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5 Best Games Like Valheim

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Iron Gate Developers have graced the industry with another outstanding creation that gamers refer to as the new Minecraft. Valheim is a fierce survival exploration game that allows players to explore, build, fight and survive enemy attacks.

The gameplay allows for multiplayer versus and can host up to 10 players. Players need to first create their Viking character before moving on to build a world following a regenerating map. Each world created is unique and is split into several different zones containing swamps, oceans, forests and more features. These zones also have their own unique opponents and bosses. 

Players have to survive by gathering resources throughout this world. This can be done by hunting, foraging, farming, and also mining. Valheim hit its one year anniversary in February this year, which developers marked by introducing several updates such as the launch of the Steam Deck and the addition of new creatures to the game. If you like Valheim, here are five best games like Valheim you can play.


5. Grounded

Games Like Valheim

Starting our list of five best games like Valheim is Grounded. The game has a similar adventure and survival theme as Valheim; the difference is, in Grounded, your character is shrunk down to ant size in a backyard. And just like in Valheim, you and your teammates work together to defend against surrounding threats. The main threats are bugs such as dust mites, bees and also spiders. You can use some bugs to your advantage, like aphids which can be cooked and consumed, while ladybugs can help lead you to food. Players need to stay in top shape by consuming adequate water and food to avoid succumbing to thirst and starvation. You can collect dewdrops to drink by cutting down strands of grass. 

As you explore the backyard, you are required to scavenge for resources to be used for building bases for defense against hostile enemies. As the game progresses, the difficulty level also increases and the insects become more hostile. To increase your survival chances, you will need strong teammates.


4. Outward

Outward is an open-world RPG game that is more about survival than exploration. Like Valheim, you can mark your journey solo or add a couple of friends to help you survive the predators of this wild realm. You will need shelter and essential resources like food and water. The game begins with the player owing an ancestral debt he is required to pay, originating from a complex storyline you are sure to enjoy.

The success and failure of each quest can permanently affect your game story as they all have multiple outcomes. Therefore, you need to monitor your hunger, fatigue and thirst to avoid losing all your health in battle. Survive an uncaring world designed to attack you at any given point. If you run out of health, you may either find yourself a prisoner of your enemies or getting help from a stranger; since you can't be sure which, it's best just to avoid dying. Stay well equipped as some areas have way more advanced enemies you need to be well prepared for.




DYSMANTLE is survival adventure game happens in a post-apocalyptic world where you are the only human alive. The game opens as the player emerges from a bunker to find the world infiltrated by strange creatures with there being no survivors. He must now try to find his way around this monster-infested land. What makes this game more interesting, aside from the mutants roaming around ready to attack, is that you can smash almost anything you find to turn into raw material. You can craft weapons, build bases, armor, and more with the right tools.

Battles are visceral as the enemies you combat deliver significant blows; you will need speed and good timing to best them. Survive and explore the open world collecting tools that will allow you to move over walls and bridges. The audio effects that accompany each approaching monster are also very enticing. If you enjoy crafting, collecting and smashing things, you should try DYSMANTLE.


2. Rust

Rust is another survival-oriented game similar to Valheim. The game places players against each other in a harsh open-world environment to defend against fierce external forces. 

You will need to survive hunger, thirst and cold while defending yourself against enemies. You can invite friends and form alliances to help fight against other opponents. Explore the wilderness and increase your survival chances using stolen, crafted and gathered resources. Your main threat is going to be hostile wild animals such as wolves and bears and rival teams. You can win battles using weapons such as bows, firearms and other pikes. Raiding is also a major challenge, so build bases and clans to enhance protection.


1. Niffleheim

Best Games Like Valheim

Topping our list of games like Valheim is Niffleheim.

Like Valheim, Niffleheim follows a story about a Viking warrior who has fallen in battle. Upon his death, Viking's soul is trapped in the world of Niffleheim, and he has to find his way through this realm exploring hostile neighboring lands and dangerous dungeons to escape to Asgard, where he ought to have gone. Niffleheim is a survival game set in the underworld where the player is required to survive brutal territories by gathering essential resources. 

Slay your enemies and collect their loot which you can use to craft weapons and portals that will help you get to Viking heaven. Additionally, Make sure to collect enough as you head on your journey to prove your worth to the gods. As a warrior in the underworld, you will not have room to hesitate as you will have to defend yourself against dark mysteries. Each enemy you defeat brings you closer to your goal. However gathering the resources you will require to piece together parts of the portal will not be easy. You need to find and collect powerful items to conquer the final battle. 


Which of these games do you think is the best five games like Valheim? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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