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Dead by Daylight: What the Fog – 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Dead by Daylight: What the Fog

Yeah, well, there are indeed 1000 ways to die in the Dead by Daylight universe, the most recent of which is as miniature versions of your favorite DBD survivors, Dwight, Claud, and Min, who get pulled into a cursed board game, leaving you wondering just “What the Fog ” is going on. Don’t worry about the price tag, as the new What the Fog game is available for free for the first 2 million people with Behavior Interactive accounts or for $4.99 via Steam. It’s also a co-op adventure to play with a friend, helping revive each other when the other dies. Additionally, it’s a roguelite experience, so you’ll want to get ready for non-stop roguelike action coming your way with our Dead by Daylight: What the Fog – best tips for beginners guide. 

5. Escape the Frog

Claudete and Dwight in Dead by Daylight: What the Fog

Plenty of Dead by Daylight concepts have been implemented in What the Fog. So, if you’re a fan of the original Dead by Daylight game, you should enjoy a soft landing getting up to speed with What the Fog. While What the Fog doesn’t go too in-depth into worldbuilding mechanics and storytelling, it kicks off with familiar characters from Dead by Daylight. Dwight Fairfield, Claudette Morel and Feng Min, while hiding in the Garden of Joy mansion, stumble on a cursed board game that pulls them into a strange world. Swarms of monsters chase them down and your goal is to escape. 

You’ll start each run in a room where you need to slay enemies to collect as many blood points as you can. When your blood points reach a certain point, you’ll be able to power up generators. Power up enough generators and you’ll be able to open the exit gate for the room you’re in, allowing you to escape the fog. 

4. Try Out All the Difficulties

Dead by Daylight: What the Fog

Dead by Daylight: What the Fog isn’t a particularly tough game. You’ll definitely die a couple of times. However, with time, you learn the ropes and complete runs easily. It’s evidently a smaller-scale roguelike compared to the more fully-fledged alternatives out there. So, to get the most out of your experience, be sure to try out all the difficulties. 

What the Fog provides up to eight difficulties. With each run, you'll have nine dungeons and three bosses to defeat, summing up to a decent amount of content to dig into. At the moment, Behavior Interactive doesn’t plan to add more content to the game or port it over to consoles. However, since each room is procedurally generated, every level will be different from the next.

3. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

claudette and Dwight

Another similar feature to Dead by Daylight is the co-op aspect of reviving one another. So, besides it being way more fun to slay down monsters with a friend, it’s also highly beneficial to have a partner in the game. You can choose to play as Dwight, Claud or Min. Beyond character choice, be sure to consider how your skills and abilities complement one another. The more you play, the more upgrades you unlock. So, be sure to build the perfect loadout amongst yourselves that gives you an upper hand on the battlefield. 

Unfortunately, upgrades aren’t as significant as you’d hope. However, the gameplay packs heaps of fun, enough to sustain leveling up. After you die, you’ll still remain an active player in the afterlife, boosting your partner with the special abilities and spells they need to survive. And once they have built enough power, they can revive you in the game.

2. If Not Platforming, Then Shoot, Non-Stop


Dwight shooting

It will feel like every creature is out to get you. Whether it's dicers, flying spikespitters, or bull slugs, every monster will be hot on your tail. Make sure to return the favor, firing on all the enemies you come by, whether big or small, enemies or bosses. As you kill more monsters, you’ll earn blood points. However, to cash in your earnings at the generators, you’ll need to traverse often treacherous terrain. 

Master platforming as you run, jump, and dash your way away from enemies and through obstacles and dangerous terrain. Dead by Daylight: What the Fog picks up pace pretty fast, with the accompanying metal soundtrack always pumping you full of self-induced adrenaline. Combat and traversal are easy to learn, but hard to master as you take on more quick and exciting runs. Running and dashing, in particular, grow complex enough to make you feel like you’re flying around.

1. Don't Take it Too Seriously, Just Have Fun

Claudete and Dwigh

Above all, don’t take Dead by Daylight: What the Fog too seriously. The takeaway is to have fun in a spin-off of an IP we’ve come to love. Sure, the three characters are familiar fan-favorites. However, they hardly have deep stories, as does the world which serves as an offshoot adventure to escape to for a while. Yet, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t value to dig into. The monsters, for one, are new, and the world aesthetic dons a vibrant burst of color steeped in a charming cartoony art style. It’s the perfect game to have fun with friends when you’re looking to slay some monsters over light banter. Even Behavior Interactive says to let loose. 

What the Fog being free (you only have to create a Behavior Interactive account to access it) should be enough of a sign that it’s a side project whose goal is to give fans a fun little twist on the renowned asymmetric slasher horror Dead by Daylight. More accurately, What the Fog is a surprise drop released to celebrate Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight 8th anniversary. And while at the moment, there are no plans to port the game to consoles or add more content and updates, What the Fog remains a heck of a blast as is.

What’s your take? Do you agree with our Dead by Daylight: What the Fog – 5 Best Tips for Beginners? Are there more tips we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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