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5 Best Esports Events in 2024

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Best Esports events in 2024

In 2024, the Esports landscape is poised to deliver an electrifying array of top-tier events that promise to captivate enthusiasts worldwide. Ranging from world championships to premier conferences, 2024 promises a mix of dazzling Esports affairs. 

Spanning the entire year, these events are dispersed across various months. Each offers substantial prize pools up for grabs and other major benefits. For those eagerly anticipating the peak of Esports events in the coming year, here are our top selections for the five best Esports events in 2024.

5. The International 2024

Dota 2

This is the upcoming Dota 2 tournament, known for its prestigious prize pool. The International 2024 event features Dota 2 matches with a substantial prize pool, detailed statistics, and a competitive gameplay. The community has been looking forward to initial details about the event. However, Valve's recent announcement regarding this event has stirred interest within the Dota 2 community. Among the issues of interest is the decision to eliminate the Battle Pass and introduce in-game features.

Notably, Valve promises to add some significant excitement into the competitive scene. There will be up to 10 Dota LANs in 2024, with some resembling Majors. Valve's plans aim to create a robust tournament circuit for Dota 2 enthusiasts. Nevertheless, don't expect additional support for tournament organizations or teams similar to what we had with the DPC. 

The franchise will cover thee event via Twitch, which will feature dedicated Esports organizations and other streams for various languages. Additionally, The event features personnel offering on-site commentary and match predictions. It's excellent that The International provides a “newcomer stream,” catering specifically to viewers unfamiliar with the game. This initiative helps make the tournament more accessible to a broader audience.

4. The PGL Major

The PGL Major

Next on our list is the esteemed PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, a major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament organized by PGL. The event is scheduled for March 21 to March 31, 2024, at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark. This event boasts a substantial $1,250,000 prize pool with 16 participating teams. Notably, it marks the inaugural Counter-Strike 2 Major, featuring regional qualifiers like the European Regional Major Ranking A. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster for those eager to attend.

The anticipation for the upcoming PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 is noticeable. The event promises to showcase a high level of skill and strategy. This edition will host the world's elite 24 Counter-Strike 2 teams. Similarly, each team will be vying for supremacy on the virtual battlefield. The stakes are high, with a staggering prize pool of $1,250,000. This substantial reward signifies the financial prestige attached to victory.

The PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 will take esports to the next level with a worldwide audience. As the teams converge in Copenhagen, the atmosphere will be charged with the electric energy of competition. Additionally, The clash of tactics, precision, and teamwork will unfold against cutting-edge gameplay. The quest for greatness is visible as teams endeavor to put their names into esports history.

3. League of Legends World's Championship 2024

League of Legends World's Championship 2024

League of Legends is set to return to London for the highly anticipated World Championship. The prestigious event will take place at The O2, a renowned venue known for its status as the world's leading destination for esports. Similarly, This marks the first time the UK will host the World Final. 

The decision to select The O2 is strategic, given its status as the second-highest seating capacity venue in the UK. It accommodates around 15,000 people. Additionally, The iconic dome structure has hosted major concerts featuring legendary artists like Adele and sporting events such as the ATP tennis season finales. Therefore, the venue best suits the highly anticipated World Championship.

The 2023 Mid-Season Invitational hosted in London received immense fan support. The upcoming 2024 World Championship will enhance London's position as an esports hub. Furthermore, it will provide fans with a unique chance to witness top-tier League of Legends action on their home ground.

The event is scheduled for November 2, 2024. Ticket sales will be announced later in 2024, including additional information on dates, cities, and venues. Overall, the decision to hold the World Championship in London at The O2 reflects competitive esports' continued expansion and global appeal. Get ready to experience a cutting-edge esports event as teams clash for the World Championship.

2. Valorant World Championship 2024

Valorant World Championship 2024

Riot Games is laying the foundation for unmatched competition within the Valorant community. Valorant World Champions 2024 is a groundbreaking event to reshape the eSports scene. This fourth circuit by Riot Games is putting up an intense global competition. Furthermore, Riot Games revealed that the VCT 2024 Masters tournament will be held in Shanghai. This will be China's inaugural international Valorant event.

The VCT Masters 2024 will feature two major events: Valorant Masters Madrid in March and Valorant Masters Shanghai in May. These events have an additional layer of excitement to the championship. The event has continued to attract more players and fans over time. The Valorant Champions 2024 promises to set high standards through a competitive scene never seen before.

The Challengers competitions will span the entire year, maintaining continuous competition within the Tier 2 framework. Additionally, The upcoming season will unfold in two distinct stages, commencing in January and coming to a climax in September. This will offer consistent opportunities for organized play and team qualifications. The 2024 Challenger Season will introduce new policies to improve talent development by providing more flexibility for teams to deploy players in competition. For instance, International League teams can loan players to other teams outside their leagues.

1. Hamburg Games Conference 2024

Hamburg Games Conference 2024

The Hamburg Games Conference 2024 stands as a significant business-to-business event. It concentrates on the dynamic realm of multiplayer games. Scheduled for March 5-6, the event will take place at Altonaer Museum in Hamburg, Germany. This conference offers a rich combination of captivating talks, MeetToMatch sessions, and game booths. Consequently, the activities make it a focal point for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The theme for the 2024 edition is “Invest in Games. This thematic choice aligns with the conference's commitment to exploring the gaming industry's economic aspects and investment opportunities. Attendees can anticipate a program designed to delve into the strategic and financial dimensions of the evolving gaming landscape.

Beyond the bustling array of talks and sessions, the conference serves as a vital platform for networking, enabling professionals to forge valuable connections. Additionally, they engage in meaningful discussions and stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the gaming sector.

The Hamburg Games Conference 2024 promises to be a crucial gathering for professionals seeking to navigate and invest wisely in the ever-expanding eSports landscape. However, Numerous eSports events are on the horizon for 2024, providing ample opportunities for enthusiasts to attend the events of their choice.

So, what's your take on our picks? Do you agree with them? Which Esports event are you looking forward to? Let us know on our socials here.

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