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5 Best Rally Games Like #DRIVE Rally



Multiple cars in stylized Rally title #DRIVE Rally

The high-octane world of rally games recently announced a new upcoming entry in #DRIVE Rally. With its announcement, many players have been itching to get behind the wheel in other titles in anticipation. These games often feature realistic features such as simulated vehicle handling physics and much more. These aspects make these titles great for any gearhead in your friend group or family. Regardless of how engrossed you are in the world of rally racing, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Rally Games Like #DRIVE Rally.

5. Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 App Preview | iOS | AppleTV | Android | Switch

We are kicking up dust with our first entry on our list today. Here, we have Rush Rally 3. Despite being released quite a few years ago, this title still holds up wonderfully. The indie-developed title, you can tell, has an immense amount of love poured into its systems and mechanics. In doing so, it manages to not only fully capture the rally experience but do so in a way that feels all at once authentic and immersive. Performance-wise, the game handled beautifully, with players being able to speed through the game's tracks at a solid 60FPS.

This steady performance really helps the overall gameplay feel smooth and responsive, which is excellent for a simulation title such as this. Players can either choose to take their time through the game's fully fleshed-out Career mode or simply jump in for some quality racing. The game also has a beautiful customization system, allowing you to put your own spin on your vehicle. All in all, if you are looking for a fantastic title that is one of the best Rally games like #DRIVE Rally, check this one out.

4. EA Sports WRC

EA SPORTS WRC - Official Launch Trailer

We are staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry. Here, we have EA Sports: WRC. Now, with a studio like EA Sports, there comes an expectation of quality to the games their name is attached to. We are glad to report that EA Sports WRC managed to do a great job of capturing the essence of what makes rally racing great. The game features a level of visual polish that one would expect from a AAA title. This is fantastic for both player immersion as well as the game's overall presentation. That is hardly the only thing this title has going for it, however.

For players who enjoy in-depth career modes within their sports titles, this game has you covered. Additionally, for the more creative-minded players out there, there is also a Builder mode, which allows you to craft your very own rally car. Both of these systems work wonderfully and allow the player to interact with the world of rally racing in a bold new way. Added to this, the game features crossplay, meaning no matter where you play, you'll have a smooth experience. In short, EA Sports WRC is one of the best Rally games like #DRIVE Rally.

3. WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 10 - November Update Trailer | PS5, PS4

We are following up on our last entry with another solid title. Here, we have WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship. For the Rally-faithful out there, this title is sure to appease that hunger for an immersive and responsive experience. In terms of the sheer content available, as well as the quality of said content, this title absolutely stands out. Players are able to partake in rallies across a hundred and twenty different locations. This is a staggering number of tracks for players to kick up dirt on, and it's phenomenal.

Additionally, the game features a fully fleshed-out Career mode, which rivals some of the best in the genre. This is no small feat either, as many of these titles have a shocking amount of depth to them. One of the game's most significant core aspects is its implementation of its physics system. The physics system in the game is one that not only adapts well to the player's situation and environment but also the damage incurred. This, coupled with the stellar sound design, makes this title one of the best Rally games like #DRIVE Rally on the market.

2. art of rally

art of rally Xbox & Game Pass Launch Trailer

We are switching things up considerably with our next entry. Here, we have art of rally. For players looking for an indie title that has a staggering amount of content, this title has you covered. In total, there are seventy-eight stages with which to speed across. These tracks are also from several different locations around the world, with each bringing its own unique style and flavor to the overall track pool. As far as the game's car selection goes, there are well over fifty cars to choose from, which is great.

Where this title truly shines, however, is within its different driving handling systems. Managing to appease both the casual player and the more hardcore player at once, the different handling options in this game are fantastic. They ensure that no matter how in-depth of a racing experience you want, you can count on this game to have your back. With leaderboards and weekly challenges, the game also features a healthy community. To close, art of rally is, simply put, one of the best Rally games like #DRIVE Rally.

1. DiRT Rally 2.0

Launch Trailer | DiRT Rally 2.0 [UK]

For our final entry on our list of the best Rally games like #DRIVE Rally, here we have DiRT Rally 2.0. For fans of the DiRT franchise, this title more than lives up to its legacy. The amount of content and the quality of the content within this title are both amazing. The game features official circuits for players to race on, giving them that extra bit of immersion, which is fantastic. This, coupled with the amount of choice afforded to the player regarding their vehicles, is simply stunning. All around, the game features over fifty cars for players to try out, which is magnificent.

The game also has in-depth team mechanics, essentially allowing players the freedom to recruit a driving team. This is not only a great way to immerse the player but manages to vary the gameplay as well. In addition to this, the game has a fantastic tuning system for players to get familiar with as they tweak their vehicles. This makes it so that you can get the exact performance out of your vehicle that you want. In closing, DiRT Rally 2.0 is still one of the best Rally games like #DRIVE Rally.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Rally Games Like #DRIVE Rally? What are some of your favorite Online Rally Games? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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