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5 Best Roblox Games Like Blox Fruits

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Best Roblox Games Like Blox Fruits 2.0

Blox Fruits has immensely gained popularity over the years. However contrary to what many would think, Blox Fruits is not about fruits but about setting sail and exploring the vast waterscape while looking for treasures. You can choose to traverse the sea as a nefarious pirate or become a marine and rid the ocean of the notorious marauders. Keep in mind that, regardless of what role you choose to play, you'll meet obnoxious characters that deserve a beating. One way to deal damage is by using the blox fruits, hence the game's name. Moreover, players can engage in sword fights, gun fights, and races. With the game gaining so much traction over the years, it's no surprise that developers have been up and about to deliver games with a similar sense of thrill. And without further ado, here are five Roblox games like Blox Fruits.

5. True Piece

Games Like Blox Fruits 2.0

Unleash your inner pirate with the Roblox adventure game, True Piece. Created by DivineTempest, the game also lets you play as a marine. You'll find this game quite familiar if you've interacted with One Piece before.

The sea holds plenty of treasures. You get to explore various islands and discover fruits that will amp up your fighting skills and abilities. As a marine, you wield the power to hunt down buccaneers and become the most powerful marine. Of course, your skill will hands down lead you to ultimate victory. However, the right set of fruits will patch any gaps and give you the necessary boost.

Furthermore, the game has four races: Human Skypiean, Cyborg, and Fishman. Fishman races move swiftly in water, as their name suggests. Moreover, you can use their exclusive skills in combat. Skypiean races have Geppo charge and Race dial skills. Cyborgs have additional XP skills and a fairly good head start. This race is a good choice for novice players. Finally, the human race. While this race may not have much going on, they do have exceptional Black Leg Skills. 

4. Legend Piece

Another smash hit in the Roblox franchise that is quite similar to Blox Fruits is Legend Piece. The game also borrows concepts from the legendary anime series One Piece. In a similar fashion, players wade the waters to become the ultimate Pirate King. For fans of the popular hit TV show Zoro, this game will undeniably work up their appetite.

You can also showcase your swordsmanship skills in the game. There are two blades to choose from; a katana and a dark blade. Moreover, the adventure game gives you plenty of devil fruit to spruce up your fighting skills. The fruits are accessible every hour. The more you explore, the higher your chances of grasping rare kinds. If you're unlucky in getting some, don't worry, there's an in-game merchant where you can source from.

What's more, there are plenty of fruits based on the legendary One Piece anime. The fruits are classified into four tiers; S, A, B, and C. The different tiers describe the varying powers. The fruits randomly

spawn in the game. Alternatively, you can purchase them from the fruit dealer. At the time of writing, a fruit goes for 1 Gem or 250,000 Beli. Notably, you need to be at level 100 or higher to buy from the fruit dealer.

3. Grand Piece

Embark on an exciting adventure and fight off enemies beyond your imagination in another exciting game like Blox Fruits. Developed by Grand Quest Games, Grand Piece has plenty of sites for you to explore. 

You can choose to sail the first or the second sea from the map; each sea has a king to take down. Moreover, you can choose your fighting style from the game's two combat options. These include rokushiki and black legs. Furthermore, as an anime-inspired game, you'll also get devil fruits; Mero Mero no Mi and Bari Bari no Mi, which deal more damage to your foes. If you're the gunslinger type, you can opt for a gun instead. 

Like in the previous game, players can choose between four races to role-play. The races include; Human, Fishman, monk, and Skypian. 

2. Anime Cross 2

Games Like Blox Fruits 2.0

An Astral Games- Ax brainchild, Anime Cross 2, is where anime battles thrive on the Roblox platform. The game features over 60 characters from the anime series. Players can choose to battle as their favorite anime personality and take on other anime characters in RPG gameplay. Alternatively, you can create and customize your own avatar. You can choose from over 88 accessories, 118 hairstyles, and over 250 skills to create the ultimate mercenary to battle other anime characters. 

Furthermore, Anime Cross 2 is not your average RPG on Roblox. The game places an emphasis on teamwork by having a cooperative objective. However, players can still venture out on solo missions or loot for items in the battle royale mode. 

1. Ro-Ghoul

Games Like Blox Fruits 2.0

Making it to the top of our “best Roblox games like Blox Fruits” list is Ro-Ghoul. The dark fantasy game draws inspiration from the iconic manga “Tokyo Ghoul.” Also, it features a cops and robbers theme where players can join the Ghoul faction or the CCG group. Ghouls hunt down the NPCs to devour them, while the latter takes on the role of protectors. 

Climbing up the ranks is quite easy. You just have to completely accomplish your role. If you choose to be a Ghoul, you better let out your inner Casper and capture as many NPCs as possible. Alternatively, if you want to play as a CCG, you need to amp up your defense skills and protect the NPCs from being devoured.

Ro-Ghoul is a distinct Roblox game with an equal measure of sheer fun and addiction. If you're looking for a game to wash down the day's blues, look no further than SushiWalrus' Ro-Ghoul.

There you have it. Our five best Roblox games like Blox Fruits. Are there other games we should add to the list? Let us know over on our socials here or in the comments below. 


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