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5 Best Roblox Games Like Berry Avenue RP



Roleplay, or RP, as it's often referred to as, is a subsidiary category of Roblox, an all-in-one sandbox platform that essentially allows its users to morph, create, and establish community-driven worlds. An RP server that draws a great deal of traction in this day and age is Berry Avenue RP, a life simulation-type game that gives you the keys to a neighborhood haven—a place in which you can transform your wildest creations into a virtual reality.

The good news is, Berry Haven RP isn't the only game of its kind. On the contrary, it's actually one of thousands, and it is arguably one of the most spot-on sims on the current market, too. Needless to say that if you are, by chance, on the hunt for an RP server that lets you do all the same bits and bobs as Berry Avenue, then look no further. Here are five additional Roblox games you should check out.

5. Welcome to Bloxburg

If we're strictly speaking about Roblox RP games that are exceedingly popular, then Welcome to Bloxburg is a real no-brainer, as it single-handedly stands the test of time as one of the best sandbox games, period. And what's more, as it hosts a network comprised of millions of users, there's hardly ever a lull in the community or its general development.

Welcome to Bloxburg works in a similar fashion to Berry Avenue RP; it tasks you with moving to a new neighborhood as a fish-out-of-water resident, and basically hands you the keys to a virtual kingdom that's entirely dependent on your own design and eye for creativity.  With mounds upon mounds of cosemtics to unlock, friendships to develop, and homes to construct, Bloxburg has more than enough to keep you entwined for the long haul. Plus, the fact that if receives frequent updates, themed events, and expansions is more or less the cherry on top.

4. Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven RP is a nifty alternative to Berry Avenue RP, simply down to the fact that it captures all of the same sandbox elements and gives them a wholehearted communal touch. Its premise is mostly the same, in the case that your objective is to build a home. Apart from that, however, you're also instructed with the task of becoming a member of the bustling community—a citizen that plays a part in the general flow of the overarching narrative.

As Brookhaven RP is a textbook role-playing game, it is advised that you “play your part,” so to speak. As with any server that adheres to the RP style, the more involved you are with the plot, the better the session will be. But as far as what it is you'll have to do to connect with Brookhaven, on the other hand, is another question altogether, and one that only you can seek the answers to. So, who will you be in the world of Brookhaven?

3. Redcliff City

If you're wanting to go one step further than Berry Avenue, preferably to a metropolis that's twice the size, then you'll definitely want to consider punching a one-way ticket to Redcliff City. In this sandbox RP server, it isn't just the town that's extravagant — it's your lavish way of life and all the things in it. From your clothes to your cars, your stately home to your social life, Redcliff is a world that let's you play the winner right from the get-go.

Again, Redcliff City isn't all that different from Berry Avenue, nor is it likely to receive the cold shoulder from its developers or players any time soon, either. In fact, it's evidently laden with enough cosemtics, events, and updates, that you'll never have to uproot and move elsewhere once you've found your place amongst the community. It's life simulation 101, and it's definitely one of the best games of its kind on Roblox in 2023.

2. Livetopia

Livetopia is an all-in-one sandbox game that lets you build homes, collect pets, and roleplay to your heart's desire. As a citizen, you can choose your job, the mode of transport for your commute, and even the season you'd prefer to immerse in. It's simple, really; in Topia City, anybody can be anything, and nearly anything can be achieved at the flick of a wrist.

Besides all of the returning RP elements, Livetopia also lets its players go to school, study subjects, and morph their characters into model citizens with various traits and aspirations to boot. To put it short, it's a real two birds with one stone sort of gig, and it'll definitely keep you entertained for all the while you choose to engage with its world.

1. MeepCity

With over 15 billion visits since its 2016 launch, it's no wonder MeepCity claims the front page nearly every single day. Rightfully so, as it certainly has one of the best users bases on Roblox, a fact that hundreds of thousands of daily members will no doubt support. And it helps, too, as its creators constantly post updates for the game that not only help iron out the creases, but add layers to an already booming canvas with countless coatings.

MeepCity is coined as a life simulation game that quite simply lets you power your imagination through the use of fully customizable estates, avatars, and a slew of other in-game cosmetics. Your goal: develop your reputation amongst the community, earn coins to unlock new perks, and join the millions of people who long to hold a stake in one of Roblox's most popular RP games of all time.


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up any of the above Roblox lookalikes? Are there any close alternatives that you'd recommend playing? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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