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5 Best Multiplayer Games Like Grounded



Grounded shrinks you down to survive in a backyard, where you will need to fight off bugs. You can team up with up to four players to take on the world, but you will need to be careful. There's always danger lurking around every corner. If you have already played too much Grounded or don't have a platform that can run it, you are probably looking for another game. Luckily, there are several different survival titles out there that you can play with your friends. The games below have earned a lot of praise and offer different levels of difficulty to accommodate all players.


5. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game where you can team up with a large number of players. You are dropped into a land that is full of dinosaurs, and you must find a way to survive. Hunger and thirst are always hanging over your head, as are bloodthirsty carnivores. You will need to learn how to tame these dinosaurs, many of which can have taming timers that span several hours. The more powerful the dinosaur, the more work you and your tribe will need to put into taming. On top of this, you need level yourself up in order to possess more advanced technology.

Ark allows you to choose between PvP or PvE servers. PvE servers are intense struggles for survival, as you are always online. When you log off, your base and character are left unguarded. PvP throws you into games where you must deal with dinos and, if possible, work with other tribes to improve the server. Best of all, there are quite a few DLC packs available for those who want to tame dragons and other fantasy creatures.


4. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most well-known games in the world, and you've likely heard about it a lot. The game has a lot for players to do when they join up. They can play in creative mode to just build away until their heart's content or play survival. In survival, you will need to establish a base and collect supplies. You will need food to keep you fed and need to watch your equipment as it whittles down as you use it. On top of that, the end goal is to find the Enderdragon and open a portal to the Nether. Both of these are dangerous endeavours, even for a group of friends.

Minecraft is one of the most kid-friendly survival games, much like Grounded. Both games can be played by younger children and still be fun. There is also a peaceful mode, that still allows you to play in survival without any of the danger. To top things off, the game gets free updates that constantly revitalize the content. One of the most recent updates introduced a couple of new biomes and frogs.


3. 7 Days to Die

7 Day to Die is a game that is bit more intense than others on the list. This is a horror game that revolves around a world that is overrun with zombies. Every seven days, there is a blood moon, and you will be attacked in hordes. The only way to ensure survival is to work with your friends to find a solid base and fortify your defenses. As you play, the game can get easier or harder depending on how you use your resources and plan out your days.

Night-time exploring is especially dangerous, and it can be hard to manage supplies. You have to decide whether to approach a zombie-infested town or hunker down in a gas station until the blood moon. Worst of all is when you need to split up to gather supplies or clear a hospital with only part of your party.


2. Raft

Raft is another unique survival game with a salty twist. You start on a small raft that is floating through the ocean. It's here you must follow a pile of garbage to find other humans. Small patches of land dot the world around you, and you must use the garbage you find to expand your raft. To make matters worse, you must find a way to keep yourself fed and watered. This means making a way to boil water and catching animals to eat.

You can play with your friends to make things easier, but beware, a shark is always hunting you. This shark will regularly attack your raft and tear chunks off of it. If you swim in the water, then it will hunt you down, and it will respawn each time you kill it. Larger islands also hold dangers like bears that are waiting to tear you apart. You must find your way through the story while surviving in a lonely ocean of trash.


1. Valheim

Valheim is a game with a nordic feel. In it, you are tasked with uncovering the mystery of the world around you. To do this, players will need to set up base and take on bosses. Several dangers lurk in the world around you, including enemies that will devour you in the night. Players will need to set up a base and make their way through each area while keeping themselves fed and watered. As they level up, they will be able to craft more useful gear, given that they've collected enough materials for it.

Valheim really lets you dig into the idea of playing with a Viking and the lore that surrounds them. It's by no means an easy game, so players who enjoy something more challenging with Grounded will fall in love. There are five bosses to kill in all, each of which are in a different biome. This, of course, can be done at your own pace if you want a longer session. Of course, you do get power-ups for each boss you kill, so it's worth it to start working on your combat skills right away.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any games like Grounded we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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