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4 Best Games to Play on the PS5 Right Now

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November 2020 marked the start of a next-generation in gaming, as both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 made their debut. Even though they are still in their infancy, there are plenty of great blockbusters and exclusive titles available for both of these giants. Today, we will focus on Sony's console and present you with some of the best titles you can currently play on the PS5.

Demon's Souls

To start, we have a beautiful remake of PS3's prequel to the Dark Souls series. These are all notoriously difficult games with a strong dark fantasy atmosphere. The remake doesn't hold any punches, so prepare to die constantly in battles against unnerving demons. Every death will also cost you in souls, which are used for upgrading weapons and leveling your character. However, as much as it's punishing and frustrating at times, Demon's Souls more than compensates with a great sense of accomplishment once you defeat the boss on your 20th try. All in all, this is an impressive remake with crisp graphics, intense combat, and a fantastic atmosphere.

To play on PS5: Demon's Souls

A faithful remake of a PS3 classic IndieWire

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Next, we have a sequel to 2018's refreshing Spider-Man. This time, we'll take the role of a Peter Parker's student named Miles, who's left to guard New York on its own during the holidays. From the get-go, Miles Morales sets up an interesting story, that balances well between his obligations as a superhero and a teenager. The new protagonist also brings unique skills and gadgets, such as invisibility,  that can be upgraded. Although it's a bit short and not wildly inventive, Miles Morales is well worth your time for its fun mechanics and a tight storyline.

Spider-man Miles Morales gameplay

Next-gen ray-tracing brings out stunning visuals press-start

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a tense open-world action/adventure set in ancient Japan. It's 1274, and the country is attacked by the Mongol Empire. You play as Jin, one of the last samurai remaining, who has to learn to strike from the shadows. This creates an inner conflict in him, as it goes against samurai ethos, which is a major part of his storyline. The game has a well-developed combat system and is filled with frantic battles where you always feel outnumbered. Ghost of Tsushima is reminiscent of the Assasin's Creed series in many ways, which is, personally, not a bad thing. In short, this is an action-packed adventure that will show off all the power of the new console, which makes it the game to play on the ps5.

Games to play on ps5: Ghost of TsushimaOne samurai's journey through ancient Japan Newsweek

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Lastly, we have an adorable platformer that serves as a spin-off of the popular Little Big Planet series. Sackboy takes us on a simple journey in which we'll face evil Vex to restore the order into Craftworld. Although predictable, Sackboy's presentation is refreshing in various aspects. From the wacky level design to great use of music, the game has enough to offer to entertain you for hours. If you enjoy games like Rayman or Super Mario 3D WorldSackboy will be right up your alley.

Games to play on PS5: Sackboy

A feel-good adventure that ticks all the right boxes GamesRadar+

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