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5 Best Mech Games on Android & iOS

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Best Mech Games on Android & iOS

Times have changed, from playing Tetris and Snake on handsets to enjoying a whole selection of free-to-play mobile games on Android and iOS. Whatever genre you prefer, there are plenty of different types of games available, including mech games for adults and kids alike. 

Mech, or robot, games have come a long way. Now, they’re a standalone, fan-favorite genre, often tasking players with taking over robot characters and skillfully controlling them in intense, fast-paced battles. The sky’s the limit for mech games. But even so, not all mech games pack the same crunch. Some will have you fighting with the controls rather than with opponents, while others will keep you glued to the screen of your smartphone for hours. 

If you’re looking for which games are the creme de la creme of mech games on Android and iOS, look no further than these best mech games on Android and iOS.

5. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Warhammer 40K: Freeblade - Official Trailer

If your calendar clears up and you’re looking for a mobile mech game that won’t disappoint, then look no further than Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade. This rail shooter doesn’t restrict itself to its hardware, providing players with ample time to uncover its epic story across more than 170 single-player missions. 

Players take control of Freeblade, an Imperial Knight who’s run away from home, so to speak, to trek the Warhammer universe alone in the stars. Using touch controls, and especially Apple’s new 3D touch, players face off against endless hordes of invaders with either a blade or cannon as a weapon.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade has been a sort of flagship demo to showcase Apple’s device capabilities. Ever since an iPhone 6S event demonstrating the A9 chip’s performance, there have been plenty more demos, including the iPhone 8 demo for iOS 11’s capabilities. 

That’s all to say that Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade has a lot riding on its back. Consequently, the game strives to remain above par, whether graphic or combat-wise. You’re free to play the game without making any purchases. However, the usual in-game purchases do pop up with the hugely welcome option of disabling them in your device settings. 

4. Into The Breach

Into the Breach | Official Game Trailer | Netflix

Netflix’s Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy mech game where players take charge of powerful mechs from the future tasked with facing an alien threat. There’s a twist, though, that each attempt to defend civilization generates a new random challenge, such that you’re always wondering what will come next. It’s also a great way to return to the game, holding no expectations for what’s to come.

Netflix members have one foot in the door via their membership sign-ins. So, if you’re a Netflix user, you’ll be happy to know Into the Breach is available exclusively for you. Once you’re in, chances are Into the Breach will slowly prove to be a favorite, thanks to its impressive depth, story, and strategic gameplay packed into an 8 by 8 grid. 

You’ll need to carefully consider each mech’s abilities and decide which ones to bring onto your team. Also, the city powers the mechs, so definitely keep an eye out for any potential threats to the city. Otherwise, as with other games, studying the enemy’s strategy is key. Once you learn their pattern, you can develop perfectly timed counterattacks to take them down. 

3.  Metal Revolution

Metal Revolution Official Trailer

Metal Revolution is like Street Fighter but for robots. It’s a free, hardcore, multiplayer mecha fighting game that challenges multiple futuristic robots against one another. Fusing it all together is its minimalistic, intuitive controls and deep gameplay mechanics. It also has a fine cyberpunk theme that spreads across all kinds of 60 fps stages.

One of Metal Revolution’s most notable perks is that the game doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Rather, the controls are simple enough, allowing you to focus on the game’s fast-paced combat sequences against futuristic, cybernetic fighters. 

You could either compete in globally ranked matches or check out the classic arcade mode featuring every fighter’s story arc. Either way, Metal Revolution is a game that ushers casual and veteran gamers alike into a new era of fast, head-to-head fights.

2. War Robots

WAR ROBOTS official Trailer

Variety is War Robots’ middle name. It’s an online, third-person, 6v6 PvP shooter that features more than 50 giant robots that can fit in the palm of your hand. Fan favorites from all around the world commune here, competing against one another in epic clan battles. 

Among all mech games, War Robots is among the biggest ones available. Its combat is overly deep, too, keeping players on their toes with surprise attacks, jogging their brains with intricate tactical maneuvers, and honing their skills against tough enemies with tricks up their sleeves. 

The more battles you win, the stronger you become. You can do so by choosing from an impressive selection of giant shotguns, plasma cannons, ballistic missiles—you name it. In the end, War Robots is looking for the greatest commander the War Robots online universe has ever seen. Will you win the Great Iron War?

1. Mech Arena

Mech Arena Official Trailer

Alternatively, you may want to consider Mech Arena, another multiplayer fighting game featuring chaotic 5v5 PvP battles. It’s the perfect game for War Robots veterans to jump into, and vice versa. Or, rather, arcade shooter fans who’d like to have next-gen giant mech fighting sequences in a condensed arena.

Mech Arena uses lush visuals of a futuristic combat sports universe. It provides deep combat tactics and limitless customization, whether from the weapons or mechs roster. The goal is simple: to score as many points as possible in explosive team battles. 

With its fast-paced, intense gameplay, Mech Arena has great potential for hours upon hours of fun with friends. So, FPS fans and those who love a quick showdown, here’s a game that rewards you for unleashing hell on all enemy robots before they can destroy you. 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best mech games on Android and iOS? Are there more mech games on Android and iOS we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.


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