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5 Best Adventure Games Like Curse of the Sea Rats



Games like Curse of the Sea Rats allow players to go on their own adventures. Along the way, they will experience deep worlds and stellar gameplay. Adventure games allow us to escape for quite a bit and be whisked away to faraway worlds. So if you, like us, enjoy adventuring through these worlds and experiencing some of the best gameplay the adventure genre offers. Please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Adventure Games, Like Curse of the Sea Rats.

5. Elderand

We begin by starting off our list with a wonderful adventure title with an aesthetic that quickly immerses you in its world. Elderand is a platforming action game in which players will have to contend with demons. Along the way, they will face terrifying and challenging bosses and many other hardships. This game appeals to players of the older Metroid and Castlevania titles, and this can be felt through the game's design and presentation.

This game features a wide array of weaponry for players to become familiar with. Each of these weapons has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. This opens the game up to more replayability, as well as makes the experience just a bit more customizable. For fans of the darker gothic aesthetic, this will also be an exceedingly interesting title to pick up as well. The game also features a heavy emphasis on RPG mechanics, meaning there is plenty of room for progression. All in all, if you are looking for an adventure game like Curse of the Sea Rats, then Elderand is an excellent choice.

4. Children of Morta

Next on our list, we have Children of MortaChildren of Morta is an action RPG that allows players to play cooperatively with their friends. This is great and brings a great deal of variety to the gameplay, as well as an immersion factor due to playing with friends. A huge benefit to the game is also seen in its inclusion of local co-op options. This makes it exceedingly simple to play with friends. This is where the game's class system comes in. Players are able to choose from a wide range of classes, each of which feels unique.

The animations and p[ixel art style also makes this game shine as well. Children of Morta is a wonderful rogue-lite game that is sure to satisfy even the staunchest adventure game enthusiasts. So if you are looking for a title that fully embraces the adventure aspects of the ARPG genre, then Children of Morta has you covered. Lastly, the game also features procedurally generated dungeons, meaning that the time in which you are having fun is only limited by the amount of time you have to play. To close, if you enjoy games such as Curse of the Rats, definitely check out Children of Morta.


3. Salt and Sanctuary

Our next entry on our list is particularly gritty when compared to the other entries here today. Salt and Sanctuary, much like Elderand, is much darker in its approach to both aesthetics and the general atmosphere and ambiance of the game itself. The game features a wealth of content for players to explore. For example, there are over 600 weapons, pieces of armor, and more for the player to discover. This gives the game quite a bit of longevity, as you will be playing for quite some time before you discover everything.

There is also a heavy emphasis placed on the lore of the game as well. This makes it so that players who want to delve deep into lore territory can do so and be rewarded for doing it. Additionally, this game features strong Metroidvania elements that are sure to satisfy even the most seasoned Metroidvania players. So if you are looking for a game like that that embraces the adventure aspects of the game as well, much like Curse of the Sea Rats, definitely ensure you have Salt and Sanctuary on your radar or in your game library.

2. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a wonderful adventure that features many platforming elements as well as incorporates elements from other genres of gaming. Centered around the marital issues of a young couple, the game does a great job of establishing its characters and providing motivation to learn more about them. This is great, as it establishes early on an incentive to continue playing the game. Due to some handwavy magic, the main characters, Kody and May, are turned into dolls and must find their way to change back.

Along the way, they will face different types of challenges. This is where the game's stellar level design comes in, as every part of this game is not only a shining example of what to do, it is brimming with creativity. The characters within the game are all fully-realized, and once you complete the gamer, you really feel accomplished. An aspect of this game that makes it stand out is its gameplay variety. One second, you're locked in FPS combat. The next, you are puzzle-solving, all of which feels fantastic. So if you enjoy adventures like Curse of the Sea RatsIt Takes Two might just be up your alley.

1. Hollow KnightBest Metroidvania Games on Xbox Series X-S (2022)

Hollow Knight is, simply put, a phenomenal game. This grim and somber adventure is presented in a lovingly handpainted art style that is sure to stick with players. The entire game world has an inherent feeling of loneliness to it. This game pulls heavy inspiration from the Metroidvanias of the past and seeks to improve upon the formula further. There is a ton of content within the game as well, tucked just out of reach of the player to tantalize them to explore further.

Combat in Hollow Knight also feels fantastic and challenging yet rewarding. A delicate balance to strike in games, and yet this title pulls it off flawlessly. While the adventure that players will participate in may be dark, the way it is presented is beautiful. This makes every hour spent playing the game a treat as you slowly pull back all the layers of the game. The game's music is also beautifully haunting. This makes it a game that is sure to stay in the memories of players worldwide. So if you are looking for adventure, similar to Curse of the Sea RatsHollow Knight is a must-play.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Adventure Games Like Curse of the Sea Rats? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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