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Best Roblox Games to Play with Friends

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Roblox Games to Play with Friends

Roblox is causing a storm in the gaming industry. The online game platform has over 164 million monthly users and is growing more popular by the day. With Fortnite and other online gaming platforms amassing popularity for virtual meet-ups, Roblox is seemingly getting ahead of the competition.

Aside from being a platform to enhance your brilliant creativity, Roblox allows you to team up with friends for quests or just a casual hang in the visually appealing virtual environment. The best part is that it's free to play. If you are a gamer who relishes the comfort of your abode, here are the five best Roblox games to play with friends. 


5. Arsenal

Arsenal - Sci Fi Update

No, this is not about the English football club, but the first-person shooter game in the Roblox franchise. The game developers, ROLVe Community, borrowed a few concepts from the Arms Race game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for an exciting and fast-paced arcade gameplay.  

With a group of friends, you race for an arsenal of weapons as you eliminate the competing teams. The game’s objective is to get to 32 kills in each round in the Gun Rotation, Standard, Legacy Competitive, Automatics, or Railgun Royale modes, or 16 rounds in the other modes. Whether you get the kills or get assists, you must hit 32. Each kill increases your rank. Similarly, if you get killed, your rank goes down by a level.

Arsenal is no short of surprises. After every kill, your weapon is swapped for a new one. You may have a spell book as your armory, a frying pan, or a bazooka. How you choose to use it entirely depends on your combat skills. The ultimate fighting weapon is the gold knife. You will get access to this after your 31st kill. Then, whoever you maim (with no assistance) becomes a gold statue. So, if melee combat is your cup of tea, Arsenal is a must-have Roblox game to play with friends. 


4. Murder Mystery 2

Game Review - Murder Mystery

Nothing beats a classic murder investigation. In this Roblox horror game, the twist is you have to run from the murderer and expose his identity. Borrowing inspiration from Gary’s Mod Game mode, Murder, there are three roles to play in the game; a sheriff, a murderer, and or one of the ten innocents. 

As the Sheriff, your character wields a gun that should only be used to maim the murderer. If you happen to kill an innocent person, you die. The innocent who picks up the gun gains Sheriff status, and so on. The innocents help the sheriff solve the mystery by witnessing crimes and are quite harmless in the game. You can earn XP as a sheriff by killing the murderer or as an innocent by surviving the rounds. 

The Murder’s job is to kill everyone but avoid getting killed by the Sheriff. Your only weapon in the game is a knife that you can stealthily use to eliminate other characters before time runs out. For lovers of the Among Us franchise, this is a familiar, action-packed Roblox game you will take pleasure in with your mates.


3. Build A Boat for Treasure


Ready the sails and embark on a treasure cove find with your friends in this adventure Roblox game. As the name implies, you get to build a boat and take a trip out to sea searching for treasure. 

Since you’ll be competing with other teams for the treasure, you have to make sure your boat is fast enough to arrive first on the scene. The unforgiving seas will be full of obstacles to steer clear of, such as huge boulders. Therefore, you need to be creative in creating the ultimate cruise boat. 

The game allows you to go on a solo cruise or team up with friends. But we all know teamwork makes the dream work, aye? More so, you can use codes to get boosts and blocks for a competitive edge. So strap on your sailing hats, grab a few hearties, and find the treasure in this fun Roblox game.


2. Blox Fruits


Fruits are good for you. If you’ve not heard it from a doctor, you must have heard it from your parents. Well, in the Roblox universe, fruits are more than good for you. In Blox Fruits, they have the ultimate power to release massive fireballs, cause flight, or even charge up electricity. Crazy, right? 

You have the option of playing as a master swordsman or as a mighty fruit, and training to be the strongest player. Like in the previous game, you’ll be setting sail in search of treasure. However, each journey has its own obstacles. You will have to face off with dangerous enemies or even knock them off in boss battles. You can access fruits in the game from the Blox Fruit Dealer or by dealing damage in various quests. Other ways to deal damage include racing, fighting styles, and sword and gun fights.

As a fruit wielding master, you must avoid, at all costs, falling overboard. This may lead to your character taking more damage in a short time span. You can opt to join a race, such as the Fish Race, where you won’t suffer as much damage from water. Team up with your mates and choose your fighting weapon in yet another exciting Roblox game to play with friends.


1. Jailbreak

Roblox: Jailbreak trailer 2022 (community creation)

Jailbreak is the classic rendition of the cops and robbers genre. The game draws inspiration from Prison Life and Redwood Prison. In this open-word action game, there are three teams to choose from; prisoner, police, and criminals.

To play as a criminal, you have to start off as a prisoner and break out of prison. As a prisoner, you start the game with nothing, but once you are in possession of a key card, you can grant freedom to other prisoners. However, the key card is the least suitable method of escape. 

Prisoner and police teams are selected from the game’s menu. As a cop, you will get four useful tools; a taser, a pistol, a handcuff, and a spike trap to capture criminals. However, the game has a twist. If you kill innocent prisoners as police, then you will serve time as a prisoner. What’s more, you will lose some of your in-game balance. Innocent prisoners are those who escape without causing more harm (i.e. not holding a key card or beating up cops or other prisoners). Sounds exciting, right? So will you break the law or enforce the law? Make this decision with your mates in another fun and endearing Roblox game to enjoy with friends.

So there you have it. Do you agree with our list? Are there other Roblox games you would include in the list? Let us know in the comments below, or head on over to our socials here.


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