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Best Multiplayer Games on Roblox (April 2024)

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Blade Ball Best Multiplayer Games on Roblox

Multiplayer games are so wide-ranging today you're guaranteed to find something special for the squad. Whether you like working together or challenging one another in intense battles, you'll definitely find the exact game you’re looking for on Roblox. In fact, you'll probably find way too many games to settle on the best one, which is where we come in. With our best multiplayer games on Roblox, rest assured that every member of your team will have a blast.

10. Murder Mystery 2


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Murder Mystery 2. Sure, it coins down your typical “murder mystery” premise. However, your playthrough soon turns tables, thanks to the limitless scenarios friends help create. Essentially, players group up into multiple innocents and a sheriff against a murderer. The innocents run and hide from the murderer. Meanwhile, the sheriff keeps their eyes peeled for clues, pulling out of their bag of tricks plausible arguments to take the murderer down. It’s loads of fun, trying to kill or avoiding being killed. Definitely a must-play at your next game night.

9. Super Golf

Multiplayer games don’t always have to be an all-hell-broken-loose scenario. You can genuinely have fun competing in one of the best casual games with friends. Check out Super Golf, a sports game on Roblox that takes after the real-life sport. Any fan of golf will love it, thanks to sticking by the rules of taking the fewest shots to a hole. However, newcomers will find the ease of playing golf from your living room much welcome. Plus, you can take on different game modes like collisions, jumping, and racing.

8. Jailbreak

Jailbreak Trailer [Official]

Your everyday cops versus robbers return with a twist. You can play the role of a criminal or cop. Criminals plan and execute the perfect prison escape while cops try to stop them. When criminals manage to break free, they go out into an open-world city, orchestrating robberies to their hearts' content. And, of course, the cops hunt them down, hoping to catch criminals in the act and throw them back in prison. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? If not, perhaps Adopt Me! will do the trick.

7. Adopt Me!

ADOPT ME! Official Game Trailer 🐾

Pets have to be the most demanding animals, often needing care and attention. I bet they’re also the only demanding animals that are genuinely fun to tend to. Introducing Adopt Me!, a pet adoption simulation game that plays exactly like you imagine. You head out to an animal shelter and adopt a cute puppy, cat, giraffe, evil unicorn, black panther, frost dragon, you name it. More pets continue to grace the Adopt Me! roster, as you set out to raise and trade them. You’ll build your dream home, decorate it to your heart’s desire, and keep on collecting as many pets as you please.

6. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces - Animated Trailer

Many action games on Roblox still need more time in the oven. Phantom Forces, though, looks and plays like a fully baked cake. It feels pretty advanced for its platform, with fluid and responsive controls. Weapons are varied and pack a satisfying punch. Maps vary, too, from desert storms to city centers. Despite its platform, Phantom Forces’ visuals appear realistic, with decent-looking animations. As phantoms go up against ghosts in intense battles, who will come out on top?

5. Evade

Evade trailer (Unofficial) || Roblox Evade

You can either be the hunter or the hunted in Evade. Hunters play the role of large AI bots known as the “Nextbots” out for blood. The hunted run and hide from the bots. While the premise sounds simple, your playthrough quickly picks up pace. You’ll find yourself desperately scampering for safety, forgetting common sense things like closing the door behind you. At its core, Evade is a survival game that can potentially become scary in its peak moments. Nowhere is safe, so you have to always be on the move.

4. Murderers vs Sheriffs Duels

I Played the Brand New Murderers VS Sheriffs Duels Update!

Another twist on Murder Mystery 2 you can consider is Murderers vs Sheriffs Duels. You’re free to jump on 1v1 or team-based duels. Either way, murderers have one set goal in mind: to kill anyone they run into. Meanwhile, sheriffs hunt down the murderer and take them down before the murderer kills them. As you progress, you unlock and master unique abilities that give you an edge over your opponent. In a way, Murderers vs Sheriffs Duels builds up into a cowboy shootout scenario, where whoever has the best gear and instinct wins.

3. Bed Wars

Blockman GO Bed Wars Trailer

Alternatively, consider Bed Wars, a tower-defense game that pits two opposing teams against one another. You take down as many opponents as you can. However, you also plan and execute sieges designed to take down the opponent’s “bed.” Without your team’s bed, you can no longer spawn new players, cutting you off at the knees. From then on, whichever team has the last man standing wins.

2. Blade Ball

Blade Ball trailer

Blade Ball plays a lot like dodgeball, except instead of your hands, you use swords to hit a homing ball back at the opponent. Your swordplay matters, from your skill to your swing. If you miss a step even by the slightest, the homing ball will come crashing. Meanwhile, if you succeed, the homing ball will swing back at the opponent faster than before, giving you a higher chance of winning.

1. Blox Fruits


In Blox Fruits, you’re constantly on an uphill climb to the top. You can either take the long route and master your combat skills against legends. Or, go hunting for powerful fruits called Blox fruits that, when consumed, each grant you a special, unique ability. Blox Fruits has plentiful fruits scattered all across various maps in the game. So, to collect each one, you’ll need to explore and cover as much ground as you can. 

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other multiplayer games on Roblox you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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