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Best Action Games on Roblox (November 2023)

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Best Action Games on Roblox

Roblox gives over 40 million games a roof over their heads. Even if you were to spend a full day searching for the best action games on Roblox, you'd still come nowhere close to looking through all of them. That’s where we come in. As masters of keeping up with trends and putting our ears to the ground for the latest gaming chatter, we’ve kept in touch with all the new action games making their way to the Roblox platform.

Thanks to the freedom to create and upload your own games on Roblox, the platform boasts a unique variety of action games. They cover all bases, from multiplayer options to action-adventure. Every genre and taste has a place on Roblox. The question is, which ones are the best action games on Roblox worth playing today?

5. Flee the Facility

Flee The Facility Trailer

Flee the Facility is exactly what you imagine. A beast is out loose at the facility. So, it’s up to you to flee to safety. You can hide, too, provided the beast doesn’t make you its dinner. And the moment you get the chance, unlock the exits and escape. 

Flee the Facility heavily draws inspiration from Dead by Daylight, where players can choose to play as the killer or survivor. However, Flee the Facility takes a more lighthearted approach to the hunt, where your party of friends is likely to sneak in a laugh or two.

Survivors will need to survey the facility for places to hide and escape. You can slip through windows and vents. Meanwhile, remember to close the doors behind you and memorize the map to have a better game plan. 

Despite its lighthearted nature, Flee the Facility is pretty ruthless. It can quickly become intense, especially among competitive players, with every person looking to have that last laugh.

4. Anime Battle Arena


Anime battle Arena ROBLOX Trailer

On the other hand, you can take the fighting arena route. Choose your preferred fighter from a diverse selection of them. Work toward leveling up your character’s skills and climbing the ladder to the top. Make a name for yourself as the fighter no one dares go up against. That’s it.

In Anime Battle Arena, each character differs from the other. They each have unique skills and personalities. You may even recognize some of them from notable Shounen franchises, like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball, and more.

Currently, you have two game modes, Arena and Ranked. You also have access to 24 maps, 80 characters, and two special maps. However, chances are the game will receive future updates, so stay tuned for more to come.

3. Jailbreak

The Jailbreak Trailer


Ever since Prison Break, breaking out of jail has never been so cool. The thought process behind unlocking every door and sneaking past every guard. It’s incredibly satisfying to finally come out on the other side, safe, unharmed, oh, and free.

Jailbreak offers the chance to plan your escape. You can bribe cops and scoop up vehicles and weapons to break out of prison. But it also takes a step further into the cops and robbers play style. You can play as a criminal, orchestrating heists and being the thorn in the cops’ side. Or you can take the law enforcer route and track down criminals with all you have. 

The gameplay loop is so satisfying that it’s quickly skyrocketed Jailbreak among the most famous experiences you can have on Roblox. Evidently, it’s cultivating a working ecosystem like GTA, where you can steal money to pay rent and build a life

2. Bleeding Blades

Bleeding Blades Trailer [v2]

Bleeding Blades adapts many historical battles and characters into a multiplayer first and third-person slasher game. It stages battles between Antiquity and Medieval times, so Rome, Greece, and other ancient empires, while excluding gunpowder weaponry from the mix. Some of the battles you can expect include the Battle of the Herrings, the Siege of Orleans, and the Battle of Milvian Bridge, among others.

The game takes inspiration from the Mount and Blade series, with players controlling both their character and army. Shield in hand, sword in the other, your job is to stab the enemy before they can stab you. You can block their attacks, too, provided you fight bravely for your faction. 

You don’t need to stick to the sword; instead, switch to the spear if you like. It depends on your play style, with some level of technique for both. For instance, you can use the sword as a whip, slashing through a larger front swiftly and repeatedly. At the moment, Bleeding Blades is far from complete. The developing team plans to release patch updates and more content in the future, so keep an eye out for those.

1. Ninja Legends

Ninja Legends - Trailer

The journey from rookie to legend ninja is treacherous but worth it in the end. Experience what the training is like in Ninja Legends on Roblox. You’ll need to master diverse skills, including parkour and the usual double jump. Fortunately, you have different swords all across your ninjitsu training missions. 

With more swords and ranks, you’ll grow more powerful. As Ninja Legends is a ninjitsu training simulator, your goal is to climb the ranks to become the most powerful ninja possible. You’ll train in unique settings and unlock upgrades to help level up your character. You’ll also collect Ninjitsu and earn in-game coins that you can use to buy higher-ranking swords. 

Additionally, you can have shurikens and pets as companions. You’re also free to customize your character and pets with in-game currency, buying items like katanas, belts, kimonos, skills, and more. The training isn’t entirely pointless, though. You can choose to fight for the dark or light side, as well as fight against other players to earn souls to gain additional skills.

Overall, Ninja Legends has a lot to offer beyond the surface level. It infuses determination with exciting gameplay and rewards your efforts with skills and customization options, including pet shops.

So, do you agree with our top pick? Are there other titles you'd recommend as the best action games on Roblox? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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