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5 Best Multiplayer VR Games of 2022



Zenith: The Last City

Video games and their developers are constantly working to push gaming to be more immersive and engaging than it has ever been. Virtual Reality (VR) is just a demonstration of this pursuit, that most likely will never see a final product. From single-player to multiplayer VR games, the best ones seem to deliver the most immersive experience. With that, the best multiplayer VR games are made even more enjoyable with the inclusion of friends.

That's why, in 2022, we want to look at the games that have so far succeeded in delivering the most immersive and engaging multiplayer experience to VR. So if you and you're friends are looking for a new VR title to explore, we got you covered with the five best multiplayer VR games of 2022.


5. Skiing VR

Skiing VR - first trailer

Some of the best multiplayer fun you can have in VR is hitting the slopes with your friends. Skiing VR, as the name implies, offers just that experience. With three different racing modes of time, speed, and first to the finish line, you and you're friends can duke it out for who is the king of the hill. Or, if you just want to enjoy the journey, a fourth extra game mode called “free ride” removes the competitive element and allows you and your friends to just explore the mountainous environment.

An even harder challenge can be found by facing off against some of Skiing VR's top prodigies. That's right, in Skiing VR you can go up against anyone online looking for a challenge. Although be warned, racing down ski slopes in VR isn't as easy as the game makes it out to be. DGMA made its very own AI-driven control system that senses your body movement. This just adds to the realistic feel of the game and really puts you and your friend's skills to the test.



4. Toe To Toe Party Games

Toe To Toe VR party games - official trailer

If you've ever wanted to know which of your friends is the wildest of the west, well know you can. Just released today, April 20th, Toe To Toe Party Games is delivering much more than a wild west shooter. It's full of unique, western-themed mini-games, that let you face off against your friends and other players online.

As of right now the game only has three mini-games apart from its early access release. Those are a classic western standoff, a game of horseshoe, and testing who's the best at five fingers. With that being said, there is tons of new content coming to the game in the future, so grabbing it early could be a move. Regardless of how new the game is, all the games modes make for a great multiplayer VR experience.



3. After Dark VR

After Dark VR Official Trailer

Released in late January 2022, After Dark VR is a first of its kind for VR. That is being the first VR to let you play as a Hunter or Survivor, with and against your friends, in a co-op survival horror. So if spooking and scaring your friends is the goal, then After Dark VR is just the game. This should be pretty easily accomplished as horror games are only intensified in VR.

In After Dark, playing as a Survivor, your objective is to turn on four fuze boxes to allow you to escape from the map and the Hunter. As the Hunter, your goal is to strike down and lock up all the survivors to prevent them from escaping. However, both Hunter and Survivors can counter each other. The Hunter, by turning off fuze boxes, or Survivors, by rescuing their captured friends. Also with the inclusion of six maps and voice chat, After Dark really anchors on the multiplayer experience, which helps bring the game to life in VR.



2. Nock

Nock | Launch Announcement Teaser | Meta Quest 2

An entirely new VR sport has popped up in 2022 with Nock. Think Rocket League, but with arrows, and gravity-defying physics. All about ariel archery, Nock works just like a game of soccer would, except it's all about you're ability to move the ball by hitting it with arrows. As Meta Quest puts it, Nock is “easy to learn but difficult to master”. One thing Meta Quest forgot to mention is it's widely addicting too.

You can use your body to hit or block the ball, but if it's too fast it will knock you out and momentarily stun you. You can also use Block Arrows, which set up a defensive block wherever you aim and fire. All of this adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, which you will need. Skill-based matchmaking keeps online play very competitive, and in order to win, working as a team is vital.



1. Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City - Launch Trailer | Meta Quest + Rift Platforms

While we are still early into the year, Zenith: The Last City is making waves for multiplayer VR. The new MMORPG is a standalone VR game with a massively constructed world, which can be explored to your complete and utter freedom. Quite literally by climbing or flying anywhere you please. With multiple classes, weapons, and abilities, Zenith: The Last City is undoubtedly bringing the most immersive, expansive, and complete multiplayer experiences to VR so far in 2022.

This was done in light of Zenith: The Last City's importance in creating an infinite MMO universe with countless players. You can join parties and guilds to fight bosses, explore dungeons, and simply create a new RPG life in virtual reality. As of right now, it's the biggest VR multiplayer game to release this year, and you can imagine it's only going to grow bigger with more content. You can expect other developers to be taking notes from Zenith: The Last City, as right now they are leading the pack for MMO VR.


So do you agree with our list? Is there another multiplayer VR game you feel should be included? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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