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5 Mobile Games That Will Truly Test Your Patience



In a bid to overthrow the console, both Android and Apple devices are ramping up the number of games that feature on the respective stores. With millions of indie titles launching every minute, mobile gaming is becoming a true staple on the frontlines. And, being a platform that boasts convenience and simplicity in one pocket-sized catalogue, it's no wonder people are starting to discover the nooks and crannies of the App and Play Store.

Having an enormous amount of playable titles on the small screen, picking out a perfect five isn't exactly easy. That's why we're nailing it down to a select category — a category only a skilled gamer can conquer without breaking a sweat. Of course, we're talking about the mind-boggling games that require a boatload of patience to master. From tap-and-go indies to action-packed shoot-and-looters — here are five games that will truly test your mettle.


5. The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz (Fake) Trailer

Way back when Flash games were all the rage, The Impossible Quiz was one of the most prominent titles on the web — one of which millions of people would try to conquer whenever a few spare minutes came tumbling by. Of course, as with any quiz, each answer would require deep thought and a few moments of liaising between teammates. But as for The Impossible Quiz, well, those privileges were tossed out the window from the moment you hit start.

Thrown into a fast-paced spindle of unorthodox questions,  The Impossible Quiz had us wracking our brains for the madness that lapped around each passing question. With little to no explanation behind any of the segments, playing through the catalogue of mind-bending puzzles became an addictive, albeit weird experience that none of us wanted to tear away from. The only problem, of course, was that we could never see it through to its conclusion. And now, we get to relive the nightmare thanks to the game being launched on mobile. Perfect.


4. The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game Trailer

A game that truly does live up to its title is The Impossible Game, which launched way back in 2009. As a direct influence that inspired the likes of Geometry Dash and other notable works on mobile, this tedious little classic went on to some pretty remarkable things — even spreading its annoyance with consoles and PC after launch. Of course, it does seem crazy to slate such a simple game with no major flaws, but anybody who has physically played a round of it will tell you that every harsh critique is well deserved.

The idea is simple: tap the screen and jump over a series of obstacles whilst bopping your head to a generic techno anthem. Seems straightforward enough, right? Wrong. It's anything but relaxing and straightforward. It's hell on a 7″ screen. It's a spool of unforgiving madness with no likeable qualities. It's The Impossible Game, plain and simple.


3. Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Trailer

If you're looking for a simple platformer with smooth gameplay to fill your afternoon — this definitely isn't the game for you. Sure, it looks promising and like a barrel of cheap fun, but looks can also be incredibly deceiving. The fact is, Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy is not a fun game to take on. If anything, it's a horrendous excuse for a video game with no charming qualities whatsoever. And yet, even with the hatred that coincides with its ingredients — the game itself has still managed to reach cult classic status.

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy definitely doesn't beat around the bush when setting up shop on your device. It doesn't want to hold your hand as you scrounge the web for instructions, nor does it wish for you to climb the everlasting mountain and reap the rewards the come with it. It just wants you to struggle, to shatter emotionally — and to call it quits for life. And that's exactly why we're putting this one down as one of the hardest games on mobile.


2. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird Gameplay

You might've forgotten about Flappy Bird shortly after the game went dark in 2014 — and for good reason, too. Not only was the side-scroller smash-hit extremely addictive, but also incredibly frustrating beyond belief. However, in spite of this, Flappy Bird did go on to become a global success, with the game raking in upwards of $50,000 a day from ads. But in light of its success, creator Dong Nguyen did eventually pull the game from the market, admitting to feeling guilty over its addictive nature.

Of course, the gameplay itself didn't require a great amount of strategy to progress through the endless pipeline. All you really needed was to make snap decisions on when to tap the screen and how long for. But other than that, Flappy Bird was a basic mobile game with very little context. It was simple, sure — but boy was it tedious.


1. Geometry Dash

THE BEST FULL VERSION "Press Start Full" [2.2 XL level] - Geometry Dash

I think we can all agree on one thing: Geometry Dash, despite its incredibly catchy soundtrack — is a freaking hard game. It just is, okay? Of course, I'd love nothing more than to say each level can be absorbed and conquered in a matter of seconds — but I'd be lying. The point is, Geometry Dash isn't for the faint-hearted, nor is it for the impatient gamer with a serious lack of chill. It is, however, perfect for hearty completionists that thrive off of ludicrous challenges.

As far as controls go, Geometry Dash doesn't exactly shovel a dozen buttons down your throat. In fact, it's as simple as tapping the screen to jump, with the occasional hold to fly. And while that does sound relatively simple to master, it's the levels that ultimately ground you. With some of the most advanced designs we've ever seen in a mobile video game — completing just one portion can be a challenge in itself. And as for the expert levels that taunt you from the far end of the chapter selection? Well, let's just say you won't be breaking the 20% completion without sacrificing a week of practice.


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