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5 Best Mech Games on Xbox Series X|S



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Mech games allow players to feel quite powerful. Commanding players to be at the helm of these mammoth mechanical beasts is always a great time. These games start off with a somewhat familiar premise typically, and each has its own spin on the mech game formula. This is where the nuances and differences come into play regarding these games. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Best Mech Games on Xbox Series X|S.

5. Hawken

The above image is from the Hawken developer's website.

Hawken, as our first entry on our list, is a free-to-play mech shooter that allows players to pilot massive mechanical fighting machines. In addition, the game allows players to fill up huge multiplayer matches with these mechs. Each of the mechs has its own distinct identity and playstyle, which adds to the variety of this game. This is great to see. However, the game itself underwent some struggles regarding the PC port of this game. This is a shame seeing as the game was pretty popular amongst its community.

The game had its PC port shut down for quite some time, only to be revived through a community-led project. While there weren't a ton of maps, the game does feature up to ten maps for the player to play on. Each of these has its own feel to them and makes the experience feel a bit more varied. There are a number of game modes that players can enjoy as well. So if you are looking for one of the mech games on Xbox Series X|S with a low barrier to entry, then Hawken is a great choice.

4. Gundam Evolution

Our next entry on our list has quite a bit more of a backstory to it. Gundam Evolution is an immensely popular mech game for the Xbox Series X|Si. However, there are many caveats to this, as initially, the game wasn't available everywhere. However, these region-locking issues have been resolved, and the game can now be enjoyed, for the most part, everywhere. Players will be able to engage in fierce mechanical combat with their favorite Gundams. This is a great selling point for the game and offers the player plenty of action.

There are also a ton of customization options for the player to use to their advantage. Whether these options are cosmetic or something more practical, their inclusion in the game is great. There are three different game modes for the player to enjoy as well. These include Team Deathmatch, Point Capture, and Destruction. While two of these are pretty self-explanatory, Destruction is quite unique. In it, players must attack certain strategic points on the map. So if this sounds appealing to you, definitely check out one of the best mech games on Xbox Series X|S.

3. SD Gundam: Battle Alliance

First of all, whoever throughout of the idea of bringing these Gundam games to a new generation had a fantastic idea. Players are able to fight against swathes of enemies as their armored mech suits charge their abilities. This makes for a gaming experience that is equal parts flashy and really fun to play repetitively. Added to this is the fact that the combat loop can keep players playing, and you have a winning combination. With endless swathes of enemies and powerful mechs to defeat them, this gameplay loop feels fantastic.

Through the utilization of the Gundams, players can now execute more long-range attacks, making for a gameplay loop that differs from traditional Gundam games. There were also quite a few new improvements placed within the game as well. These include updates to the game's formula as well. These include different ways to play with friends in the game's campaign and much more. So if you are a fan of either the Gundam series, then this is a great title to check out, especially if you are in the market for more mech games to play on the Xbox Series X|S.

2. Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Zone of the Enders HD Collection is one of the best values that you can get within the mech games on Xbox Series X|S. Players will be able to enjoy a full collection of the Zone of the Enders games, which have been lovingly updated through HD remastering. In addition, players will be able to engage in the space-themed combat of this cult classic game. This is wonderful and ensures that the legacy of these games will remain. A bit of history on the franchise, Zone of the Enders was originally released on the PlayStation 2, so seeing it upgraded here is great.

So if you are looking for a title that is sure to keep you busy with its mech gameplay, Zone of the Enders HD Collection is a great place to start. This collection of games will be able to entertain the player for quite some time. While the game's story mode might be short, it is still an experience worth experiencing nonetheless. So if you are interested in mech games, and are looking for something new to place in your Xbox Series X|S library, then this game definitely fits the bill.

1. Titanfall 2Apex Universe single-player

Our next entry on our list needs little to no introduction. The Titanfall series, in many ways, reinvigorated and reenergized the mech game genre. Featuring some of the smoothest combat in any modern release, these games feel phenomenal. Added to this is the fact that the campaign of both the first Titanfall game and its sequel center around the relationship between pilot and mech, and you have a great combination. First of all, the game does a great job of establishing its characters and world, making you care for them along your journey.

Secondly, the gameplay is so smooth and enticing that you will assuredly play for quite some time. And lastly, the game's multiplayer element is simply stunning. While it may not have garnered the attention it deserved upon launch, it has now been seen in hindsight as a fantastic offering. Everything from the map design to weapon design and balance is all commendable here. So if you are looking for one of the best mech games to play on Xbox Series X|S, look no further than Titanfall 2. You most undoubtedly won't be disappointed.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Mech Games on Xbox Series X|S? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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