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10 Best Farming Simulation Games in 2024



Farming simulation game features tractor in sunflower field

Farming simulation games let players enjoy a peaceful life of farming, from growing crops to caring for animals. In these games, you play as a farmer who makes important decisions to help your farm succeed. You choose when to plant, when to harvest, and how to handle your products. These games are popular because they are both calming and engaging. Whether you're familiar with farming games or just starting out, there's a lot to discover. To help you find the perfect game, we have put together a list of the ten best farming simulation games in 2024.

10. Rusty's Retirement

Rusty's Retirement - Release Date Trailer

First up, Rusty's Retirement is a unique farming simulator that fits neatly at the bottom of your screen. This setup lets you manage a farm while you do other things on your computer. In the game, you plant various crops like carrots and tomatoes. Rusty the robot helps by watering, caring for, and harvesting these crops without needing your constant attention. As you play more, you unlock new crops that make your farm bigger and better. Additionally, this game lets you use your harvested crops to make biofuel, a clean energy that powers the robots on your farm. By selling this biofuel, you earn money to buy more robots and upgrade your farm.

9. Sun Haven

Sun Haven Release Trailer

Alternatively, Sun Haven combines farming, adventure, and community activities. When players arrive in Sun Haven, they find a farm that needs work. With basic tools and some money, players start fixing up their farm. They can grow different crops and flowers each season, or choose to raise both normal and magical animals. Sun Haven also offers many ways to interact and craft. Players can meet townsfolk and romance one of 15 characters, to build their own stories. The game lets players craft in over 40 different ways, from smithing to making jewelry, and dress their characters in thousands of outfits. It supports up to eight friends playing together, sharing farm work and adventures.

8. Echoes of the Plum Grove

Echoes Of Plum Grove - Official Trailer

In Echoes of the Plum Grove, players embark on a new adventure in Honeywood, which is a quaint island town. After arriving on the island's shores, you become the owner of a small piece of land. Your mission is to cultivate this land into a flourishing farm that will support generations to come. This game blends farming with survival elements. You farm crops, fish in the sea, cook meals, and craft items to prepare for the harsh winters. If you fail to prepare, your survival is at risk, and the secrets of the island may remain hidden forever.

7. Fae Farm

Launch Trailer | Fae Farm

Fae Farm is another fun farming simulation RPG set in the magical world of Azoria. Players can play by themselves or with up to three friends. In the game, you build your own farm, grow plants, and decorate your home to make it cozy. You can also change how your character looks and pick different styles to make your gaming experience better. In Fae Farm, you get to do things like crafting, cooking, and making potions, which helps you learn new skills.

6. My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock - Official Trailer

My Time at Sandrock is set in a rugged desert town called Sandrock, where you step into the shoes of a Builder aiming to revive the community. Arriving with basic tools, your first task is to transform a dilapidated workshop into a thriving hub of activity. You gather materials from the surrounding environment to build and operate complex machinery. These machines help you craft parts for large structures that boost the town’s infrastructure and economy. Players also craft a variety of items to decorate their homes, give as gifts, or fulfill community needs.

5. Palia

Palia | Official Beta Release Trailer

Palia welcomes players to a new, vibrant world where they can craft, cook, fish, and farm with friends. In this multiplayer cozy community simulation, every player gets to build the life of their dreams. By interacting with a range of colorful characters, players can dive into an enchanting adventure and even solve a mysterious story about the ancient humans who once inhabited the world. This game allows players to live a rural lifestyle in a virtual setting, complete with a home plot to nurture and a variety of activities to enjoy. Additionally, it offers extensive customization options, from crafting furniture to designing the layout of one’s home.

4. Lightyear Frontier

Lightyear Frontier Launch Trailer

Lightyear Frontier offers a unique twist on farming simulation by setting the stage on a distant planet. Players begin their adventure by stepping into a versatile mech, which serves as their primary tool for farming alien crops and building a homestead. This game provides a peaceful, open-world experience where up to three friends can join in. Players focus on cultivating a variety of alien crops. In addition to farming, Lightyear Frontier encourages players to explore the expansive world around them. The game emphasizes environmental care, prompting players to clean up pollution, manage invasive weeds, and restore the ecosystem.

3. Ranch Simulator

Ranch Simulator Official Trailer

Ranch Simulator takes you on a thrilling journey to transform your family's neglected homestead into the top ranch in the valley. The game starts with the player inheriting a rundown ranch that once brought pride and joy to their grandfather. Your tasks are extensive and diverse: from building and renovating essential structures to choosing and managing livestock effectively. You will visit the local hardware store to buy tools and the garage to acquire vehicles that assist in your ambitious rebuilding projects. These improvements include fixing up the main house and setting up barns, pens, and runs for various animals.

2. Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22: First Gameplay Trailer

Farming Simulator 22 is a comprehensive simulation that invites players to step into the shoes of a modern farmer. You can create and manage your own farm, enjoying activities that span agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry. The game challenges you to adapt to the four seasons, with each season bringing unique tasks and hurdles, especially the harsh winters. Players can cultivate a variety of crops like wheat, corn, and cotton, or focus on more specialized farms such as vineyards or olive orchards in beautiful locations.

1. Coral Island

Coral Island 1.0 Trailer

If you are seeking an escape to a colorful, peaceful island where you can farm, nurture animals, and be part of a community, Coral Island might just be your next favourite game. It lets players start fresh by leaving the hustle of city life behind and diving into a serene world of farming. You can build and customize your farm on this once overrun land, choosing the crops you grow and the animals you raise. Every choice reflects your style and contributes to transforming your surroundings into a vibrant farm that thrives through the seasons.

So, which of these farming simulation games are you excited to try? Have you played any on the list before? Let us know on our socials here!

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