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5 Roblox Games Like Adopt Me

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Roblox Games Like Adopt Me

Adopt Me on Roblox continues to capture the hearts of many. The social role-playing game lets you adopt a pet virtually and take on the role of a parent. If you’re like me and very fond of pets, Adopt Me tasks you with all the responsibilities of raising a pet. From feeding to entertaining to getting the right amount of sleep, you are automatically hooked on the sensational feeling of having a virtual pet companion. So, if you like such a game and want to grow your virtual family, here are other Roblox games like Adopt Me


5. Robloxian High School

Experience the life of a high schooler in yet another exciting role-playing game on the Roblox platform. Get to live out your social fantasies and interact with a massive pool of online users while keeping track of your GPA. Robloxian High School is a perfect rendition of a typical high school, except that there are fewer strict rules. 

If you want to go for the all-joker look or be a nerd getting through the social misfits of life, Robloxian High School gives you the freedom to do so. The game lets you customize your avatar using the Roblox avatar shop accessories.

There are plenty of ways to earn in-game currency while playing. One way is by keeping up your attendance at school and having excellent grades. If only this could work in real life. Alternatively, you can opt to get a job and work after school. Occasionally, you’ll get to participate in fire drills, which award you 30 credits for participating. The principal initiates the fire drills once every in-game day. So are you too cool for school, or are you willing to re-write your high school experience? 


4. Baby City


Babies are undeniably cute. Nothing beats the overwhelming sensation of holding a toddler in your arms. But as expected, babies are a ton of work. If you’d still like to delight in the cuteness of raising a little one without the hurdle of physical responsibility, say hello to virtual parenting in Baby City.

Baby City is an exciting role-playing game developed by RoBuddies Studios. The city is full of babies trapped in vending machines. Each vending machine has various baby characters for you to adopt—from baby monkeys, onion babies, or a glammed baby to match your personality. You can buy a toddler using in-game currency and pull the lever for a dramatic reveal of your new tot.

The Roblox baby comes with the specific needs of raising a bundle of joy. You’ll have to feed, entertain, and name the baby. Feeding your baby boosts their mood and increases their levels. If you’re unhappy with your baby selection, you can have another go at the machine or trade with your friends. Moreover, the game features quests where you can earn more money to keep up with your child’s expensive tastes. 


3. Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X! Teaser (2021)

Pet Simulator X is another exhilarating role-playing game on Roblox that will get you addicted to the cuteness overload. Developed by BIG Games Pets, the game is a robloxian adaptation of Pokemon, where you collect coins, purchase eggs and wait for them to hatch. The egg allocation uses a randomized system. You can end up with a lamb, a dog, or a green martian. Either way, they all embody innocent looks, making them extremely cute and cuddly.

Moreover, you can also buy a house and customize it to your liking. Your new abode will also be home to your pet, and you can also set up a nursery for your little one. With over 1,000 pets in the game, you never know what you will end up with. You can collect as many pets as you like and fuse them to create rare pets with higher stats. Alternatively, you can collect rare eggs from portals you unlock using coins you earn in the game.

Similar to other role-playing games on Roblox, like Adopt Me, you can trade your pets with other players after a mutual agreement. This is one game where your pet is not just a companion; they also help you collect coins. Are you ready to take on the responsibility?


2. Welcome to Bloxburg

(Archive) Welcome To Bloxburg Trailer

Developed by Coeptus, Welcome to Bloxburg is a virtual escape from reality's daily hustle and bustle. The game gives you your very own virtual society and lets you thrive in it. You can enjoy a hangout with family and friends, build your home, and own a cool fleet of vehicles. If you’ve played The Sims before, you’ll notice the familiarity with the game design.

The game features an open-world simulation in the fictional city of Bloxburg, which you can freely explore. Generally, the game’s objective is to fulfil your character’s moods. Participating in various activities can elevate your character’s mood from low to high.

Moreover, you can also take up different jobs in the game. There are 12 available jobs, each with a different payment. The jobs also come with promotion stats, where you can earn more for completing tasks. However, your character’s mood can affect the amount of pay you receive. A higher mood will result in higher pay.


1. Overlook Bay

Overlook Bay 2 Trailer and Chat

The reigning supreme of role-playing pet adoption games is finally here. Overlook Bay tops most of the games on the Roblox franchise for its high-quality visual effects and animation. Moreover, the game has a ton of activities for you. Aside from building a home and raising your pet, you can also go fishing or mine for valuable gems.

With over 150 pets in the game, developers Wonder Works Studio went above and beyond to make the pets appear as authentic as possible. You can play dress up, visit social scenes in the game with friends, or wind down the day fishing for the trophy catch. In addition, you can also row and harvest fruit in your backyard. Overlook Bay’s detailed and spectacular environment makes it intriguing to explore. If you’re worn out from caring for your pet, there’s plenty for you to do in the game.


And there you have it. So, what’s your take on our picks for Roblox games like Adopt Me? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.

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