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5 Best Dating Sims on Android & iOS (2023)



Full of both romance and passion, dating simulation games have slowly but surely been gaining popularity. Whether it is for their rather saucy content or the storylines within these games. One thing's for certain. They are booming right now. Players of these games will have the joy of experiencing various characters' storylines and how they pan out. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Best Dating Sims on Android & iOS (2023).

5. Mr. Love: Queen's Choice

Mr. Love: Queen's Choice is a dating simulation game that revolves around a media producer as they try and navigate a world of romance and intrigue. On their journey, they become involved with four different guys who all have distinct personalities and types. This allows the player to play through the game at their heart's content and choose Mr. Right for them. In addition, players will be able to get immersed in the various text messages back and forth between lovers as well as voice calls that are sure to entice you.

The level of quality that is present in the game can be seen through the use of prominent voice actors for the game's characters. This gives the dialogue more soul and expression in its delivery. Perhaps they would've dropped the ball if they had hired more inexperienced voice actors to fill in the parts. In addition, players will be able to enjoy their adventure throughout this playful romp anytime they boot up their Android or iOS device. This means that this experience is one that players can take with them wherever they may go. All in all, Mr. Love: Queen's Choice is one of the dating sims that players of the genre are sure to love.

4. Ikemen Series

The Ikemen series of Otome or dating sim games span across various historical periods and settings. This is an exciting approach to the dating Sim genre. This is due to many of the games being perfectly fine with being set in the present day. These different settings give the player more to explore and add flavor to many of the encounters that the player will have with the game's characters. The Ikemen series, in particular, is one that loves to journey to these different settings and explore them.

For example, Ikemen Sengoku takes place in the Sengoku Era of Japan and prominently features many of the era's famous warlords. This game, in particular, for example, features fourteen different romance options for the player to engage with. This is great for the player as it gives them a ton of options to choose from in terms of who they want to romance. As is often the case with dating sims, players will have their pick of gorgeous men. And they can choose to get to know better throughout the game's runtime.

3. Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia: Memories is an immensely popular dating sim game that has the player in some pretty stressful situations. The game has many different horror elements that set it apart from most dating sims. This is interesting because of how these elements play into the gameplay. First, players can decide who they want to romance—a hard decision, given the information in the game. Then, the game begins with the in-game heroine realizing that she is in a space between realms. Their goal is to regain their lost memories.

There are up to five love interests in the game to choose from. Players can have quite a fun time choosing. On top of being a mobile game, this game also has a Nintendo Switch release that was quite popular as well. Players will be helped along their path by the spirit Orion, which serves as a kind of guiding light for the character. All in all, Amnesia: Memories is a dating sim that stands out in the story that it tells, as well as how it tells it. Players who love a fantastic narrative with their spicy dating sim should definitely check this title out.

2. Obey Me!

Obey Me! It is a dating sim game that focuses heavily on correspondence between the player and multiple different characters. Available on iOS and Android, as well as within its own trading card game within the game, this story is immensely popular. In fact, the game even spawned its own anime series based on the events of the game. This only speaks highly of the storytelling and gripping romance that is put forth in the game itself.

The majority of gameplay in this game will take place through the filter of a phone, which is a typical dating sim trope that this game follows. Players will be able to accomplish various tasks with their devilishly good-looking characters as they play through the game. There are several different brothers in the game to choose from. Who are all based on the various sins. This gives the player plenty of choices between them. In conclusion, Obey Me! is an entertaining game to play when you are looking for something a little spicier.

1. Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messanger is a dating sim game that stands out above the rest. This game has a shocking amount of depth, as well as plenty for your average dating sim to enjoy it as well. Players will be able to choose from various suitors who all definitely meet the mark. There are seven different paths or story routes that the player can take in this game, each with their own level of interest and intrigue. Additionally, players will be able to participate in chats that will ultimately decide the game's outcome for them.

This allows players to enjoy the world within the game, as well as its characters, who are all very interesting in their own right. The game is also incredibly popular, with it even spawning a comic series based on it. The entire goal of the game is to organize a party of various members of the RFA. A faction within the game. In conclusion, Mystic Messenger is one of the quintessential Otoime games that players can play to get a grasp on the genre.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Dating Sims on Android & iOS (2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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