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5 Best Indie Games on PlayStation Plus (November 2023)

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Characters sharing a lit treehouse in The Gardens Between.

For players looking for an experience they won't soon forget, many have turned to the indie gaming space. And despite not necessarily having the resources of larger studios, these games often have a sense of heart and polish that stands out. No matter the experience you are looking for. These games manage to approach their development in quite a different way, thus creating a different kind of experience. We are here today to highlight some of the best in the PlayStation Plus library. Here are the 5 Best Indie Games on PlayStation Plus.

5. Eldest Souls

Eldest Souls - Gameplay Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

We are kicking off today's list of the best indie games on PlayStation Plus with a bang. Here, we have Eldest Souls. For players looking for a Souls-like title with not only a ton of polish but a striking sense of style, look no further. For players who enjoy the boss-rush style gameplay of games like these, this title has you covered. In addition to this, the game features a wealth of content, which is available for free. The free content included in this game includes a new region to explore, with its own bosses, weapons, and other systems.

One of the most crucial systems included in this free update to the game is the weapon customization system, which serves not only to improve upon the foundation the game had before but also does so in a meaningful way. The boss design and combat encounters in the game all have their own unique flavor to them, which is phenomenal. Adding to the game's replayability is a fantastic New Game Plus mode as well. In short, if you are looking for one of the best indie games on PlayStation Plus, check out Eldest Souls.

4. No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky - Singularity Expedition Trailer | PS5, PS4, PS VR2 & PSVR Games

We are switching gears considerably with our next entry. Here, we have No Man's Sky. For players looking for a sci-fi adventure like no other, this title is for you. Players are able to traverse massive worlds on a scale that few titles can compete with. In addition to this, each of the planets, as well as its inhabitants, flora, and fauna, feel fleshed out. This makes the worlds you visit feel more well-realized, and as you explore, you can start to connect locations and characters. This is great, as it shows not only excellent attention to detail but does so in a way that immerses the player.

For fans of base-building mechanics in games, this game also has you covered. You are able to build bases and harvest resources from the various planets you are on. Being able to bring friends along for the journey through cooperative play is also great. All of these aspects compound upon each other to make No Man's Sky a game that truly delivers on its promises. Whether you enjoy the endless expanse of sci-fi titles or simply want to play a great game. No Man's Sky is one of the best indie games available on PlayStation Plus.

3. Magicka 2

Magicka 2 - Release Date Trailer

We are straying quite a bit from the sci-fi world of our last entry for a more magic-laden adventure with our next. Here, we have Magicka 2. For fans of the Magicka series, Magicka 2 brings with it a lot of aspects for players to love, both new and old. The experience on offer here, which has been built up from its foundation around the cooperative experience, is nothing short of magnificent. Players are able to wield magic in a way that not only feels impactful. But also manages to influence how you play the game dramatically. For example, players can chain together their magical abilities, as well as harm their allies with them.

This greatly rewards players who plan out their moves and combine attacks. The magic system in the game also allows players to learn thousands of spells with the ability to use five at a time. The game's story-driven campaign mode is also great fun, either solo or with friends. This game manages to tap into that core sense of fantasy and freedom that games like this can evoke. All around, Magicka 2 is one of the best indie games on PlayStation Plus to this day.

2. Roki

Röki - Release Trailer | PS5

We are following up on our last entry with another fantastic title. Here, we have Roki. For players looking for a story-driven experience that is not only touching but beautifully artful in its presentation, look no further than Roki. Players will find themselves traversing an icy world as they make their way through the game. The core gameplay mechanics consist of players solving puzzles as well as exploring in a search for answers. And while we won't spoil the experience here, suffice it to say Roki is an unforgettable experience for players who delve into its world.

Set in the wilds of Scandinavia, this game not only has a unique setting but uses its setting and backdrop to full effect. The Nordic-inspired lore of the game manages to grip players as they watch the story unfold before them. In addition to this, the game is of a non-violent nature. This makes it an experience that is accessible to all, regardless of age. In closing, if you are searching for one of the most poignant and best indie games on PlayStation PlusRoki should definitely be on your radar.

1. The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between - Story Trailer | PS4

We are closing out today's list with another beautifully artful title. If you are looking for one of the best indie games on PlayStation PlusThe Gardens Between is for you. This wonderfully depicted puzzle-adventure game not only manages to feel transformative but does so evocatively. Every aspect of the game, from its story-book-inspired aesthetic to its attention to detail regarding its puzzles, is stellar. Players will find themselves immersed in this world relatively quickly, a testament to the beauty of its design.

While it might not be the most sprawling and replayable entry on today's list, it's an experience that sits with you. This has the potential to give the experience, as a whole, more value to the player. The story beats in the game are handled wonderfully, with each touching on the game's core themes. In addition to this, the game is also incredibly accessible for players of all ages and skill ranges. All around, this makes The Gardens Between one of the best indie games PlayStation Plus has to offer.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Indie Games on PlayStation Plus? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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