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10 Best Farming Simulators Like Farm Together 2



If you love farming sims, you know how rewarding it is to build and manage your own farm. These games offer a peaceful escape and test your skills in resource management and strategic planning. Each farming simulator lets you dive into unique farm life experiences, from handling livestock to mingling with locals. And if you liked Farm Together 2, you'll enjoy the variety and depth of similar games. Here are ten of the best farming simulators like Farm Together 2.

10. Rusty's Retirement

Rusty's Retirement - Release Date Trailer

Rusty's Retirement is a relaxing idle-farming simulator that allows players to grow a variety of crops while attending to other tasks. In this game, players can also produce biofuel from their crops, which is essential for powering robots in the game. You can sell this biofuel to other machine inhabitants and use the money to expand and improve your farm. The game includes a team of cute robots that help with planting, watering, and harvesting. These helper bots can be customized and upgraded to make your farm more efficient. Additionally, the game features a focus mode that slows down crop production, which allows for less distraction while you multitask.

9. Palia

Palia | Official Beta Release Trailer

Palia takes you to a new world where your dream life awaits. Here, players can craft, cook, fish, and farm, engaging in a cozy community simulation that’s rich with opportunities for creativity and collaboration. Set in a world designed to be explored and enjoyed with friends, Palia is a game where you can experience the joy of living off the land in your own unique way. You have the freedom to manage your home plot, nurture your garden, or venture out into areas like Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay to forage for rare items and ingredients.

8. Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos

Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos - Official Launch Trailer

Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos is a captivating farming adventure set in the mythical world of Anthos. You begin your journey by discovering a message in a bottle sent by the Harvest Goddess, who now lies in deep slumber. With the assistance of your inventive friend, Doc Jr., your mission is to awaken the Harvest Goddess and unite the separated villages of Anthos. In this expansive world, players engage with a wide range of activities. You can keep various animals such as cows, chickens, and sheep, and even find exotic wildlife like Bengal tigers to nurture. The game includes engaging contests and vibrant festivals that bring the communities together.

7. Dinkum

Dinkum - Official Announcement Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2022

Dinkum invites players to embark on a unique adventure in an expansive world inspired by the wild Australian outback. You start by building a simple home in the bush, sleeping under the stars. Gradually, you transform your surroundings into a bustling town with farms, businesses, and attractions. Exploring this diverse island, you encounter tropical eucalyptus forests, scorching deserts, and cool billabongs. Each environment offers distinct challenges and resources that help you expand and customize your town. By attracting new townsfolk and businesses, your town grows and becomes a thriving community where visitors may decide to settle down permanently.

6. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Stardew Valley is a popular farming simulation game that captures the essence of rural life. You inherit a farm from your grandfather and move to a small town to start your new life. Players can grow crops, raise livestock, and mine for ores. The game includes a variety of seasonal crops and animals, as well as a town filled with unique characters. It also has a deep social and relationship aspect. You can attend town events, form friendships, and even marry a local. The game includes multiple areas to explore, including mysterious caves that host a variety of creatures and resources.

5. Farm Manager World

Farm Manager World - Early Access Release Trailer

Farm Manager World offers players the chance to build and manage a farm across various global locations. You can cultivate exotic crops and breed animals to create a diverse and thriving agricultural business. The game introduces players to the concept of sustainable farming, where soil health is crucial. You will need to conduct soil research and use fertilizers to enhance the soil quality, ensuring better crop yields. Here, crop rotation plays a significant role in maintaining soil health and increasing productivity. Managing livestock is also an essential part of the game, where you can buy, feed, and care for animals to produce resources for sale.

4. My Time at Portia

My Time At Portia - Launch Trailer | PS4

My Time at Portia starts with you inheriting a workshop in the charming, yet quirky town of Portia. Your mission is to restore your Pa's old workshop to its former glory. You will gather, mine, and craft various items, striving to be recognized as the top workshop in town. The town itself is full of life and rebuilding it with the help of local residents unveils hidden secrets beneath its surface. Each day brings new commissions and requests from villagers, and hence offers a steady pace of tasks and rewards.

3. Sun Haven

Sun Haven is another engaging farming simulator that blends traditional farming with magical adventure. Upon arriving in the town of Sun Haven, players discover a world touched by dark magic. Armed with only basic tools and a bit of money, your mission is to revive a neglected farm. You can plant and nurture various crops and flowers according to the season. Moreover, the game allows for extensive interaction with other characters. You can build relationships, pursue romance with one of 15 potential partners, and participate in community festivals. And in addition to farming, it includes exciting elements of combat and exploration.

2. Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22: First Gameplay Trailer

Farming Simulator 22 offers a highly realistic farming experience with advanced simulation features. Players run a farm, using real-world farming equipment and techniques to plant and harvest crops. The game features licensed machinery from major agricultural manufacturers, which adds to its realism. You can cultivate a variety of crops, including wheat, corn, and cotton. The game also introduces new game mechanics such as seasonal cycles and production chains. You can experience the effects of changing seasons on their farming activities.

1. Coral Island

Coral Island 1.0 Trailer

Concluding our list of the best farming simulators like Farm Together 2, Coral Island offers a fresh and vibrant twist on traditional farm life. On Coral Island, you can escape the hustle and bustle of big-city life in Pokyo and start anew by creating the farm of your dreams. The game allows you to choose exactly how your farm looks and operates, from selecting crops to planting and deciding which animals to nurture. Furthermore, you have the chance to build and strengthen your bond with nature by engaging in activities that revitalize both the land and the nearby coral reefs.

So, do you agree with our picks? What other farming simulator games like Farm Together 2 do you recommend? Let us know on our socials here.

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