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5 Best Puzzle Games on iOS & Android (February 2024)

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A mobile puzzle game with floating spheres and shattered planks

Mobile gaming is full of puzzle games, and these games challenge our minds and offer fun solutions that make us feel good. With so many games out there, it's hard to know which ones are the best. Some games are simple but fun, while others are more detailed and artistic. With so many choices, picking the best ones can be a big task. But you don't have to worry. We've looked at all the options and chosen the best puzzle games for both iOS & Android.

5. Two Dots

TD Storevideo Main 1920x1080 EN

Two Dots is a game that keeps things simple but gets more interesting as you play. In this game, players connect dots of the same color to meet goals in a set number of moves. It's a simple game at first glance but comes with a fun twist as you play more. Drawing lines between dots, making squares, and setting off chain reactions feels good and keeps you coming back for more. And moving forward, it keeps adding new tricks to keep you thinking and planning your next move.

The game gets more interesting with every level you reach. You'll find fire dots that spread each turn, ice blocks that you have to break by connecting dots next to them, and monsters that you can beat by trapping them inside squares. These challenges make sure the game is always fresh and fun. Every level is a new puzzle, pushing you to get creative and think ahead.

Moreover, Two Dots is packed with over a thousand levels, so there's always something new to tackle. It starts off easy but gets trickier in a way that feels just right. So, everyone from beginners to puzzle pros can have a good time. The game does a great job of teaching you how to play without making you feel stuck or frustrated.

4. Doors: Awakening

Doors: Awakening - Trailer

Next up, Doors: Awakening draws players into a fascinating world of puzzles. You're on a mission to unlock a series of unique doors. Each door hides its own set of challenges, asking players to be observant and think critically. The game is all about finding clues and solving puzzles to move forward. Players get to try different approaches to uncover the right path, making the game both fun and mentally stimulating.

The story in Doors: Awakening unfolds as you play, adding an extra layer of mystery. The game tells its story without using words, making you curious about the secrets behind each door. As you solve puzzles, you also uncover parts of the story, which keeps you wanting to play more. This way, the game blends the puzzles and story together, making every discovery feel important.

Additionally, the game uses sound and things you can touch and move in the game to make the experience even better. Sounds can give you hints and let you know when you've done something right. Being able to move objects around to solve puzzles makes you feel like you're really in the game's world. This hands-on approach adds to the fun and makes you feel more involved in the game.

3. Smash Hit

Smash Hit - Android Trailer

Smash Hit is another captivating entry in our lineup, merging puzzle elements with action in a way that grabs and holds your attention. Players embark on a journey through a futuristic landscape, their primary goal being to shatter glass obstacles with precision-thrown metal balls. The gameplay relies on an intuitive yet challenging mechanism where timing and aim are crucial for conserving balls and advancing through levels.

The physics-based gameplay of Smash Hit adds a layer of authenticity to the experience, with a realistic simulation of glass breaking that provides tactile satisfaction. This attention to the physical properties ensures a deeply immersive experience, as players calculate the trajectory and impact of their throws to navigate through increasingly complex levels. The game tests not only reflexes but also strategic planning, as conserving ammunition becomes critical to progression.

Diving deeper into the game reveals a rich tapestry of puzzles that require more than just quick reflexes. Strategic elements come into play, with players needing to prioritize targets and manage resources effectively to maintain their journey. Also, the serene yet intense gameplay of Smash Hit provides a unique contrast that captivates a broad audience. The act of shattering glass, which is inherently destructive, is strangely meditative, offering a moment of calm amidst the fast-paced action.

2. Gorogoa

GOROGOA | Accolades Trailer

If you enjoy puzzles that make you see things in a new way, Gorogoa will grab your interest from the start. This game is special because it lets you play with a set of beautiful panels. You can move these panels around, zoom in and out, and even stack them to solve puzzles. The way you solve puzzles in Gorogoa is really clever and keeps your brain busy in a fun way.

The puzzles here are different from usual puzzles. You have to think creatively to see how different pictures can connect to make a new path. This means looking at every detail and trying out every possibility until you find the right solution. When you finally solve a puzzle, it feels great because you discovered it all by yourself.

What's more, the game tells a story without using any words. As you solve puzzles, you also start to understand the game's story. It's like you're putting together a storybook as you play. So, Gorogoa is more than just a puzzle game; it's a journey where you're the one putting the pieces together, both solving puzzles and uncovering a hidden story.

1. Evo Explores

Evo Explores - Official Release Trailer (iOS/Android/WP/Blackberry)

Wrapping up our list, Evo Explores earns the top spot with its clever gameplay that pushes players to think outside the box. You're tasked with guiding Evo across levels that twist and turn in impossible ways. The game’s puzzles use optical illusions to challenge your perception, asking you to adjust the environment to forge paths where none seem to exist.

And as you move further in the game, the puzzles become more complex. Evo Explores introduces new challenges and mechanics gradually, keeping the gameplay interesting without becoming too difficult too quickly. The game encourages players to see the world differently, to question their perceptions, and to find joy in the unexpected solutions that emerge from seemingly impossible situations.

So, have you tried any of these outstanding puzzle games on your device yet? Are there other titles that have captured your imagination and deserve a spot on this list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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