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5 Best Extreme Sports Games on Roblox

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Roblox is armed with one of the most extensive collections of community-built gaming experiences in the world, meaning almost any genre can be accessed at the flick of a switch. Extreme sports games, although in short supply compared to its RPG and city-building cousins, also make up a great chunk of the platform, and can have you snowboarding, skateboarding, and even parachuting from server to server if you so wish to do so.

Just last year Roblox saw a huge surge in traffic, mostly thanks to the countless experimental experiences that longtime fans of the platform built from the ground up. As it turned out, a great deal of these innovations were actually centered around real-life extreme sports and branded tournaments. Curious to know which of them piqued our interest? If so, be sure to read on, as we'll be listing our top five on the current market.

5. Vans World

Vans World does the skateboarding scene justice by bringing a highly versatile and predominantly community-led world to consoles, mobile, and PC. Gameplay-wise, it encapsulates all the same mechanics as some of PlayStation's oldest sagas, but in turn adds a fresh lick of paint that makes it both accessible to newcomers as well as seasoned pros. At its heart, though, it's a bread and butter skateboarding game, and it shines best when strewn with packed out servers.

Besides the in-game cosmetics that you can bag for your Avatar, Vans World also brings a huge open world for you to explore, an intricate trick book that's forever expanding, and a whole bunch of community challenges that are both rewarding and effortlessly addictive. Bottom line is, if you're even the slightest bit fascinated in the skateboarding scene, or are simply eager to get your hands on some quality Vans merch, then you can't go wrong with Roblox's Vans World.

4. Shred

Shred is Roblox's snowboarding equivalent to Xbox's Amped or PlayStation's Steep, two alternatives that center their entire universe around gnarly crash courses, high-octane downhill races, and clean-cut trick competitions. The idea behind the former is simple: create a boarder, buckle up, and conquer the snowy biomes either alone or with a friend in its fast-paced PvP mode.

Shred is very much considered to be the best snowboarding game on Roblox, period, hence its sub-thirty million visits and bustling servers. With that said, if you enjoy carving up the occasional ice throne with your virtual board, then you're sure to find comfort in the natural ambience of the snow-glazed mountaintops in Shred. And if the gameplay doesn't do it for you, then the in-game freebies and Avatar accessories surely will.


SPLASH is an irresistibly vibrant skateboarding chapter on the Roblox platform, and one that just so happens to let its creators not only “own the ramps,” but also “create music” and essentially collaborate with friends to build the all-time greatest party hub on the block. Think SSX's well-loved Tokyo Megaplex, but with a heavy pinch of off-the-walls skateboarding, and you'll have a vague idea of what to expect as you hurl yourself into its asphalt kingdom. That's SPLASH, in a nutshell: non-stop pandemonium with a punk rock-infused edge.

Of course, there's more to do in SPLASH than just skate; you can also create your own merch, design tags to share in the lobby, and form your own crew to help you conquer the local and global competition. Basically, it's your all-in-one skateboarding entrée, and it goes without saying that if you enjoyed Vans World, then you'll definitely see SPLASH as a home away from home.

2. Expedition Antarctica

While Expedition Antarctica may not be a classic example of extreme sports on paper, it certainly encapsulates the very heart of it in its sub-zero kingdom of elemental curveballs and death-defying trails. Its premise, which revolves entirely around traversing the snowy borders of the Antarctic right through to the South Pole, can be played either alone or with a team of like-minded daredevils. It's your goal, in essence, to make it through to the very end without succumbing to the low temperatures and hazardous terrains.

There's an additional way to play, too: the helicopter rescue mode, which basically allows you to navigate the map in its entirety and save waylaid travelers who have either lost their fellow companions, or are simply in need of extracting. It's roleplay 101, and it's a fantastic way to test the moral fibre of your online team as you learn to tackle the mountains, glaciers, and summits as a close-knit community.

1. Mt. Everest Climbing Roleplay

Another great role-playing game that tests your mettle and cooperation is Mt. Everest, a climbing simulator that tasks you with the ascending one of the deadliest summits in the entire world. Similar to the actual Mt. Everest that many have tried and failed to conquer, this Roblox adaptation presents you with countless checkpoints to tackle and a wide range of elemental obstacles to overcome. It is, of course, recommended by its creators thad you don't play it alone, as a major portion of the gameplay does involve having to scale peaks that no single player could bypass alone. But then, that's entirely your call.

Let it be known that, contrary to the game's simplistic design, reaching the summit in Mt. Everest is borderline impossible, as made clear by its 0.0% completion rate on the official Badge board. That said, if you're one for trying, then be sure to give it your all and go toe-to-toe with earth's most notorious mountain. Best of luck!


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up any of the above Roblox games? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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