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5 Best Mech Games on PlayStation 5



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The PlayStation 5 has a wide selection of titles. Among these titles, there are games that range in their genre. The Mech genre in gaming is one that has had an impact on the history of gaming as a whole. However, with many modern examples shifting this genre toward the future, it can be highly beneficial to look at what is on offer. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Best Mech Games on PlayStation 5

5. Stonefly

Kicking off our list with an entry that isn't as combat-focused as others, we have Stonefly. Unlike most mech games, this game focuses more on the adventure aspect of having a mech as compared to the more action-oriented titles. There are a number of abilities that you can outfit your mech with, however, which is really cool and adds a little personal flair to it. The game also has a focus on wind-based combat, in which players will have to knock away enemies with their gusts.

The environmental design for Stonefly is also a great asset to the game itself. The areas in which you are exploring are all beautiful and charming. This goes a long way toward helping the player feel immersed in the world. There is also a wide cast of characters for players to latch onto and become familiar with. While it might not have the name recognition of other titles on this list, Stonefly offers a unique take on the mech genre, which is fantastic. So if you are looking for mech games to play on PlayStation 5, don't let this one slip through your fingers.

4. Gundam Evolution

Our next entry on our list is one that players will have no doubt heard about. Gundam Evolution brings what fans love the most about the famous anime/manga series Gundam. And brings it into the virtual world. Players will be able to pilot familiar mechs from the franchise, which is great as it allows players to connect with the game better. On top of this, the game also offers a way for players to battle one another. This is great. Due to the high-octane battles of the mechs, it lends itself well to action-oriented gameplay.

The variety between the machines also really helps gameplay variety as well. At the same time, there may be a few issues regarding the grindy nature of the game. However, the combat players will experience while grinding is fantastic. So while it may not may or break a Gundam fan, Gundam Evolution is an incredibly solid entry onto this list. Featuring extremely solid FPs mechanics as well as a wide roster of playable characters to unlock, Gundam Evolution is one of the most underrated mech games on the PlayStation 5.

3. Mech Warrior 5: Mercenaries

Our next entry strays away quite a bit from the high-octane world of PvP. This is due to the fact that Mech Warrior 5: Mercenaries primarily focuses on the PvE aspect of the experience. Players will be able to take on the role of a mech commander and forge a legend for themselves. This is great and invites the player to create as great of a story surrounding themselves as possible. This world's issues have led to the use of mechanical warfare becoming the norm, and it is with this backdrop that players begin the campaign.

There are a number of different kinds of mechs that you will have to learn to pilot. This is great for gameplay variety and allows the player to find a mech that suits their playstyle. You aren't alone in this endeavor, however, as you will recruit people along the way. If players don't wish to take part in the campaign, however, there is also an Instant Action mode. This mode does essentially what is advertised and works fantastically. All in all, Mech Warrior 5: Mercenaries is a fantastic example of what mech games on the PlayStation 5 can be.

2. The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker is quite an interesting inclusion on this list. While having a world and gameplay revolving around mechs, this game isn't your traditional mech title. Instead, players will be able to participate in hack n' slash gameplay, all while building bases. This is intriguing as it allows players to experience another layer to the game itself. Players are able to upgrade their bases to accomplish a number of tasks. For players who wish to have a significantly more laidback experience, there is Sandbox mode, in which players will have all of the game's resources under their control.

This can be done by creating structures out of resources that you find. However, you will need to make this extremely efficient. As for the later game materials and items, you will need to be as efficient as possible. The great thing about this experience is that it is fully customizable. If you find the difficulty to be a bit much, there are many ways to tweak things to your liking. To close, The Riftbreaker, while not a traditional mech game, is one of the standout mech games on the PlayStation 5.

1. Titanfall 2Apex Universe single-player

Titanfall 2 is a game that was way ahead of its time. Coming at us from the developers over at Respawn Entertainment, the map designs and gunplay of this title were nothing short of top-notch. However, amid releases of other games, Titanfall 2 got somewhat overshadowed. It is only through the power of hindsight and players going back to the game, do we know how amazing this game truly is. With a campaign that is a glimmer of hope in the world of AAA offerings, this game shines.

The multiplayer component of the game is also solid, from its Pilot vs. Pilot game modes to more standard multiplayer modes. Each of these modes is benefitted from the smooth gameplay and movement systems of the game. That makes this title really appealing to players who enjoy those types of experiences. So if you haven't played it in a while or haven't picked it p at all, definitely check out Titanfall 2, as it is one of the best mech games on the PlayStation 5  to date.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Mech Games on PlayStation 5? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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