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Lost Ark: SmileGate & Amazon Change Login Rewards



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Lost Ark by Smilegate and Amazon has been trending for weeks, and with good reason. The stunning 2.5D MMORPG has mesmerized audiences all across the globe and continues to trend on Steam.

As the game is free-to-play, Lost Ark attracted a large crowd waiting to get into Arkesia. Two weeks ago, Lost Ark's users spiked to 1.3 million. As the servers weren't prepared to handle such a massive horde, they were jammed. Players waited and waited for hours, but some simply could not get through.

Finally, Smilegate and Amazon took action and rapidly worked on creating a new server region for Europe. To make up for the inconvenience, the devs issued an apology along with some in-game compensation.

Lost Ark: Launch Gameplay Trailer

As a part of this compensation, Lost Ark offered about three days of Crystalline Aura, a premium in-game boost along with 10% faster recovery, and a pet. Notably, the Crystalline Aura gives 7000 XP every minute. Players could unlock these rewards by logging in daily and claiming them. However, there was a teeny tiny problem with the login rewards.

The Day 3 reward for West European regions is 2 weeks of Crystalline Aura boost that applies to their entire account. But then, regardless of their primary server, players could claim the boost on all the servers (there are eight West European servers) by creating a character on each one.

Further, the Day 6 reward is 500 Blue Crystals that players can use to buy an additional 8 months-worth of Crystalline Aura. So, players might get up to 352 days of the free premium boost. Both Smilegate and Amazon were quick to notice and correct the gaping loophole. The rewards were replaced by new incentives.

The new Day 3 reward is ‘Una's Tasks'. With these tickets, players can reduce the cooldown duration of tasks. Meanwhile, ten rare combat engraving books are the new Day 6 reward. As you can guess, this has not gone down well with the players. Despite this, Lost Ark i

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