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5 Best Roblox Games Like Doors

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Roblox Games Like Doors

Doors effortlessly made its way to the top as one of the best horror games on the sandbox platform. The game's eerie element sparks to life in a door-thronged haunted mansion where players must go through each one progressively. Using the “What's Behind the Door?” gameplay, Doors offers a handful of jumpscares with murky corridors that create a daunting ambiance and spine-chilling suspense of what you could find after opening the door. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, the colossal Roblox platform hosts other games in the genre. With multiple games hitting the platform each year, you can easily miss out on the gems that deserve the spotlight. If you're curious to discover which they are, here are the five best Roblox games, like Doors. 

5. Piggy

PIGGY | Unofficial Trailer ROBLOX

With floppy ears, cute curly tails, and soft noses, pigs are recognized as the most adorable bunch in the farm animal family, except when messy. But a more horrifying encounter with a terrifying pig awaits you in Roblox's horror game Piggy by MiniToon. The game is a series of escape rooms stretched over 12 map zones. 

You play as a cop investigating the disappearance of George Pig. This leads you to the crime scene, where you get hit by a bizarre pig. You soon regain consciousness in a different room, where another crazy pig is after you again. After a successful escape attempt to the police station, you meet Officer Doggy and realize there's another monster in the building. 

The game will have periodic jumpscares, but worry not; you'll have Officer Doggy by your side. Well, until he disappears at night, you are not just looking for George Pig but for your hound buddy too. Moreover, your search won't be a walk in the park. You'll encounter friendly characters and some that are quite the opposite. Sounds exciting? The good news is that the game has a sequel, Piggy: Book 2, that offers the same amount of wholesome fun. 

4. 3008

Roblox 3008 - 2.8 Teaser #2

Getting lost in the mall or grocery store as a kid is still an absolutely terrifying moment. The less Gruen effect will have you feeling like everything is ten times bigger as you search for a familiar face. 3008 lets you relive this moment subtly. The game occurs in an inescapable infinite IKEA littered with employees and faceless monsters hunting down the players.

The survival horror game by Uglyburger has two phases; the day phase and the night phase. Players can freely roam the environment during the day. What's more, the players don't face the threat of an attack from store employees, except when it's a foggy day. When night comes, the creatures are out to play. The employees become hostile and attack the players. 

When you're not running from zombified employees, your character will require food to keep moving and keep your health up. You can choose what to munch on from your in-game inventory. 

3. Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility is another exciting and hair-raising escape room game created by A.W. Apps. Players (survivors) team up to complete a series of objectives before being gunned down by “the beast.” The goal is to find a way out through the exit doors after hacking the computers in the game. The survivors can jump, crawl, and slam the door, which slows down the beast.  

The beast is a designated player whose objective is to capture all survivors. You need to be wary of the beast, or you'll end up in a cryogenic chamber. The game alerts you with a horror soundtrack and a glow if the beast is close by. This is your cue to hide or run. The good news is that other survivors can get you out of the chamber if the beast traps you. 

Moreover, after every round, players are awarded points and currency for completing quests in the game. You can use the currency to purchase items that will prove helpful. 

2. Scary Elevator

ROBLOX: The Scary Elevator | Official Trailer |

Just like Doors, an elevator can hold the element of surprise as it opens up to a dark-lit room filled with monsters. Scary Elevator by Pixelated Studios has the right set of jumpscares with a wide range of monsters. Players start in a lobby and proceed to the elevator. After a while, a prompt appears on the screen that reads, “The floors are ready.” This is where you hold on to your seat.

Each floor in the game provides looming danger. Your objective is to get through the floor to the elevator and get to another floor. This would be easy if you didn't have Chucky, a killer clown, or a faceless monster hunting you down. The game holds over 25 killers with horrifying looks. 

Moreover, you can access items in the game to help you survive. You can also collect coins as you traverse the different floors. The gory atmosphere is complemented by the eerie soundtrack, which adds a layer of horror.

1. Break In

Roblox Break in Trailer (Fan Made)

If you've watched the movie The Purge, you may have a clue as to how scary this game gets. Break In by Cracky 4 has players moving into a new house where they must survive a purge- an episode where a horde of villains attack the tenant. The house hosts 12 players, and your objective is to make it through the purge and defeat the villains. 

The game lets you choose between playing as a kid or as an adult. The adults protect the kids during a purge. Moreover, the house holds a mystery that you and your friends can uncover as you traverse the rooms. You can also find cabinets with money. After a while, cutscenes will lead you to your next mission, and finding clues in the house can help you accomplish it. For instance, food deliveries will keep you going, but beware; the food could be poisoned. 

Soon later, the purge begins. By boarding the doors and windows, you must work with your teammates to protect the house. If the villains get in, it's up to the adults to defeat them. 

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our five best Roblox games, like Doors? Are there any you'd recommend picking up? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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