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5 Best Indie Puzzle Games like Chants of Sennaar



Inspired by the myth of Babel, Chants of Sennar is a thought-provoking adventure puzzler with a phenomenal art style. Indie puzzle games like this offer players a chance to experience thoughtfully designed puzzles as well as unique worlds to explore. This proves to be a winning combination, as it combines the inherent satisfaction of completing puzzles with the charm of indie titles. No matter your experience with the genre, these games welcome new players with open arms. That said, here are the 5 Best Indie Puzzle Games like Chants of Sennaar.

5. The Last Campfire

Starting off our list today of the best indie puzzle games like Chants of Sennaar, we have The Last Campfire. This charming single-player puzzle experience both through its aesthetics, and gameplay leaves quite the impression. Players will feel the thrill of adventure as they search for a sense of purpose for the game's main character. This sends players on a journey that will stick with them far after completion of the game. Along the way, players will meet a menagerie of wonderful characters that flavor the game's world. Additionally, for players who enjoy riddles, this game has wonderfully constructed riddles to solve.

For players looking for a puzzle experience that balances difficulty and accessibility, this title has you covered. This is due to the fact that The Last Campfire manages to strike a delicate balance between puzzle difficulty, and the player's sense of satisfaction upon completing them. Handling things this way allows players to focus more on the narrative, which is wonderful. All in all, The Last Campfire is one of the best indie puzzle games like Chants of Sennaar.

4. Unpacking

Taking a turn on our list from adventurous, to somewhat profoundly mundane, we have Unpacking. Through its narrative, the tale of Unpacking slowly unravels before the player as they solve puzzles to unpack various rooms. This not only serves to make the game really easy to understand and get into, but it also rewards the player for going along this journey. The game has been described as a zen puzzle game, which is great for unwinding after a hard day, or simply to enjoy.

Additionally, framing the gameplay as a home decoration game is great, as it gives it more of a wide appeal. For players worried about timers and limits, there are none within this title, just you and your own sense of self-discovery. This makes it a great title to recommend for beginners to the puzzle genre. Added to this, is the fact the game is coupled with a fantastic soundtrack that really sets the tone. All around, if you're looking for one of the best indie puzzle games like Chants of Sennaar, check out Unpacking.

3. Station to Station

Switching things up a bit for our next entry, here we have the most recently released title on our list. Station to Station is a charming game with a cozy art style that allows players to be transported into its world. Having the unique premise of building railways, this title allows players to have the innate satisfaction of puzzle games but with a different framing. The voxel art style is also really striking and makes for a world that you can be transported to easily. Additionally, there are many ways to play Station to Station, from relaxed to more score-oriented as well.

This is wonderful, as it places the seriousness and level of effort firmly in the player's hands. The game also rewards players greatly for their managerial skills, as well as organizational skills. And while this isn't a requirement, it's great to see they incorporate many player mentalities into the game's gameplay. Level-based gameplay also allows players to pick up and play as they choose as well. In conclusion, Station to Station is one of the best indie puzzle games like Chants of Sennaar.

2. A Little to the Left

Following up on our last entry with another fantastic cozy puzzle game. Here we have A Little to the Left. The premise of A Little to the Left, while being simple, allows players to enjoy this title for quite some time. Players are placed in a role where they can use their own logical skills to solve charming puzzles. In terms of the variety of puzzles and their number, there are over seventy-five puzzles to solve, giving players plenty to do. However, the accessibility of these puzzles makes for a title that players can easily pick up and put down as they choose.

Additionally, the puzzles with A Little to the Left have multiple solutions, awarding an open-ended approach. This is great, as it gives the player plenty of space to find their own solutions to the game's problems. Coupled with this is the game's charming art style. This title gives the player a cozy feeling, making playing for extended periods of time feel like a breeze. To close, A Little to the Left is a fantastic puzzle game, and one of the best indie puzzle games like Chants of Sennaar.

1. Cocoon

Rounding out our list of the best indie puzzle games like Chants of Sennaar, we have CocoonCocoon is a title from the lead gameplay designer of LIMBO and INSIDE. This automatically places expectations of fantastic puzzling gameplay. And Cocoon doesn't disappoint by any means. In terms of puzzle mechanics, this title has a rather unique approach as well, with players moving throughout universes to solve puzzles. This is wonderful, as it allows players to approach puzzles in a number of ways. Players can also interact with their environment quite a bit, leading to a sense of immersion within the world.

Players in this title are tasked with carrying an orb to their destination. There are several orbs with a whole host of different abilities. Learning how to use these abilities is part of the fun of Cocoon. The game also, unlike many other titles on this list, features combat. This could appeal to players who want to vary the gameplay within their puzzle games. Also, the game's unique art style helps it stand out even within the indie puzzle genre. For these reasons, we consider Cocoon one of the best indie puzzle games like Chants of Sennaar.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Indie Puzzle Games like Chants of Sennaar? What are some of your favorite Indie Puzzle games? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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