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Best Sports Games on Oculus Quest

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tHE CLIMB 2 in Best Sports Games on Oculus Quest

Sports can be brutal. It's no secret that many professional players suffer injuries. So, it makes sense that you may want to take a backseat on some sports games to be safe. With the Oculus Quest, though, you can try out any number of sports straight out of your living room space. Every sports game you can imagine has a VR counterpart, from snowboarding to boxing and baseball. The question is, which ones are the best? Check out the best sports games on Oculus Quest you ought to try.

10. Carve Snowboarding

Carve Snowboarding - Announcement Trailer | Oculus Quest

Hopefully, more and more excellent snowboarding sports games will break through the surface of VR. For now, though, you can keep busy with Carve Snowboarding, which is still a blast of an experience. You'll be transported to giant snowy mountains from your living room and learn the art of snowboarding, even with little to no knowledge of the sport. Don't get me wrong. Snowboarding is quite challenging to perfect. However, spend some time with Carve Snowboarding, and you'll sharpen those skills in no time.

9. 2MD: VR Football Unleashed

2MD: VR Football Unleashed | Oculus Quest, Rift Platform

You want to clear the room before playing 2MD: VR Football Unleashed. Ultimately, the game can be better. As it is, though, it puts up a worthwhile challenge to sharpen your football skills. Plus, weather changes help switch matches up.

8. Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf | Spring 2023 Update | Meta Quest 2 + 3 + Pro

As the name suggests, Walkabout Mini Golf is as much an exploration game as it is a sports game. You'll spend time exploring all kinds of mini-golf courses, varying in sight and the feeling they create. Above all, golfing, as in real life, is therapeutic, calming your nerves after a long day. It takes you through 18-hole courses, some of which you may already have been to. You can also golf with friends at night, which drastically increases the difficulty. And lastly, who wouldn't want to collect custom golf balls—up to 150 in total?

7. Thrill of the Fight

The Thrill of the Fight | Oculus Rift

Boxing fans will have a thrilling time playing Thrill of the Fight. It's relatively simple, but that's part of its charm, allowing any gamer to step into the ring. Plus, with Oculus Quest's capabilities, you really do feel immersed in the gameplay, throwing hooks and jabs and knocking out opponents like a pro. Matches have the potential to become increasingly tense, especially on more challenging rounds. Lots of fun nonetheless.

6. Ironlights

Ironlights - Trailer [PC VR, Quest]

Some may argue gladiator combat isn't a sport, but I beg to disagree. Ironlights is a fighting game that pits you against opponents online. Rest assured, matches can get as competitive as any other adrenaline-infused sports game. Fights start as you imagine, with players on opposite ends of the arena. You take turns trading blows, and whoever is fastest and more ruthless wins. Close-range combat uses slow motion to mimic the weight and punch of melee weapons accurately. Each strike feels surreal, and you can engage your reflexes to perform perfect dodges. You can also perform ranged attacks and descend on opponents when they stagger. Additionally, Ironlights has varying classes and fighting styles, allowing you to switch your gameplay as you please.

5. Real VR Fishing

Real VR Fishing | Complete Edition Update | Meta Quest + Rift Platforms

If you didn't get the chance to go fishing on the weekends, you can try it out in Real VR Fishing. Who knows? You might just prove yourself a fast learner out in the wild. Granted, a considerable chunk of the game is spent waiting for fish to take the bait. Yet, sitting by the shore or on your virtual boat is the most relaxing feeling. Once you grab a massive catch, it feels incredible, and you can't help but head back out for more. Furthermore, Real VR Fishing lets you horde your collection in an aquarium. All the while exploring exotic fishing sites for potentially rare species.

4. Eleven Table Tennis

Virtual Reality Table Tennis | ELEVEN | THE MOST REALISTIC VR GAME!

Playing table tennis in real life by yourself makes little sense. You can, of course, but it won't be as fun. In Eleven Table Tennis, however, you can always play the game solo against advanced AI or with others. To perfect your skills, you'll want to play with others, whether casually or competing in high-stakes matches. Either way, Eleven Table Tennis manages to capture realistic movement and physics-based controls. You can even 3D print the paddle you’re used to. For an extra level of fun, check out the beer-pong mode.

3. Sports Scramble

Sports Scramble Oculus Quest VR Launch Trailer

While most sports games on Oculus Quest are straightforward, Sports Scramble turns the table on the norm. It mixes and matches multiple sports games and their rules to create a unique title worth checking out. Imagine using hockey sticks to smack baseballs or a golf club to hit tennis balls. The result is an abundance of wild ideas that are ultimately tons of fun to explore.

2. ForeVR Bowl

ForeVR Bowl available on Oculus Quest & Quest 2!

Virtual bowling has never been as good as in ForeVR Bowl, which also has ForeVR Pool for gamers who prefer pool. Anyway, with ForeVR Bowl, you can practice your bowling skills from home. When you feel ready, you can compete with friends worldwide. Keep in mind that ForeVR Bowl will, by no chance, take it easy on you. It simulates real-life bowling as closely as possible, capturing common mistakes to a T. It helps, though, that the bowling locations vary, featuring cheery alleys and stunning surroundings. Plus, you also unlock all kinds of bowling balls to the tune of over 100, each having different weights and styles. If you feel like you’re already skilled, feel free to challenge yourself with trick shots and follow them up with fantastic dance moves.

1. The Climb 2

The Climb 2 | Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest Platform

The Climb 2 is precisely the kind of game that comes with a “don't try this at home” tag. It has you scaling skyscrapers, fear of heights be damned. You'll use ropes, ladders, and ziplines to scale heights. The best part is that once you’re high up, looking down feels as intense as you imagine. And so does missing a step and falling, too, though no harm will come to you. 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best sports games on Oculus Quest? Are there more sports games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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