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Best Puzzle Games on Roblox

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best puzzle games in roblox

Exploring the vast virtual landscape of Roblox is an adventure in itself, but for those who seek to challenge their minds and ignite their problem-solving prowess, the platform offers a treasure trove of puzzle games that are nothing short of captivating. From intricate enigmas to mind-bending riddles, the world of Roblox hosts a collection of some of the best puzzle games that promise to test wits, enhance cognitive skills, and provide hours of engaging entertainment. 

So without further ado, here is a list of the best puzzle games on Roblox that are sure to captivate your imagination and keep you coming back for more perplexing challenges.

5. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor roblox

The stealth horror game Hello Neighbor by Dynamic Pixels, takes you on a wild adventure to uncover your neighbor's deepest secrets. The Roblox version is not too far off from the original game. Your quest is to find out what your elusive neighbor is hiding. However, it’s easier said than done. 

For a neighbor who is always evasive, he sure is observant. He’ll be right behind you when you approach his house. Make sure you don't get caught. If he finds you, your character spawns in the last Act you completed. 

Moreover, exploring every house level is the only way to progress in Hello Neighbor. You’ll occasionally run into puzzles that unlock deeper secrets. But the game’s adaptive system makes things a bit harder as you progress. Plus, the game gets more challenging once your neighbor sees what you’re up to.

4. Escape Room

Escape Room roblox

Nothing speaks more of pure conundrum than experiencing clasutropobia in an escape room. As the timer runs out, your anxiety grows as you try to locate the grand clue that will grant you passage. Escape Room by DevUltra is your ultimate choice for a thrilling mind-teaser. 

The game allows you to play in teams with a maximum of 3 to 5 players. Players must complete the different puzzles leading to the same objective. Unfortunately, the game doesn't provide hints or allow you to pause it. You need to find a means of escaping within a specified time. 

But that’s not all. The game is split into two types of rooms; Alpha and Beta rooms. Each room presents you with a particular scenario that you must escape from. For instance, under Alpha Room, 007 has you escape captive arms or an enemy government after your mission is compromised. 

3. Great School Breakout

Great School Breakout roblox

Out of all the rooms you may wish to escape, the homeroom must be at the top of that list. Let's face it; school is the last place you want to be. Great School Breakout knows that, and that's why it’s granting you the task of escaping school. 

Developed by Kids and Fun, the game's premise is as the title dictates; you need to figure out how to get out of school by solving riddles. Each room holds various obstacles you must overcome. This will require a substantial amount of brain power to hack through. 

Thankfully, the first level gives you clues about your grand breakout. This will involve crawling through vents to get out of detention. Once you’re out, you must find a key that unlocks the next room before the teacher, Mr. Pickles, finds you. 

2. Piggy

Piggy roblox

Piggy is a captivating digital escapade where the oinks of curiosity meet the symphony of suspense. The horror-themed survival game occurs in a dystopian future after a global pandemic turns the world's inhabitants into horrific beasts. You play as an investigator, adamant about getting to the bottom of George Pig’s disappearance.  

At the very start, you wake up in a strange room where you must escape the claws of a murderous swine. Find clues around the room to unlock the door, leading to another mystery boatload. Thankfully, the game’s environment provides clues for every room in which you get trapped. Plus, you get a companion, Officer Doggy, who gets lost moments later.

Piggy is a wholesome blend of mystery and horror. If jump scares are the right way to fuel your adrenaline, this game is worth checking out. Additionally, the horror continues in the game’s sequel, Piggy 2. 

1. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 roblox

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, for those who can remember, pioneered whodunit scenarios. The plot: a group of people has to deduce who the murderer is among them after a member is unknowingly offed. Murder Mystery 2 takes the same approach. The game takes a group of 12 players, where one is a sheriff, one is a murderer, and the rest are innocents.

As the sheriff, you have to find the murderer before he kills the innocents. The game equips you with a gun to hunt down the killer. However, be wary; if you kill an innocent, you lose. The murderer's role is clear; kill the innocents. But you have to do this cleverly to avoid detection and being voted the murderer. The game hands you a knife to kill the sheriff and the innocents. For this, stealth is your best option.

Moreover, if you kill the murderer, you gain XP. Think of this as an Among Us tribute. The concept is very much the same, except that you don't get tasks to distract you. 

Additionally, the innocents work with the sheriff to figure out who the murderer is. If the sheriff is done for, and you pick up the gun as an innocent, you automatically become the sheriff. You can't harm other innocents, but you can gain XP by aiding the sheriff and surviving longer in the game. If you become the hero, your XP increases after the winning round.

Finally, the game has a timer where all roles must be accomplished before the clock winds down. Like its forefather, Murder Mystery 2 offers a thrilling test of deduction and survival.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our list of the best puzzle games on Roblox? Are there other puzzle games on Roblox we should include? Do let us know over on our socials here.

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