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Best Mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2023)



Microsoft Flight Simulator, being the world's largest game with a map that spans every continent, country, and city, it comes as no real surprise that the modding community has taken a hold of it. Three years later and that very community has managed to transform what should technically be a flight-based simulation game into a full-fledged playground that dares to push Microsoft's Azure AI to its very limits.

Anyway, if you have recently taken up an interest in planes, then you'll no doubt find Microsoft Flight Simulator the ultimate all-in-one package—a fully comprehensive suite with all the right tools to give you an insight into the world of aviation. If, however, you're looking to add a little more variety to your session, then consider adding these mods to your files the next time you boot up the game.

6. Livery Mega Pack

Given the fact that Microsoft Flight Simulator only launched with a rather underwhelming selection of aircrafts and skins, it comes as no surprise that the modding community took the first opportunity to add a few additional flavors to the mix. And it did, tenfold.

Thanks to the Livery Mega Pack, you can go ahead and import a whopping 770 extra skins to the base game, allowing you to mix and match your aircrafts to suite your own style. It's a small thing, but it'll definitely make those longer flights crossing barren oceans in the middle of the night a little easier on the eye.

5. Heli-X

If you've grown a little tired of transporting make-believe passengers from one airport to the next, then perhaps it's time to find a new purpose as a pilot. An idea, maybe, is to download Heli-X, an application that lets you play through a variety of missions around the world. From courier jobs to rescue missions, this nifty software update will unlock a whole new world of aviation for you to soak up and complete at your leisure.

On one hand, Heli-X gives you a slew of new objectives to add to your own private checklist. But on the other, there isn't actually any perks to completing said objectives. Nevertheless, if you're searching for a few more bits and pieces to carry under your wing, then let Heli-X be your guide.

4. Working Visible Copilots

It can be a lonely role, being the pilot of a deserted aircraft for hours on end. That said, thanks to the modding community, you won't have to endure those same old flight patterns anymore, as a copilot can now join you in the cockpit for the long haul. It's a small feature, for sure — but it's also one that'll brighten up your adventures and keep that vacant seat from going cold.

So, how does the mod work? Well, unlike the copilot you spot in your external view, this useful little add-on simply places them alongside you in the cockpit. With 24 unique avatars to choose from, you can pretty much find your own accomplice to keep you company for all those long haul flights in the dead of night. It's something, anyway.

3. BushTalk Radio

BushTalk Radio | Freeware for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Apart from taking off and landing, there isn't a whole lot you can do when traversing the skies on a long haul flight. Fact is, even a cross-country journey can take you upwards of an hour to complete. To counter this, BushTalk Radio is around to keep you company as you navigate the regions and explore their respective landmarks and tourist spots.

BushTalk Radio provides you with a series of history lessons that are both highly informative and intriguing. As audio logs with real user-created information, you can spend your hours in the skies learning about various cultures, landmarks, and regions. And what's more, you can even create and submit your own audio tours, which players can then download and stream during their own fights. So, if you've ever fancied yourself as a tour guide, then you're sure to find an audience to grasp in this incredibly insightful and educational mod. Are you ready to go on air?

2. Controllable Naval Fleet

MSFS 2020 Ships Controllable Mod

If you're itching for a break from the skies for a short while, then perhaps it's time to cast your eye on commandeering a naval fleet. As a captain, you can take control of one of 19 vessels, including The Titanic and other noteworthy ships, and set sail across any of the seven seas. Although not quite as flashy and as loaded with top-shelf details as the base game, the mod does manage to expand your playground by another fair few thousand miles.

Point is, if you are planning on dividing your attention between the skies and the seas, then you'll be pleased to know that the modding community actually has a whole heap of add-ons for the latter. From pirate ships to the Kraken, you've essentially got yourself a nexus of cosmetics to help flesh out a whole other world. It isn't quite what Asobo Studio designed the game for, but given the fact that the modding teams simply took it into their own hands to switch up, it doesn't really matter.

1. Star Wars Ships

#FS2020 - Testing updated Colonial Viper in Microsoft Flight Simulator

It's one thing to develop a mod that allows its users to voyage across the seas, but to transform standard airbuses into spacecrafts taken straight from the Star Wars franchise is another thing entirely. Granted, it's a little unorthodox compared to most of the mods you'll find on the web, but for what it's worth, any fan of the franchise will be guaranteed a few additional hours of themed entertainment.

Thanks to Flight Sim Squadron, this mod allows for you to insert a total of 30 iconic spaceships from the Star Wars series. So, if you're interesting in swapping out a Boeing 737 for the Millennium Falcon,  then hey, at least now you know exactly where to look.


So, what's your take? Will you be implementing any of the above mods? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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