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Hogwarts Legacy: 5 Locations Every Harry Potter Fan Wants

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Heads up, wizard folk — the acceptance letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have been wax sealed and are finally in the mail. Thanks to the highly-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy that is set to arrive in 2022, we'll finally be embarking from platform 9 3/4 and enrolling as first-time students on a whirlwind adventure. And so, with that, what better way to prepare for our induction day than to gloss over the curriculum a trillion times over?

Classes aside, Hogwarts is famous for homing some of the most dangerous creatures and hazardous obstacles in the known wizarding world. And, let's face it — that's a major plus for us curious bunch who've been begging Warner Bros. to open the doors for the last twenty years.

Lo and behold, it's finally being put to paper, and we can't wait to see what secrets have been mapped out behind the doors of Hogwarts. Although we've been left in the dark over what to expect from the school and its expansive grounds, Harry Potter fans all over the globe are still banking on what lies within. If we had to pitch in, however, then we'd love to see these places sewn into Hogwarts Legacy.


5. Chamber of Secrets

I mean, a basilisk could make a pretty neat DLC boss. Right?

Although Hogwarts Legacy is set around the late 1800s, roughly half a century before Tom Riddle opened the Chamber of Secrets, it is worth pointing out that the chamber itself was still very much an existing part of the castle beforehand. And while it doesn't technically coincide with the plotline of Hogwarts Legacy, it is a location that we'd love to venture into and unearth — if only to say we've spiralled down the rabbit hole and seen the chamber first-hand.

There doesn't have to be twenty miles of winding pipes and sewer corkscrews — nor does there have to be a great basilisk patrolling the tunnels. All we really want is the chance to cross the threshold and see it up close, even if it's just to ponder over the entrance. Failing that, then perhaps the odd reference or easter egg would be sufficient enough. Either way, we're seriously crossing our fingers that the Chamber of Secrets is embedded somewhere in Hogwarts Legacy — if only on a piece of parchment.


4. Azkaban

Azkaban would make a pretty thrilling DLC — especially as a multiplayer map.

As unlikely as it is, we'd love nothing more than to drift out of Hogsmead and ascend the Azkaban spire as a lone wolf or fully-fledged order. Of course, being first-year students at Hogwarts, it'd be absolutely ridiculous to travel to such a wicked place without any reasoning behind it. That said, a DLC featuring the radial prison wouldn't go amiss somewhere down the line. That is, of course, if Warner Bros. are willing to employ such a task.

As the second home to some of the most feared and treacherous witches and wizards in the known world, Azkaban stands as one of the most terrifying structures in the spell-bound realm. However, that doesn't stop us from wanting to cross the barrier and dig deep into the many cells that wind through the sharpened spire. Call it crazy — but we think Azkaban could be a genuinely enticing bolt-on dungeon or DLC pack for the base game. But we'll let Avalanche Studios decide that one.


3. Ministry of Magic

A central hub we wouldn't mind having in Hogwarts Legacy.

Similar to Azkaban, glossing over the thought of a first-time student being nested within the central hub of the wizarding world just doesn't make a shred of sense. And that's exactly why we're pinning this one down as a potential DLC pack, as opposed to a fully-fledged portion of Hogwarts Legacy. Of course, should we have the opportunity to explore the enormous complex in the base game — then we'd be more than happy to employ it in our school curriculum. But, you know, that's incredibly unlikely.

As with every location in the wizarding world, the Ministry of Magic is home to some truly outrageous concepts and creations. From the flocks of paper planes carrying inkblot messages to the floo powder channels that intertwine between every branch of the network; the Ministry is a place of pure wonder and intrigue that we'd love to delve into. It's also something that would look visually stunning if designed by the right pair of hands. But again — that's something for Avalanche to consider.


2. Forbidden Forest

I'm sure we wouldn't mind fending off a few spiders.

Although the Forbidden Forest sort of drifted away after the second book, it still played on our minds as we poured further hours into the sequels. Whether it was the curiosity that burned in our chests as we glanced over the cloaked abyss or the impending doom that lurked between the shadows. Whatever it was that drew us to the ashen realm, it's always been a major part of the Hogwarts grounds — if only in the background.

With or without the swarm of spiders — the Forbidden Forest is still a pretty terrifying place to step into. And that's exactly why we'd love nothing more than to defy the school rules and explore it during the twilight hours. Just picture it: you're out of bed past curfew, you're weaving between the stone hallways in search of an exit when suddenly, you're off the beaten path — and you've found yourself standing over the threshold of the charcoal black labyrinth. Would you go in and uncover the secrets of the forest — or would you call it a day and retreat back to the safety of your blanket fort? Either way, it'd make a pretty epic tale.


1. Triwizard Tournament

The Triwizard Maze could be an interesting side quest, though.

The Goblet of Fire introduced some of the most fascinating locations in the entire Harry Potter saga. And while it's difficult to pinpoint just a single spot to make the head of our list — it does make more sense to mould the three together. The three I'm referring to is, of course, the Dragon Arena, the Black Lake, and the Triwizard Maze — all of which play a crucial role in the fourth instalment to the franchise.

While none of the three locations are fundamental to the Hogwarts Legacy story, they would be a charming spool of spots to help flesh out the school grounds. Of course, we'd love to sink into the Black Lake and fend off a mermaid or two, or even get lost in the clouded Triwizard Maze — but we'd also be content with just seeing a vague reference to the trio in general. A painting on a wall, an inscription on one of the common room walls — anything that nods to the Triwizard tournament and its engrossing history would be a fun talking point amongst gamers. But we're not crossing our fingers on that one.

Hogwarts Legacy will release in 2022 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. You can follow the game updates on the official handle here.

Hogwarts Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer | PS5


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