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5 Best Anime Games on Roblox

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Best Anime Games on Roblox

As one of the most sought-after subgenres, anime is taking the world by storm. Hundreds of episodes and gaming series take the Japanese-originated animation, now amassing a massive following in preference. One such platform that's not left behind in the craze is Roblox.

If you're a fan of anime, you'll feel right at home with Roblox. The colossal hive of user-generated games features a fine line of anime games bursting with fun and entertaining gameplay with plenty of anime references and character inspiration. Plus, with tons of new monthly games on the platform, it's common to miss out on top-tier games. But worry not; we've gathered the best five Anime games worth your time. Let's dive in.

5. Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator on Roblox

Anime Fighting Simulator by BloxkZone is a fast riser on the Roblox platform owing to its fine lineup of characters from various anime shows. If you're an aficionado of Japanese animation, you'll probably come across one of your favorite characters from shows, including Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece. As a training game, Anime Fighting Simulator pits various anime characters in a fast-paced, up-close combat style. Players battle each other or AI-controlled nemeses and earn points in return. The points then let you rise up the leaderboard's rank.

What’s more, the game features five dimensions with varying themes to explore. The themes draw inspiration from popular anime series, including Naruto, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Attack on Titan. Moreover, the game offers solid flexibility by allowing players to combine powers. You can go from blasting water orbs to unleashing a magnanimous electric blast in seconds. 

Besides this, the game has excellent graphics and sound effects, which make the gameplay more engaging and immersive. Moreover, the game's progressive system is pretty addictive and will keep you hooked for hours. 

4. Anime Battle Arena

Anime battle Arena ROBLOX Trailer

Anime Battle Arena is an online anime-inspired game on Roblox that has recently gained much popularity. Developed by Dogs Stusios: South, the game lets you pick characters from popular anime franchises, including Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto. Furthermore, the characters use different move sets and portray impressive abilities and skills.

What’s more, the game has two primary modes: Ranked and Arena. Arena mode is a casual mode played by most players that consist of three distinct sub-modes that are quite the spectacle to play. For starters, it is more fun owing to the mid-range chaos. Also, you stand to earn more gold in the game for upgrading your character's skins. On the other hand, the ranked mode pits you against other players in a one-on-one, 2v2, or 3v3 match.

Aside from these features, the developer is dedicated to providing regular updates, giving players a fresh perspective and entertaining gameplay. This is one Anime game on Roblox that's worth checking out.

3. Anime Battle Simulator

Anime Battle Tycoon Official Trailer | Roblox

Much like Anime Battle Arena, Anime Battle Simulator, places you right in the middle of battle, playing as an anime character. Developed by Lajebo Games, the characters also display a range of unique abilities and skills, which are upgradeable using in-game currency.

With combat being the game's core, players take on different bosses that put up an incredible fight. You can also recruit other fighters for a team-up against powerful opponents. Moreover, you can explore the different worlds since the game offers various maps where 

challenging battles occur. To spruce things up, the game gives you an adorable companion to keep you company on your treacherous journey. It's not all about fights and frenzy; the cute companions add a touch of cute and cuddly.

Furthermore, the aim of the game is to become the leading anime superhero. To do so, you must collect ample power-ups and gems to give your character the needed oomph to stand out. What's more, the more items you unlock and collect, the better your chances are of leveling up. 

2. Blox Fruits

The FUTURE of Blox Fruits.

If there's a game on Roblox that comes close to an anime adaptation, it's Blox Fruits, which uses One Piece as its foundation for creating a wholesome sandbox experience. Aside from a neat lineup of anime characters, players can explore the large map and upgrade their stats as they would prefer. You land on a vast map divided into islands at the game's onset. You can traverse the islands using the free dinghy or opt for a lavish transport mode if you've stacked enough in-game currency. 

Players aim to collect the digital fruits that grant access to skill and ability upgrades. The more fruits you collect, the stronger and faster your character becomes. Since the game features a couple of NPCs, you'll need a suitable range of fruit to beat them.

Moreover, the anime-themed game adds a touch of complexity with different game modes and races. The game assigns a race to every new player. The typical starting races are Human, Shark, and Angel. Over time, you can change your character's race into Ghoul or Cyborg by meeting particular conditions. Aside from this, the characters' races interact differently and receive unique buffs and passives.

1. Attack on Titan: Downfall

Attack on Titan: Downfall trailer (ROBLOX)

Much like the previous game, Downfall draws inspiration from the famous anime show Attack on Titan. Developed by @Films, the combat-base game lets you play as a Survey Corps working tirelessly to rid the Blox world of nefarious Titans. There are two kinds of Titans; normal and abnormal. The striking difference is that the latter can lunge toward a player and move faster.

Immediately after you start the game, you're thwarted into character customization that readies your avatar for the immersive gameplay experience. You also choose which class to play soldier, cannoneer, medic, or supplier. Fortunately, you can switch classes while playing the game using L, which spawns you back into a new category. 

Furthermore, top this off with impeccable gameplay and a spectacular environment, and Downfall provides a solid entertainment source that gets you hooked for hours. 

And there you have it. What do you think of our list? Are there more anime games on Roblox we should feature on this list? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here.

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