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5 Best Racing Games on Steam (May 2024)

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Steam racing game showcases intense motorcycle race action

Racing games are a lot of fun, as they let players feel the thrill of fast cars, exciting races, and cool tracks without leaving their seats. With so many of these games around, picking the best ones can be tricky. Steam has many racing games, but not all of them are worth the time. Some games stand out because they are more exciting, look better, or just feel right. That's why we've picked the five best racing games on Steam for you.

5. Le Mans Ultimate

Le Mans coming - First Tease

Le Mans Ultimate is a racing game that lets players take part in the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans race and the FIA World Endurance Championship. The game features the latest hypercars from the 2023 season, including top brands like Toyota, Ferrari, and Porsche. From day one, players have access to 12 different cars and over 100 livery variations. This wide selection allows you to find a car that fits your style and preferences for competing in various classes.

The circuits in Le Mans Ultimate are some of the most challenging and revered in the world. Players race on iconic tracks like Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, and Spa-Francorchamps. Each circuit offers a unique racing experience that tests your skills. The game sets the stage for mastering these legendary tracks in the context of a realistic race weekend simulation.

Le Mans Ultimate combines advanced simulation technology with user-friendly features. It uses pMotor 2.5 technology for realistic car handling and physics. The game is designed to be accessible for newcomers with adjustable difficulty levels and assists, while also providing depth for more experienced racers. Features like clear user interfaces and language localization in multiple languages help players from different backgrounds enjoy the game. Additionally, the online mode offers ranked daily races where you can compete against others and improve your rankings in the driver and safety categories.

4. Night-Runners Prologue

Night-Runners Prologue Release Date Trailer

Night-Runners Prologue immerses players in the secretive world of Japanese street racing from 1990 to 2009. In this game, you join the fierce competition among local crews battling for control over their territories. The open-world setting allows you to explore authentic locations and interact with dynamic characters. Each racer you meet has a unique personality, commenting on your car's appearance, your race performance, and your progress in the crew rankings.

The game offers extensive customisation options for your vehicles. You can modify everything, from the exterior look to the intricate details of the engine. Start by buying a used car at auction, just as one would in real-life Japanese car auctions. Once you own a car, you can improve it in your garage, changing oil, repairing engines, or overhauling the design to make it truly yours. You can also sell old parts or swap them between cars to optimise performance.

As you gain reputation, challenge other racers to wager races in parking areas, known as PAs. These areas are buzzing with activity, filled with smoke and chatter, offering a rich atmosphere where you can negotiate terms and race head-to-head. Winning races increases your standing and your wallet, but losing means you lose your bet. Some racers might offer a double or nothing race, which gives you a chance to win back your money or lose more.

3. RIDE 5

Ride 5 - Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

If you love motorcycles and racing, RIDE 5 is the ultimate experience. This game brings together over 200 motorcycles from top manufacturers and lets you race them on more than 35 tracks. Every bike feels real, from the sound of the engine to the way it handles on the track. You can pick your favorite bike and race at high speeds, feeling the excitement as if you were on the track yourself.

In RIDE 5, winning is about more than just speed. The game includes an endurance mode where strategy and perseverance are key. Here, you can race for as long as you like, save your progress, and come back later. You must manage fuel and make pit stops at the right times. These stops can be your best tool or your biggest challenge. Start out in your garage, work your way up, and face skilled rivals in the career mode. And mastering different bikes and overcoming challenges will help you become a top racer.

The weather in RIDE 5 changes often, adding excitement and unpredictability to each race. One moment, the sky is clear; then, suddenly, it might start raining. You must adapt to these changes to win. The game also offers new riding aids. These help you learn when to brake and which racing line to follow. You can also create races, setting up everything from the rules to the tracks. Plus, you can race against a friend in split-screen mode or test your endurance in long races that challenge even the best players.

2. The Crew Motorfest

The Crew Motorfest: Gameplay Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

The Crew Motorfest offers a vast open-world adventure set on the stunning island of O‘ahu, Hawaii. In this game, players explore diverse landscapes, from the busy streets of Honolulu to the rugged, volcanic countryside. You can take part in thrilling high-speed street races, challenge your off-road driving skills on harsh terrains, or hone your racing techniques on serpentine tracks.

Within The Crew Motorfest, car culture is celebrated in full. The game introduces players to themed events that highlight different aspects of automotive enthusiasm, including American muscle cars, sleek Japanese street racers, and timeless classics. These thematic campaigns not only offer varied driving experiences but also educate players on the rich history and style of different car cultures. Players can immerse themselves in these carefully crafted playlists, each designed to bring unique and engaging challenges.

That said, collecting cars is a major part of the game, allowing players to acquire and customize some of the most legendary vehicles. From tweaking your car's performance to altering its appearance, the game empowers you to express your personal style through your vehicle collection. Competitions like the Grand Race and Demolition Royale test your mastery over these cars in exhilarating, high-stakes contests. Additionally, events like the Summit Clash push you to climb leaderboards by tackling a series of challenges.

1. MotoGP 24

MotoGP 24 - Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Wrapping up our list, MotoGP 24 offers a comprehensive and dynamic racing experience that captures the essence of professional motorcycle racing. The game's career mode allows you to start from the basics and advance to becoming a MotoGP legend. You will face thrilling rivalries, enhance your reputation, and strive to leave a lasting impact on your team. This game provides a realistic pathway for players to follow, from early struggles to peak achievements.

For those seeking customization, MotoGP 24 excels with its extensive options. Players can adjust their bikes and gear in the garage, tailoring each aspect to their racing style or the demands of specific tracks. The game also features graphic editors for stickers, rider stickers, numbers, and helmets, allowing you to showcase your style on the track uniquely. Additionally, the adaptive difficulty system adjusts the game’s challenge based on your performance.

So, do you agree with our top pick for the best racing games on Steam? Are there any titles we missed that deserve a mention? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here!

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