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Best Roblox Games of 2022



As the popularity surrounding Roblox continues to escalate to new and exciting heights, so do its treasure trove of multi-genre user-created games. Ever since the pandemic swept the globe several years back, both indie developers and all-purpose gamers have looked to the platform as a home away from home — a virtual world to cloak the bleakness of reality, you could even say. And with 2022 now over, this very empire will once again lay the foundations for yet another year of creative infusions and blocky ventures.

It's been a pretty great year for Roblox fans — even more so for those who devote themselves to the likes of fruity RPGs and life simulation games. The only thing we have to left to answer before December whittles down is this: which games made the biggest impact in 2022? Here's how we'd slate them from a top-down perspective.

5. Murder Mystery 2

Roblox Games Like Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a simple yet surprisingly addictive role-playing game that sees you and a group of people taking on one of three roles: sheriff, murderer, or innocent. As sheriffs, your duty is to uncover the murderer's true identity while also protecting the innocents along the way; the more innocents that are spared during the game, the higher the point value. Murderers, on the other hand, are disguised among the innocents, and must act strategically in order to take down as many innocent as possible before being discovered.

Murder Mystery 2 isn't all that new, though it has been keeping Roblox users invested in the platform as a whole for the best part of eight years now. With over 9 billion visits stacked up against it, it holds a secure position on the board as one of the most popular games on the entire platform — a status that hasn't even budged in 2022, surprise, surprise.

4. Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide-and-seek is a schoolyard game that has survived generations, gone through countless transformations, and even received its number of name changes. It's a universal thing, which is precisely why the Roblox community devised a way to keep its timeless design alive and kicking by bringing it over the platforms. Lo and behold, there's Hide and Seek Extremea stupidly addictive and oddly quirky fetch quest game.

The rules are simple, really: some players hide, and one randomly selected players seeks. Nothing is new there, which, again, reinforces its timeless feel. It's the oversized maps and creative designs that really bring the game to life, with which the developer has gone above and beyond to make one of the most immersive qualifying classics on the block. Is it extreme? That's debatable. Is it timeless and well worth your time? 100%, yes.

3. Adopt Me!

Roblox Games Like Adopt Me

Adopt Me! has kept a firm hold of its place on the podium this year, and you know, understandably so. Since it resurrected the good old fashioned cat and dog sitting formula that once came loaded with games like The Sims: Pets, Nintendogs, and Tamagotchi, the indie-made role-playing was pretty much always going to win over a lot of hearts. And it filled a gap, too, which a lot of other developers had failed to do before Adopt Me! came to light.

In Adopt Me!, your goal is to both raise and trade a variety of virtual pets, with which you can teach, groom, and mold into your own blocky companions. With 30 billion unique visits and millions of active users to interact with, the cutesy trading game instantly becomes one of the trendiest and most irresistibly replayable things on the entire market.

2. Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg is a life simulation game that takes a leaf out of The Sims' book. Equally the same, the two revolve around a local community in which you, a fresh-faced newcomer, must find your place and make a name for yourself by finding a job, kitting out a home, and adopting a daily regimen that benefits the people of Bloxburg.

Sure, there are plenty of RP servers scattered across the Roblox platform, but only few of them have attained the same level of credibility as Welcome to Bloxburg. To this day, Roblox's poster child of RP games keeps a huge chunk of the fan base alive and kicking, and it certainly helps that the servers are forever being flooded with new updates and perks for returning players to indulge in, too.

1. Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits has proven time and time again how one simple concept with an urge-to-grind progression system can dominate the monopoly without relying on unnecessary theatrics. It's somewhat commonplace at this point, and it's because of this that the user-loved action RPG snaps into the woodwork better than just about any other of its kind. Even today, right at the end of 2022, it hoards the vast majority of players on the Roblox roster.

Blox Fruits puts you in an adrenaline-fueled world where every user lives by the blade, slays by the blade, and dies by the blade. With a level cap of 2,400 and an ever-evolving realm of swords, styles, and enemies to conquer, this action-heavy RPG brings just about everything you could want in a fantasy Roblox game. Is it time-consuming? Absolutely. But is it worth the grind? Yes, yes, and yes.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five best Roblox games? Are there any in particular that stood out to you this year? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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