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5 Games You Should Play If You Enjoyed Riders Republic

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Riders Republic has officially kicked off with its avalanche of extreme sports, giving us that perfect opportunity to shed some light on games that flow from the same vein, as well as the dirt, snow and sky in general. Although you might only just be settling in to the enormous open world that is Riders Republic, there's still plenty of alternative routes to take for when the multiplayer platform becomes a little overwhelming and you're urging for a slight change of pace.

Whether it's shredding from the highest altitudes or sludging through the wind, dirt and rain — chances are you'll find a few solid games that tap into your wildest dreams and bring extreme sports to another level. But to save you the effort, we'll just drop five of the best games that practically bleed mud and snow. Think Riders Republic — only slightly more compressed.


5. Skate 3

Skate 3 - Demo Trailer

I'll spring this one right off the bat and acknowledge the fact that Riders Republic, despite the public demand pre-launch, does not include skateboarding. So why put Skate 3 on here, you're probably wondering? Well, it all comes down to the high altitudes more than anything. Skate 3 has a lot of it, similar to the feats found in Riders Republic. The skateboard and snowboard thing, well — that can just be ignored for the moment.

Boasting an entire concrete jungle full of death-defying feats and adrenaline-fueled velocity, Skate 3 will have you touring the grand Port Carverton on a quest to forge a legacy that begins on the curbside and ends on the quarterpipe. Through a range of activities that spiral from complex lines for magazine covers to breaking bones for the infamous Hall of Meet, you're guaranteed to find a home away from home with Skate 3. You know, if it isn't already.


4. Trials Rising

TRIALS RISING Launch Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC / Switch

Once you're able to get over your frustration and glue your controller back together for the eighteenth time — Trials can actually be a pretty fun game. Although it is a fault-based game that thrives on keeping you from progressing ninety percent of the time, the remaining ten does actually want you to succeed and enjoy its vast and vibrant 2.5D world. It's trying to find that ten percent that's the problem.

Anyway, being a Ubisoft game, you can expect a few familiar ingredients to those seen in Riders Republic. The thing that divides the two, however, is mainly the cluster of outlandish environments Trials tends to shovel in. Environments like, I don't know — Mount Everest, or the Eiffel Tower. If you've ever felt the urge to ascend either on two wheels well, here's your chance. Just be ready for a whole lot or trial and error.


3. Steep

STEEP Trailer (E3 2016)

Snowboarding certainly makes up for a lot of the Riders Republic experience, with a large chunk of its open world being dedicated to the snow and sky. Steep, of course, follows in the same direction, with its journey gravitating towards unfathomable altitudes and fast-paced, action-heavy tracks.

Gear up with your sturdiest wingsuit and soar from peak to peak, snagging points and pulling off tricks along the way. Snowboard or ski across a series of unique mountains, carving a path of your own choosing. Rack up points, obliterate challenges and prove to your fellow riders that you're the go-to boarder than knows how to tear up the mountain.


2. Descenders

Descenders - Launch Trailer

When it comes to mountain biking, Descenders probably has the most similarities next to Riders Republic. After all, they're both equally plastered in mounds of mud and massive drops. And as for that online multiplayer thing, well — you can quite easily hurl yourself at another player wheel first without having to deal with the consequences. It's mindless fun, with or without friends, and a dirt playground you'll want to spend plenty of time with as you climb the ranks and dominate the monopoly of generated tracks.

Descenders is hands down one of the best mountain biking games on the market, with hundreds of hours of fun being tucked into its core. It's filled with customizable elements and multiplayer options, and every track is unique in its own special way. Tricks feel great when you pull them off, and the changing seasons is a fantastic touch that makes that immersion feel a little more life-like. Okay, so it's no Riders Republic. But it is, however, well worth looking at if you're seriously into your downhill mountain biking.


1. Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Launch Trailer | PS4

If Roblox and Trials had a baby, then it would probably look something like Lonely Mountains: Downhill. But although it taps into the same world as Trials, in the sense that it challenges you to the point of wanting to rip your hair from your scalp — Lonely Mountains: Downhill does make up for its tedious obstacle courses with some genuinely beautiful level designs.

The art style is definitely unique, as is the world you traverse on two tiny wheels. The levels are plentiful, the gameplay is addictive, and the overall experience is crisp and captivating enough to keep you rolling back for more. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to hit the mountains.


What did we miss? Are there any games similar to Riders Republic that we should've put on this list? Let us know over on our socials here.


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