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5 Best Dead by Daylight Chapters, Ranked

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While fans await Sadako Rising set to release on March 8th this year, we thought to engage ourselves with ranking all the previous chapters of all time. Each chapter typically introduces new additions in threes; A killer, a survivor, and roughly half of them come with a new map. 

It goes without saying that ranking the best of them all was no easy feat. Nevertheless, we’re putting into perspective how impactful, aesthetically pleasing, and fun to play a chapter was. So, for newcomers and old-time fans of this horror multiplayer franchise, here’s to ranking five of the best Dead by Deadlight chapters of all time.


5. Chapter 2: The Halloween Chapter

Dead by Daylight | The Halloween Chapter | Spotlight Trailer

Remember Michael Myers from the 1978 Halloween series with a knack for murder? Yes? No? Well, if you don’t, you can give Dead by Daylight: The Halloween Chapter a shot as it did a great job in accurately adapting the original characters from the Halloween series. 

Though gamers may find The Halloween Chapter outdated, it remains a historic asymmetric game that played a major role in staying true to adapting characters and storylines from popular films. 

The Halloween Chapter went on to impact how future adaptations were portrayed and paved the way for the now favored Resident Evil and Stranger Things chapters. Despite these two chapters being a fan favorite, perhaps more than The Halloween Chapter, it deserves a worthwhile mention in how to effectively ‘mimick’ the lore and authentic environment of a series into a video game.


4. Chapter 5: A Lullaby for the Dark

Dead by Daylight | A Lullaby for the Dark | Official Trailer

There is plenty to praise about A Lullaby for the Dark. Firstly, it’s the game that introduced players to the survivor, David King. He’s a complete delight to play. Then, there is a new map, the Red Forest, that nails the lore setting of the grim and creepiness you’d want graphically executed in a pleasant way. Even in the dark eerie visual of the night, you can still clearly see your opponent with the natural environment weaving its way around you. 

By far though, the greatest new addition to the chapter who has become a staple to the franchise is the killer, the Huntress. She’s unpredictable, her bloodlust unquenchable, and players can’t help but strive to match up to defeat her. In addition to her skills, the franchise incorporates a backstory that keeps you intensely intrigued.


3. Chapter 22: Portrait Of A Murder

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

Featuring a new killer, a new survivor, and a new map, the latest Dead by Daylight: Portrait of a Murder chapter is one to like. The Artist is portrayed as a young woman who is skill-based in gruesome torture. 

While her skills progress, and you learn to approach fights tactfully, Jonah Vasquez strives to, well, ‘survive’ her. Using his mathematical skills, players must use logic and break the code that gets rid of the horror and triumph over the killer. On both counts, the chapter challenges you in the setting of a new and fantastic Eyrie of Crows map.

In the new map, players are introduced to a desert-like aesthetic that moves away from the more popular night-themed maps. The only downside that steers away from the gameplay and great aesthetics of the game is a less interesting and unsophisticated survivor compared to previous chapters of the franchise.


2. Chapter 14: Cursed Legacy

Dead by Daylight | Cursed Legacy | Official Trailer

Cursed Legacy introduced players to The Oni, a bloodthirsty killer of Samurai culture with an interesting backstory. His powers range from absorbing Blood Orbs that fuel his power, to using the Demon Dash skill to span across large distances rapidly. With his deadly Demon Strike, players unleashed torture and death on healthy Survivors.

The chapter's newest survivor was also not one to play with; Yui Kimura exemplified devotion and courage to stand up for herself and conquer her adversaries. Further, the new map is a well-designed realm that falls short in its functionality. Nevertheless, Oni the killer was perfectly executed and went on to become a popular and staple killer of the franchise. His counterpart, Yui, is also an awesome character whose aesthetically-driven gameplay is sure to keep you engaged throughout the game.


1. Chapter 11: Demise of the Faithful

Dead by Daylight | Demise of the Faithful | Spotlight Trailer

At the top of the best five Dead by Daylight chapters is Demise of the Faithful, an immersive world of the unknown, otherwise known as the oath of the faithful. The chapter’s new killer, “the Plague” is unique compared to killers from other chapters of the franchise. Her backstory is an interesting one of battling the darkness within, to the ultimate point where she becomes powerful enough to instill fear in the survivors. 

Though her character can take some time to master, it adds to making the game so challenging that it brings pure satisfaction when you finally pick up on all the cool things she can do. The chapter’s newest survivor, Jane Romero, also introduced players to perks that were just as unique to the chapter, and to her character as an influential talk show host. She masters Solidarity, a necessary and useful skill when fighting against The Plague, so survivors can share each other’s pain and help heal themselves. To match the lore setting of this chapter, a new Temple of Purgation map set within the Red Forest from A Lullaby for the Dark brings to life the concept of spiritual cleansing, but in a haunted way as the temple’s smooth edges stave chipped and eroded from the whistling winds of the howling Red Forest.

For its unique take on asymmetric survival horror games, Demise of the Faithful takes the lead in delivering an interesting and challenging chapter that is well worth giving a try.

So what do you think of these five best Dead by Daylight chapters of all time? Do you agree with our ranking? Is there a chapter you think deserves a worthwhile mention in the best chapters of them all? Feel free to let us know in the comments below or our socials here

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