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Get ready to ignite your adrenaline and hit the virtual road as you rev up your engines in Ride! Renowned for its collection of roaring sport bikes that take on hairpin turns with finesse, leaving a trail of dust in your wake, the franchise has earned its reputation as the “Forza Motorsport” of motorcycles. 

With the fourth installment already capturing hearts with its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, the upcoming Ride 5 promises to raise the stakes even higher, vying for the title of the franchise's most exhilarating ride yet. But the ultimate judgment lies in your hands – let's dive into the showdown of Ride 4 vs Ride 5.

What is Ride 4?

Ride 4

Ride 4 is the fourth heart-pounding chapter in Milestone Srl's thrilling motorcycle racing series. This game is not just a ride; it's an all-encompassing two-wheeled adventure that takes motorcycle enthusiasts on an unforgettable journey around 30 meticulously crafted tracks, each set in different corners of the globe.

The game doesn't merely rest on its laurels; it takes the best aspects of its predecessor and fine-tunes the experience, leaving no room for disappointment. A standout feature of the game is its jaw-dropping lineup of 176 exquisitely detailed bikes, featuring the likes of Aprilia, Ducati, BMW, and Harley Davidsons. With such an extensive roster, you're spoiled for choice when picking your speed demons.

If you're craving an edge over the competition, look no further than the mighty Aprilia Tuono V4 1100, the agile Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR, or the roaring Ducati Panigale V4 R. These powerhouses are your golden tickets to victory on the track.

Moreover, if you ever need a breather from the intensity of racing, take a moment to marvel at the sheer beauty of these bikes. Each is a masterpiece, akin to Da Vinci's greatest works, and it's an awe-inspiring experience to look at.

What is Ride 5?




Ride 5

As MotoGP 23 is gearing up for a launch this year, so is Milestone. The fifth installment in the Ride series, Ride 5, is expected to launch a few weeks from now, and the craze dust isn't looking to settle soon. 

As expected, Milestone will refine details of the game's predecessor, upping the game experience a notch. According to the team, players should brace for an “adrenaline-filled gaming experience that is so authentic it will make you feel like you're truly racing at break-neck speed.”

The game features a rags-to-riches story where you start as a low-rank rider and race to become the ultimate legend. It is familiar terrain, of course, but expect the challenges to be greater than what Ride 4 delivered. 

On motorcycles, Milestones has yet to release the full rooster of bikes in the upcoming title. We can confirm that Autopolis, Japan, and Sonoma, USA, will be debuting alongside beloved brands from predecessors. Since the game is still in the world, you can read more about what we know so far in our article here.



Ride 4 is an ingenious example of what new hardware can do for a game. In essence, it amplifies the gameplay for a surreal and thrilling experience. Ride 4's use of the PS5's adaptive triggered and DualSense haptic feedback is one of the most impressive features yet. It elevates the game to a lifelike experience by reacting to varying weather conditions and surfaces. 

The adaptive trigger mimics the motorcycle's throttle, allowing you to accelerate and decelerate as you wish. 

The game leverages Unreal Engine 4's capability. This engine opened up a pandora of innovations compared to the previous games. For instance, the game features a 24-hours day-night cycle and dynamic weather. This adds a layer of endurance riders face in real life. 

Speaking of endurance, the game depicts real tire-wear situations and fuel management modes, adding a new edge to the gameplay.

But sadly, the developers couldn't fully use PS5's hardware. I mean this in the nicest way possible. Ride 4 could easily have been the game of the year if the free upgrade utilized this. The PS4 and PS5 versions have little difference. 

In contrast, Ride 5's endurance mode will be the ultimate test. The mode calls for strategy and perseverance. Ride 4 introduced these lifelike mechanics meant to make your time on the track easier. Seemingly, its successor will build on that, forcing you to make strategic stops and saves. Additionally, players will access a rewind feature to navigate the tough spots and develop a strategy to outmaneuver them.

Ride 5 revs things up with a Race Creator mode, where you can customize your bikes and tracks. The mode also lets players assemble tournaments and events. Clearly, the forthcoming iteration will have more to offer than those that paved the way. 


When all is said and done, Milestone is pushing the barriers of motorcycle racing. For a franchise that debuted less than a decade ago, it's certainly on the right track. It's impressive to note that the developer has been involved in curating racing games within the licensed series, such as MotoGP, SBK, MXGP, and Rally Championship. 

That aside, Ride 4 is an ingenious creation that gives the series a tremendous facelift. The game brings a classic racing simulation experience, giving the developer more reasons to release new games. It's hard to fault a game that made the impossible possible. We can only assume things will get grander.

That brings us to Ride 5. The game's official launch trailer teases a surreal experience building on the previous installment. Expect massive improvement in the game's visuals and bike handling, bringing you closer to the track than ever before. 

So which game takes the cake? As usual, I am always looking for experience before making a verdict. In this case, having played Ride 4 and devoted 31 hours to the main story, it is the ultimate racetrack champion-for now. In the meantime, you can brush up on your riding skills before you hit the tracks again in Ride 5. Stay tuned for our Ride 5 review once the game drops. 

So, what's your take on Ride 4 vs Ride 5? Which is your favorite of the two? Let us know over our socials here or in the comments below.

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