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10 Best Co-Op Horror Games like FOREWARNED



Holding a book within a temple in Co-Op horror game FOREWARNED

Co-op horror games bring players into hostile worlds where they must work together to survive. These games often feature unique mechanics and impeccable atmospheres, allowing the players to immerse themselves in these worlds easily. Usually, these worlds are shaped by mystical histories or tons of rich lore for the player to discover. So, whether you enjoy them for their in-depth worlds or their stellar cooperative gameplay, these games are great. To highlight some of the best, enjoy our picks for the 10 Best Co-Op Horror Games like FOREWARNED.

10. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 | Launch Trailer | PS4

We are starting off our list today of the best Co-Op horror games like FOREWARNED with Killing Floor 2. This game brings with it not only a fantastic sense of replayability but also a surprising amount of challenge. It features up to twelve-player competitive play and six-player Co-Op, giving players plenty of room to bring their friends along. The enemy AI has been improved since its predecessor as well, ensuring enemies are no pushovers. In short, if you are looking for a simply fun Co-Op horror game, give this one a try.

9. Escape the BackroomsLight flows into a creepy spiral staircase in Escape the Backrooms

Next up on our list today, here we have Escape the Backrooms. This title brings with it not only a sense of wit through its puzzle mechanics but also a sense of variety in its gameplay. Players can delve into the game's twenty levels, each of which is filled with their own lore, mechanics, and other aspects to discover. Aesthetically, each of these locations serves to bring a sense of dread to the player. This makes the environments depicted in the game as much a part of the journey as the player's actions. To close, Escape the Backrooms is one of the best Co-Op horror games like FOREWARNED available.

8. The Past Within

The Past Within - Official Release Trailer

If players are reminiscent of the classic horror of point-and-click titles, our next entry should be right up your alley. Here, we have The Past Within. The atmosphere and lore of this gameplay are as crucial of a role as the player's actions throughout its runtime. The game's puzzle mechanics not only reward the player with excellently designed brain teasers. It also features crossplay for players to enjoy no matter where they play. All in all, The Past Within is a fantastic Co-Op horror game, and is one of the best games like FOREWARNED.

7. Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight | All Things Wicked | Official Trailer

The next entry on our list is one that is near and dear to many players. Here, we have Dead By Daylight. This isometric multiplayer game sees players working together to thwart a killer. The killer can range from a wide array of characters across the horror landscape. This, in turn, makes it so that players never know what to expect. Each of the characters has their own unique abilities, which manages to increase the challenge put forth by the game. If you are looking for one of the best games like FOREWARNED, give Dead By Daylight a try.

6. Left 4 Dead 2

"The Sacrifice" Teaser

There are few titles that can say that they shaped the landscape for their genre. Left 4 Dead 2, however, can boldly make this claim. For many players, this game was their introduction to the world of Co-Op Horror. The Left 4 Dead franchise not only managed to step it up in the sequel but also bring players to new heights with the game's AI systems, as well as near-perfection regarding its gameplay. The FPS mechanics in the game remain as fun today as they were then. For its longevity and impact, we consider Left 4 Dead 2 to be one of the best Co-Op horror games.

5. Sons of the Forest

Sons Of The Forest Trailer 2

We are continuing right along with our list today of the best Co-Op horror games. Here, we have SOns of the Forest. This game not only serves as a sequel to the immensely popular survival horror game The Forest but manages to improve upon its predecessor in many ways. This gave the game quite large shoes to fill, and it managed to do so wonderfully. The building and crafting mechanics, the sense of atmosphere, and the core gameplay loop have seen improvements across the board. So, if you are looking to play one of the best Co-Op horror games, check out Sons of the Forest.

4. Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia Console Announcement Trailer

One of the core aspects of Co-Op horror games that makes them stand out is their reliance on communication. These games are not only improved by the use of communication but are, in many ways, molded by these interactions. One such game that benefits from these design decisions wonderfully is Phasmophobia. Players are tasked with ridding various households of spirits that communicate with the player. This gives the game a level of interactivity that few titles can achieve. For its amount of content and quality of said content, we consider Phasmophobia to be one of the best Co-Op horror games.

3. Lethal Company

Lethal Company - Trailer

The next entry on our list is one that has made quite an impression since its release. The cooperative nature it possesses is baked into the core Lethal Company experience. Players can look forward to seeking out treasure with one another. Here, they will use various tools in order to accomplish these tasks. This will see the player wandering through monochrome landscapes that add their own sense of depth to the game's world. The game also utilizes lighting wonderfully in order to create horrific effects. For its sense of style and atmosphere, Lethal Company is one of the best Co-Op horror games.

2. Content Warning

Content Warning: Trailer

We are rolling right along with our next entry. Here, we have Content Warning. In terms of its sheer brilliance in concept, this title takes the cake. In Content Warning, players are tasked with capturing horrific scenes in the hopes of becoming affluent influencers. The game features proximity chat for players to capture the frights of their friends as well. For its ease of use, as well as its novel concept, we consider Content Warning to be one of the best Co-Op horror games for FOREWARNED fans.


GTFO Launch Gameplay Trailer (4K)

We are rounding out our list today of the best Co-Op games like FOREWARNED with GTFO. This game not only brings the cooperative nature of a horror game to the table. But it also blends this beautifully with the cooperative FPS formula. This makes GTFO a blast for players of all types to play. Whether you enjoy the game's puzzle mechanics, its FPS gameplay, or its horror atmosphere, it's simply phenomenal. To close, GTFO is one of the best Co-Op horror games for players to enjoy.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 10 Best Co-Op Horror Games like FOREWARNED? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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