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5 Best Games Like Midnight Ghost Hunt



Soldier aim for battle in game like Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt offers a unique twist on hide-and-seek, pitting Ghosts against Hunters in eerie settings. It's a mix of suspense and supernatural powers that makes every match unforgettable. And inspired by this engaging gameplay, we've put together a concise list of the five best games like Midnight Ghost Hunt .

5. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight | Launch Trailer

Dead by Daylight is an exciting game where four people try to escape from one person playing as the Killer. The four trying to escape are called Survivors. They look around from a bit further back, so they can see more around them. This helps them avoid the Killer, who sees everything up close, making it easier to focus on catching them. This difference in how they see things makes the game interesting and a bit tricky.

Every time you play, the game changes. The places where players start and the layout of the game area are always different. This makes it hard to guess what will happen next. Survivors can choose to work together or go it alone to try to escape, but it's never easy because the game always feels new and different. The Killer, on the other hand, has to figure out how to catch the Survivors in these ever-changing places.

The game has a lot of different Killers, from spooky ghosts to scary slashers. Each Killer has special skills, and players can get better and unlock new things the more they play. This makes it fun to try different ways to win. Plus, since the game's world and dangers change all the time, and real people play all the characters, every game is full of surprises. Players never know what's going to happen, which makes it really fun and a bit scary.

4. The Finals

The Finals - Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Next, let's dive into the thrilling world of The Finals, a game that transforms the traditional combat game show into an innovative, strategic battleground. This popular, free-to-play adventure challenges players to think beyond just shooting. Here, you're given the power to change the very landscape of your battles. Imagine bending the battlefield to your will, knocking down walls to open new pathways, or even crushing your foes by bringing buildings down upon them. It is about mixing destruction with creativity, ensuring no two matches are ever the same.

This game puts you in charge, allowing you to define your own approach to victory. Fancy sneaking up on your opponents with a silent katana strike? Or maybe you prefer the direct approach, blowing obstacles up with explosives? The Finals equips you with a wide range of skills, weapons, and gadgets, enabling you to tailor your playstyle to fit your personal strengths. The arenas, inspired by real-world places, are your playgrounds. They're designed to be used, altered, or even destroyed, which makes the environment as much a part of your arsenal as the weapon in your hand.

3. Deceit

Deceit: Gameplay Trailer

Deceit is a game where figuring out who to trust is key. You find yourself in a weird place with five other people, but here's the twist: two of them are secretly infected with a virus by the Game Master. If you're not infected, your goal is to make it through different areas and escape. If you are infected, you need to blend in and try to stop the others without getting caught.

As you play, choosing what to do is very important. You'll find things that can help you survive, but you must decide whether to work with others or compete for these helpful items. These choices help you guess who might be infected. The innocent players need to find weapons, complete tasks, and figure out who the infected players are to have a better chance of surviving. The infected players, on the other hand, need to drink blood secretly to keep their strength and trick the others without being noticed.

Moreover, the game gets really intense when it becomes dark for a while. During this time, the infected can turn into powerful monsters and chase after the innocent players. They move faster, are stronger, and can see better, making it a scary time for the innocents. This part of the game makes everyone think fast and decide quickly to survive.

2. DayZ

This Is DayZ - This Is Your Story

DayZ is a game about staying alive in a world that has fallen apart. You find yourself in Chernarus, a big, open area that used to be lively but is now filled with zombies because of a virus. Your goal is to survive as long as you can. But you need to be careful because once you die, you have to start all over again, but you'll remember what went wrong last time. There are no guides or maps to help you; you make your own story as you explore this empty land.

In DayZ, you're not alone, and there are up to 60 other people trying to survive just like you. You can choose to make friends, fight everyone you see, work together to build a safe place, or be careful around others because they might trick you. Here, surviving in DayZ is about more than avoiding zombies. You also need to watch out for wild animals, find shelter from bad weather, and look for food and water. Also, fighting other survivors is part of the game, too. Sometimes you need to decide quickly whether to fight or run away.

1. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown Steam Trailer

Wrapping up our list, Hunt: Showdown is another thrilling game that mixes survival, strategy, and spooky elements. It's set in Louisiana in 1895, a place full of scary monsters. Players act as Hunters, taking on missions alone or with friends, to find and eliminate these creatures. The game is exciting because it mixes fighting against other players and the environment. This means players have to be careful of monsters and other hunters wanting the same rewards. When a player grabs a bounty by defeating a monster, the challenge ramps up as everyone else wants to steal it.

The main part of Hunt: Showdown is the Bounty Hunt mode. Here, players or teams try to find and beat a big monster, while up to 12 players might also be trying to do the same thing. Using a special ability called Dark Sight helps players find clues and track their target. For those who like quicker action, there's a Quick Play mode. It's for solo players racing against each other to win a bounty. And if players want to practice without fighting other players, the game has Trials and Training modes.

So, do you agree with our picks? Or do you have any game like Midnight Ghost Hunt that didn't make the list? Let us know on our socials here!

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