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5 Best Visual Novel Games on Android & iOS



The Visual Novel game as a genre is one that allows players to experience stories in a unique way. Rather than focus on smooth gameplay or overly-complicated mechanics. At the core of what makes these games so great is their stories. While their narratives may range from topic to topic, the way in which they are expressed is always top-notch. So if you like us, enjoy these games and our list of the 5 Best Visual Novel Games on Android & iOS.

5. Amnesia: Memories

Starting off this list with an entry that has a rather unique premise, we have Amnesia: Memories. This title allows for players to play as the heroine of the story. Along the way they meet a cast of characters that are sure to stick with them for quite a while. The game opens up with players floating in an endless void. A liminal space in between the dimensions of this world. It is here that we meet some of the game's core characters as well as get introduced to what exactly is going on in the game.

There are a number of love interests to choose from in this game. This allows the player to make their choice of mate depending on personality as well as other factors. The world is all organized in a way similar to a deck of playing cards. Players must play through this game, face its challenges and engage with the story. All in an attempt to regain your lost memories. Players will be able to enjoy unique character storylines as they pick this title up. All in all, the presentation and premise of this game make it one of the best visual novel games on AndroidiOS.

4. Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera is a game that is available for Android and iOS. This game places a heavy emphasis on the story and its characters. And for players who are on the go or even in a situation where they can't connect to the Internet. This game has you covered. Being able to be played offline really has its benefits for players who can't always secure an Internet connection. An interesting aspect of this game is the fact that a decent chunk of it can be played for free as well.

This allows players to form their opinions on the game prior to purchase. This is incredibly consumer friendly and is really nice to see in a mobile gaming market that often times leans into predatory practices. The game itself has a heavy emphasis on romance. This follows the inspiration for the game rather well, as Phantom of the Opera is, at its core, a love story. The art direction and style of the game are also incredibly charming and allow the characters to be conveyed in a realistic and believable way. To close, Phantom of the Opera is a fantastic visual novel game that players of the genre should definitely pick up.

3. Dream DaddyLGBTQ+ Inclusive Games

Dream Daddy is a game that quickly rose to popularity, with many people on YouTube playing the game. This led a ton of fans to download the dating sim to see what all of the noise was about. The game is, in and of itself, really charming, allowing the player to romance their dream man.  An interesting twist of this concept, however. As players themselves play as desirable fathers in search of other hot men. The personalities of which all differ in their own way, making them appealing to the player.

One area in which this game shines is in its variety of characters. There are romanceable options for everyone in this game. So no matter what your type is, there is surely someone who will suit your tastes. This game has even received numerous awards, which only attests to its quality. So if you are looking for a dating sim that offers something a bit different, Dream Daddy might be up your alley. So be sure to check out this title when you can, especially if you are someone who enjoys a good visual novel game.

2. Ace Attorney Trilogy

Offering a ton of gavel bang for your buck, we have the Ace Attorney Trilogy. The immensely popular series has stepped into the mobile world to allow you to enjoy its legal antics on the go. Players can do the work of being an attorney as they play through the three initial Ace Attorney games. This game is a rather nice market but can be enjoyed by everyone. And the idea of bringing it to mobile was certainly a great idea. While there were initially mixed reviews regarding the trilogies port, these have since been addressed.

So if you are a fan of the Ace Attorney series or a unique game premise such as law, then this game will suit you very well. The narratives that are woven throughout the cases in the games are all phenomenal in their own way. They are also aided by a stellar soundtrack that will keep the player engaged as they play. While it might not have the most crossover appeal on this list, the Ace Attorney Trilogy is a fantastic set of games to recommend to someone who enjoys mobile gaming, especially with a visual novel style.

1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a wild ride for the player from beginning to end. Players will be able to indulge themselves in the insanity that is the Danganronpa series. This time, however, it is on the go, meaning that you can take the characters and journies that you go through throughout this game with you. The game combines a number of elements from various sources. Incorporating, at times, third-person shooter elements, as well as pulling heavily from the dating sim genre. So if you enjoy either of these games with a twist of insanity, definitely check this title out.

The plot of this game is something that we don't dare spoil here, as players will have to experience it for themselves to get a full grasp of it. There is a lot in common in terms of gameplay and presentation between this game and the Ace Attorney series. So if you are fond of one but haven't tried the other, this would be a fantastic opportunity to do so. So if you enjoy that type of gameplay, definitely don't let this title slip through your fingers. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is visual novel game insanity at its best that any player with a mobile device can participate in.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Visual Novel Games on Android & iOS? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.





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