the killer would offer you a lot of information you would not have otherwise. Such as tactics, patterns, and different skill sets each killer has. Knowing these patterns will allow you to strategize around the killer's strengths and weaknesses to ensure victory for the Survivors.

In addition, this can teach the player a lot about their enemies, such as attack charge-up times and various behaviors of each killer. In conclusion, players can use their time as the killer to learn their habits and movement patterns around different maps. Map knowledge is vital in this game to keep yourself alive as long as possible. Furthermore, this will lead to them being more informed about their enemy when faced with the killer as a Survivor. For these reasons, we believe that playing as the killer is one of the best ways to get ahead in Dead By Daylight.


2. Go for the Generators 

Generators are imperative to players easily winning their Dead By Daylight matches. Controlling these things will make it more accessible for a Survivor to outplay the killers. This means that turning on the generators should be one of the player's primary goals when starting a round. Doing so will allow players to power escape gates that they can use to escape the killer's grasp. For example, the exit of any of the maps is typically run by a generator and needs the power to open so players can make it out.

Controlling the generators in-game is one way of putting you ahead of the killer. That means it will be easier for you to thwart their attempts to kill you when the time comes. Of course, this is easier said than done, as the generators usually call for the player to complete a minigame to power them. This means it is advantageous for players to run toward the generators as soon as possible. Many online resources tell you how to most effectively get to these generators without the killer catching you.


1. Map Knowledge is Key

Knowing and understanding the maps in Dead By Daylight can be the difference between winning and losing a game. If you can study these maps and understand how to use them to your advantage, then it will only benefit you as a player. Learning which areas are more beneficial to players than killers can save you a lot of trouble. This can be done by playing maps repeatedly with friends to help them learn. Or you can consult an online resource to learn the maps more easily.

In closing, map knowledge separates the novice and more informed players. This means that players who take the time to study the maps and learn the routes to success will frequently do better than players who jump into a game blindly. Knowing where the generators are, for example, will prove valuable when you need the power turned on, and so forth. This can give player's an edge over the killer if they use this advantage properly. In closing, map knowledge is one of the most important skills a player can have within Dead By Daylight, making it one of the best tips for newer players.


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