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5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam (May 2024)

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Soldiers ambush in a shack in a multiplayer game on Steam

When we talk about games, it's not just about solo adventures anymore. Now, we play together, making new friends or teaming up with old ones, all in vibrant virtual worlds. Steam is packed with such multiplayer experiences. Some of these games are simply unforgettable, making us come back for more and more shared fun. So, if you're curious about the best multiplayer games on Steam, let's dive straight in and explore the best ones!

5. Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Gray Zone Warfare offers players a deep dive into tactical FPS gameplay, with a focus on realism. Players join one of three Private Military Companies to explore and battle in a large MMO open world. The world of Lamang Island unfolds following a mysterious event that has left it under quarantine. Teams venture into this area to uncover its secrets and retrieve valuable items. The game emphasizes strategic play, where players must carefully plan their actions to survive against both human and AI adversaries.

The game excels in providing a highly customisable weapon system. Players can modify their firearms with hundreds of different parts, mounts, and accessories. This customisation affects how each weapon performs and adapts to various combat scenarios. Whether you need a silenced sniper rifle for stealth missions or a heavily modified assault rifle for frontline combat, the possibilities are vast.

Moreover, Gray Zone Warfare introduces a unique health system that rejects the typical hitpoints model. Instead, it simulates the human body in a more realistic manner. Each injury a player sustains affects their capabilities, from reduced perception to impaired movement. Players must learn to quickly identify the types of injuries they have and find effective remedies.

4. Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor — Early Access Launch Trailer

Abiotic Factor is an engaging survival crafting game where up to six players collaborate to overcome the challenges of a secretive underground research facility. In this thrilling setup, players step into the roles of the world's brightest minds, trapped underground after a devastating paranormal event. You can choose from various scientific experts, each endowed with unique skills essential for survival and exploration. Your task is to utilize your scientific expertise to craft tools, manage resources, and defend against supernatural entities and hostile intruders.

In Abiotic Factor, danger is omnipresent. Paranormal entities roam free, and a militant group is eager to exploit the chaos. Here, simple combat skills won't be enough; you'll need to use your scientific knowledge to create effective defenses and offensive solutions. Also, crafting ranges from basic survival items to advanced technology. You might begin by creating a simple net but could soon advance to assembling sophisticated laser-cannons or setting up complex traps to protect your team and manage aggressive foes.

Furthermore, the game's environment demands constant adaptation. You'll need to scavenge for supplies in abandoned labs, raid vending machines, or repurpose office equipment to build a makeshift base. The expansive and diverse game setting encourages exploration and resource management. When it's time to move, various transportation methods like handcarts, forklifts, and advanced teleporters are available.

3. Foundry

Foundry Official Gameplay Trailer

Foundry lets players master building and automating machines on an unknown alien planet. In this game, the excitement of exploring a new world meets the challenge of creating complex machinery. Players start by gathering resources by hand but quickly move to setting up automated production lines. The main task is to make these systems efficient and capable of growth. Players use various tools to build and link machines, and create networks of conveyor belts and pipes that reach from underground to the skies.

The world of Foundry is vast and constantly changing, thanks to its procedurally generated environment. Players explore different landscapes, such as dense jungles, big mountains, and wide plains. The voxel-based terrain lets players mold the landscape piece by piece, fitting their growing factories into the natural surroundings. This setup pushes players to think about both function and design, turning each factory into a unique mix of art and engineering.

That said, players can choose to work alone or team up with others in online or LAN co-op multiplayer modes. Joining with other engineers can help overcome bigger challenges, like keeping a complex power system running and expanding the factory's capabilities. And by unlocking new technologies and decorations, players continually upgrade their factories.

2. Rotwood

Rotwood - Early Access Trailer

Rotwood is a thrilling multiplayer game available on Steam, where chaos reigns in a world overrun by corrupted creatures. You and your friends are tasked with defending your safe haven from these menacing beasts. To succeed, you will need to upgrade your equipment, select your favorite weapons, and sharpen your combat skills. This game challenges players to grow stronger and smarter, mastering complex and rewarding combat systems to survive the ever-dangerous world.

In this game, simple attacks won't suffice; strategy and skill become your best allies. Players must master a variety of weapons, each offering unique methods for combat. From powerful blows to precise strikes, the choice of weapon can define your style of play. Moreover, Rotwood encourages players to experiment with different combinations of armor and weapons to find the most effective setup for their battles.

The heart of Rotwood lies in its cooperative gameplay, where teamwork truly makes the dream work. Up to four players can join forces to take on the horrors of the forest. Together, you face formidable bosses, each in their unique environment and requiring specific strategies to defeat. Victory brings great rewards, andd allows you and your teammates to enhance your abilities and tackle even greater threats.

1. Content Warning

Content Warning - Official Trailer

If you're a fan of thrilling adventures, Content Warning is the multiplayer game you need to try. In this game, you team up with friends to capture eerie events on video in a bid to become stars on SpookTube. You’ll navigate the mysterious Old World, armed with a handheld video camera, racing against time to film as many spooky occurrences as possible before your oxygen, battery, or team members run out.

The game intensifies as you host watch parties to view the footage with your team, tracking the increasing view count on SpookTube. More views translate into higher ad revenue, which you can use to upgrade your gear, purchase fun emotes, and buy essential survival items like medical kits. These upgrades are crucial for venturing deeper into the Old World and encountering even scarier challenges.

Content Warning also features innovative customization options, such as the ASCII face customizer, which allows you to create a unique look for your character using simple keyboard inputs. The in-game voice chat makes team coordination seamless and realistic, enhancing the spooky exploration experience. With each expedition lasting three days, you have ample opportunity to explore, film, and perhaps rise to fame on SpookTube.

So, do you agree with our list of the best multiplayer games on Steam? Are there any other titles that you think should've made it to this list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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