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Best Horror Games on Roblox (November 2023)

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Golden Piggy in Roblox's Piggy

Believe it or not, there’s actually a whole lot more to Roblox than what meets the eye. In spite of its best efforts to conjure a family-friendly platform that’s suitable for users under the age of eleven or twelve, the catalog does, weirdly enough, actually have its fair share of horror stories and survival-centric chapters. Don’t believe us? Then read on for all the best Roblox horror games that are currently sweeping the pixel space.

5. Piggy

Piggy holding a bat in Roblox's Piggy

Inspired by the cult classic TV show Peppa Pig, Piggy is a survival-horror game in which players must plunge into one of several maps and evade a bat-wielding piglet, all while working to unearth local mysteries and complete various puzzles. As it stands, there are twelve different maps to sift through, and a total of seven modes to choose from. There’s a story to unravel, and a selection of survival modes to onboard, too—rounds in which you must test your mettle by going toe-to-toe with Piggy in its own home.

Piggy may feature a watered-down, somewhat sinister version of the children’s TV character, but that isn’t to say that it’s appropriate for younger audiences. In fact, Piggy is known to have numerous jump scares, as well as all the grisly trimmings that you’d expect to find in a full-fledged survival-horror. So, if you’re all for the idea of entering a warped version of Peppa Pig and having to dismantle its traps, then be sure to check out Piggy the next time you’re scrubbing the barrel.

4. Insane Elevator

Insane Elevator Promotional Art

Insane Elevator is an episodic horror in which players make a gradual ascent into a seemingly infinite labyrinth that’s crammed to the brim with vicious foes and environmental puzzles. From Piggy to Pennywise, and a whole treasure trove of additional antagonists, each floor in Insane Elevator brings a new sadistic killer to overcome, and an enormous selection of obstacles to bypass. Question is, how many floors can you tackle, and how far are you willing to travel?

At the time of writing, Insane Elevator is one of the toughest survival-horror games on Roblox, with the creators themselves claiming that “there is a 99% chance that YOU WILL DIE.” Even still, it’s arguably one of the best and most immersive all-in-one survival-horrors on Roblox, and not to mention one of the most popular in 2023, too. So, if you’re looking to try your luck against a slew of iconic characters from a tapestry of well-oiled horror franchises, then look no further than Insane Elevator.

3. Poppy Playtime

Huggy Wuggy on pedestal in Roblox's Poppy Playtime

If you’re struggling to alleviate that post-Poppy Playtime blues, then you might want to consider planting roots in the Roblox-themed alternative, Poppy PlaytimeLike the original by the acclaimed Mob Entertainment, the block-centric version is a survival-horror—a love letter, of sorts, in which you once again take on the role of an ex-employee of the once-loved Funtime Co. toy factory. As such, players are invited to traverse the seemingly vacant crags and crevices of the old workshop, and unravel the mysteries surrounding the history of the company, and the rogue animatronics and plushies that have taken control of the complex.

While the Roblox adaptation of Poppy Playtime isn’t as fully fleshed out as its mobile counterpart, it does come with its fair share of familiar characters and key landmarks. It also features an episodic format, too, which means you can submerge into multiple chapters and experience more bang for your buck. Again, it isn’t quite up to the same level as its source, but it certainly does a stellar job at implementing a lot of its core features and mechanics.

2. The Black Shadow

Avatar and monster in The Black Death / The Black Shadow

If you’d much rather tackle a survival-horror game with a partner, then you could certainly do a lot worse than The Black Shadow, a two-piece episodic adventure in which players must work to overcome a series of puzzles and supernatural mysteries in an abandoned household. Alone, and without any recollection of the events that led to your arrival, you must venture deep into the shadows of the Carson residence, and do all in your power to answer that all-important question: why are you there, and is it all just a figment of your imagination?

The Black Shadow can be tackled either alone, or with the help of one additional player in the game’s co-op campaign. Either way, each session promises a wide array of puzzles to solve, supernatural enemies to overpower, and a boatload of jump scares to keep you on your toes. So, if you’re looking to get ahead of the game before it drops its next chapter, then be sure to check in with its Roblox handle here.

1. Breaking Point

Breaking Point Promotional Art

Breaking Point is an asymmetrical survival-horror game in which players either assume the role of a killer, who must hunt down and eliminate opposing characters, or a victim, who must outlive other teammates and aim to survive until the final showdown. In a similar style to the likes of Dead by Daylight and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, each round in Breaking Point selects a player at random to take on the duty of clearing the board, whatever the cost.

While Breaking Point isn’t the newest game in the Roblox catalog, it is still one of the most popular, and arguably one of the most active on the entire platform. And so, if you’re looking to indulge in the best Roblox horror games this month, then you should definitely consider dropping by the ever-popular Breaking Point for some fast-paced multilayer action and murderous mayhem.

So, what’s your take? Will you be playing through any of the above five Roblox horror games this month? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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