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10 Best Puzzle Games on Roblox

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The mad murderer Roblox charcters chasing each other Best Puzzle Games on Roblox

Sometimes, you just want to play a game that will challenge your thought process. It can be tough games that take a while to beat or simple ones you can quickly breeze by on your day off. The best genre to test your brain is puzzle games, which often incorporate scenarios and outright questions you have to find the solution to. Some games only allow you to play solo, but others create room for teamwork and even healthy competition in teams. Check out the best puzzle games on Roblox below.

10. Teamwork Puzzles


It’s in the name: you need to come up with a team of trusted soldiers if you’re to take on Teamwork Puzzles and survive. Don’t worry. It’s all fun and games, with hardly too many frustrating scenarios to bear. You’ll often need to be keen as the game carries on, pressing the respective button during your turn to progress through the game. And that’s it. You can play two-player games, three-player games, or even four-player games if you like. 

9. Untitled Door Game


Untitled Door Game, on the other hand, requires progressing from room to room. Each room has a unique puzzle you need to solve. Further, you also occasionally encounter challenges that test your skill, progressing through difficult levels to get to the finish line. Keep in mind that while earlier rooms are relatively easier to get past, the latter ones do pose a bigger challenge.

8. The Smile Room


Smile Room can easily fool anybody; at first, it seems like an all-roses-and-rainbows puzzler. However, the only smile you’re likely to see is at the start of the game. Specifically, the doorway to the game is a smile, which you pass through the teeth to get to the game. By all means, Smile Room is a horror game. Once you walk through the terrifying smile at the start, it’s up to you to find an escape route. You’ll see multiple doors leading down different areas to explore. Keep a lookout for plenty of twists and turns Smile Room has in store for you, doubtlessly set to magnify the unexpected interconnected passageways you’re about to wind down.

7. Escape Rooms

Roblox escape room…

When you find yourself trapped in a room, you quickly realize that the only way out is to solve the puzzle that unlocks the door. So, you start to look around for clues and brainstorm with friends on the way out. Once solved, you move on to the next room, the puzzles growing in complexity as you progress, until you finally get through to the end of the game. Escape Room takes inspiration from real-life escape room games. It infuses exciting puzzles, giving you no hints. The only help you can take advantage of is bringing a friend along for the ride.

6. Colors in Question

ROBLOX Colors In Question (With @KaitheHuskyKai)

Alternatively, you can consider Colors in Question, which also tasks you and your partner with working together to escape. You’ll be given a bunch of puzzles to work through. Keep in mind that teamwork and cooperation are key. It means you’ll probably need some quality headphones to work through puzzles together with your partner to beat the game.

5. Flee the Facility

Flee The Facility Gameplay Trailer

You wake up trapped in a mysterious facility, alongside other online players. In no time at all, you learn that there’s a beast on the loose, hunting down everyone it sees. So, you run as fast as you can, looking out for potential places to hide or escape. By studying the Flee the Facility map, you can find clever places to hide, like squeezing through vents. You can also plan the most efficient and fastest routes to the exit.

4. The Mad Murderer

Game Review - The Mad Murderer

Renamed The Mad Murderer Classic, you’ll pick the role of the innocent bystander, the sheriff, or the murderer. Then, work toward staying alive for as long as possible. Innocent bystanders run and hide from the murderer. However, they can also cautiously witness crimes, which will come in handy if they become the sheriff. The sheriff, of course, works toward identifying who the murderer is. Once identified, sheriffs kill the murderer. The murderer, on the other hand, kills everyone, at which point, if they kill the sheriff, an innocent bystander takes over.

3. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunter Trailer

An ambitious town founder’s son builds the Morsburg Mental Hospital. Over time, the building houses the Morston family, who harbor a dark secret. You’ll venture out into the haunted walls of the hospital with only light sources, cameras, and your survival instinct. Your job is to investigate past events, uncovering hidden secrets and intriguing mysteries buried over time.

2. The Asylum

The Asylum [ROBLOX Game Trailer]

Alternatively, you can take on the horror game, The Asylum. It features two invigorating chapters that cast you in the role of an explorer unearthing the secrets of an abandoned asylum. Thanks to chilling visuals and sound effects, The Asylum maintains a consistent sense of dread. It pushes you to examine objects for clues, piecing together bits and pieces of the events that might have taken place before your arrival. You also explore different rooms and environments, discovering hidden secrets that earn you completionist badges. Can you find the true ending to all the chapters of The Asylum?

1. Puzzle Doors


Puzzle Doors is also an escape room game, except, in this instance, you’re solving puzzles to open seemingly countless doors in succession. Puzzles are often relatively easy, with the answers sometimes hidden in the room. Other times, you need to decipher symbols, words, or letters to get the solution. In any case, it’s a fun adventure that’s incredibly satisfying when you figure out the answer. Remember to take a breather in between solving the puzzles. Puzzle Doors can be a daunting labyrinth. So, pausing the game significantly helps to refresh the brain.

So, what's your take on our picks for the best puzzle games on Roblox? What are some of your favorites? Let us know over on our socials here or in the comments below.

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