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Lost Ark: Amazon Games & Smilegate RPG to Add New Servers



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Last week, a huge crowd of players was waiting in line to get through the Lost Ark servers and enter the game. However, the queue was stuck for hours and players were getting impatient with each passing minute. Several of them couldn’t enter Arkesia after all.

To address this issue, developer Smilegate RPG and publisher Amazon Games are working on the addition of new servers. Both the companies announced that they are setting up a whole new region of servers in Europe.

The popular action MMORPG title had a massively successful pre-sale. Lost Ask managed to gather more than half a million users in just one day. From there, the game went on to become the second-most played game on Steam.

Of course, no launch is without bugs and glitches and Lost Ark is no exception to this. The problems started surfacing right before the launch. Even with the hindrances, the game witnessed a constant surge in players.

Lost Ark: Launch Gameplay Trailer

As the game is free-to-play, it has attracted hordes of players waiting to explore Arkesia. And last weekend, the player count peaked at over 1.3 million. Obviously, the servers weren’t ready to handle such an overwhelming crowd which lead to the jam.

Lost Ark’s official website has released statements regarding the new server regions. Due to the game’s structure, the creators will be setting up a new server region. This network will be separate from the existing Central Europe server region.

Further, there will be no cross-region playability as the additional server regions are targeted at players who don’t have a character or those who haven’t signed up on the existing server.

After the new servers become functional, they will ease the bottleneck and reduce the waiting time. Meanwhile, players can expect to wait a few extra minutes to get into the game until the new server region is up.

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