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5 Best Roblox Games Like Murder Mystery 2

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Roblox Games Like Murder Mystery 2

Since Roblox is a place anyone can create games, the roster of available games has consistently been on the rise, towering at over 40 million games to play. With such a high volume, it can get pretty overwhelming to choose what to play. If you’re a fan of playing detective and survival horror games and happen to have already played the popular Murder Mystery 2 game about innocents hiding from a murderer and a Sherrif looking to bring the murderer to justice, here are the five best Roblox games like Murder Mystery 2 you’ll likely also love.

5. Roses

ROSES - Official Trailer

Roses is a horror adventure game that has nothing rosy about it. Instead, it promises a thrilling, chilling adventure to remember long after the game. The game is set in the 1940s during a film contest at an asylum. Unfortunately, your friend, Max, gets lost in an asylum and never makes it back out. So it’s up to you to find him.

Among the many gaming elements, the graphics stand out the most. It’s pretty impressive considering most Roblox games do the bare minimum to make the aesthetic as realistic as possible. However, Roses comes across as very detailed. Further, the developer, Clockwork Entertainment, couples his design with an incredibly engaging story that grips your interest from the very beginning. 

The setting itself—a mental institution—sends a chill down your spine when you have to wander through the walls by yourself looking to solve the pieces to the puzzle. If so far your interest is piqued, you should know it costs 25 Rovux to play the game, which frankly, is worthwhile considering Roses hits the mark for a credible horror adventure game to play.

4. Impostor

Imposter Roblox Trailer

Impostor (with an “o”) is pretty similar to the popular Among Us game you may have played before. Can you find the imposter? Unlike Among Us, Imposter has no bounds to impromptu emergency meetings or the imposter's continuing to murder people even if they are discovered. It’s like a less stringent “Among Us” version where you’re either an innocent crewmate or the imposter up to no good. 

So, does murdering everyone in your crew sound like your kind of party? Or would you prefer putting your detective skills to the test to save your fellow crew members, unaware of the danger that lies within? Whichever route you take, you can expect to witness some unexpected reveals and moments that have you holding your breath for the worst that could happen.

3. Identity Fraud (Revamp)


The original Identity Fraud is a horror game designed around mazes leading up to the final boss. While figuring your way through mazes, you’ll need to escape the grasp of monsters hunting you down. There are also secrets to uncover along the way. 

The revamp is great for hosting a party game with friends. Particularly when you encounter the monsters waiting around at the corners of the mazes and figure out their weaknesses so you can move on to the next level. Some are pretty scary; others just need you to stay still and stare at them to overwhelm them.

Unlike most survival horrors that incorporate simulations or roleplaying, Identity Fraud (Revamp) brings something different to the table. It simplifies jump scares by comparing them to approaching corners in a maze. You have no idea what surprises lie in wait. And the only thing to rely on is your survival skills and imagination.

2. Dead Silence

Roblox dead silence...

If you’d like to stick to solving murders, Dead Silence is a great alternative you could try. Adapted from the 2007 film, Dead Silence, players run into a dead body belonging to a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw. Her spirit lives on, haunting the nearby town, or so the story goes.

There are some pretty chilling moments. The murder itself is also quite gruesome. Above all is the sound design, which truly brings out the spooky haunted-town moments in the game amidst the dead silence.

If Dead Silence sounds like your kind of gem, feel free to check it out in first-person single-player mode or with up to five friends. Either way, the game has lots of potential for having fun while investigating the legend of Mary Shaw, with some potentially funny moments depending on your sense of humor.

1. Alone in a Dark House

ALONE IN A DARK HOUSE - 2022 Trailer

Alone in a Dark House is exactly as the name suggests. Set in 1996, you’ll play as a private investigator, assigned with putting your detective smarts to the test in solving a brutal vehicle murder in a small town. The plot thickens later in the game when it turns out, the deceased comes from the Smith family, who hold many dark and scary secrets. 

And so a simple murder case turns into your worst nightmare. It proceeds to trap you in an abandoned house nestled within near-constant darkness. In the house, you meet Eric Smith, the son, who’s also a black demon. There are people watching your every move, and you’ll be hunted for blood. 

Each detail in the house, from the office to the kitchen to the bedroom and the basement, could help solve the case. Watch out for Eric Smith too, who’s almost impossible to ignore. As things get even scarier, you’ll start to wish you’d taken that vacation or at least had some experience dealing with the paranormal. 

Can you make it through the chapters of Alone in a Dark House? Whether with friends or by yourself, Alone in a Dark House is a super creepy and mentally challenging game any horror fan will want to try.

And there you have it, the five best Roblox games like Murder Mystery 2. Are there more Roblox games like Murder Mystery 2 we should know about? Let us know in the comments or over on our socials here.

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