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Best Mods for Hogwarts Legacy (2023)



Hogwarts Legacy is an absolutely magical experience. That being said, many modders have taken a liking to the game. This means that they have made an impressive amount of modded content surrounding the game itself. These mods range in scope and scale, but each, in its own way, adds more to the experience. So naturally, this makes the already magical world created by Portkey Games all the more magical. So without further ado, here are our picks for the Best Mods for Hogwarts Legacy (2023).

5. Mouse Gesture to Spell Modfriendships

One of the most magical elements in the world of witchcraft and wizardry is wand movement. It is fantastic to see this replicated through mods. The Mouse Gesture to Spell mod is excellent. It allows players to make movements with their mouse into the trigger for the activation of spells. This gives an incredible feeling of authenticity. Because it will enable the game to feel a bit more interactive and intuitive, players who want to give their spells just a bit more personal flair on PC can find this mod very helpful.

This also serves to make the weaving of spells into spell combos feel smoother and more intuitive. While it may not seem like much. This adds a level of immersion and comfortability to the combat of Hogwarts Legacy. This mod can be found through the Nexus mod system and will significantly improve the player experience overall. Also, attaching a movement to a particular spell, rather than a key bind, can be great for recollecting individual wand movements. For these reasons, we choose the Mouse Gesture to Spell mod as one of our best mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

4. Smaller UI Mod

While the UI in Hogwarts Legacy can be incredibly helpful, some players may prefer a more minimalistic approach. This is where the Smaller UI mod comes in handy. Players can equip this mod, and it will shrink the UI and allow the player to move throughout the world without icons hovering over items or getting in the way of spell effects. In addition, there are a number of options to choose from within the mod itself, which makes it really customizable. So players who prefer a less intrusive UI will find this mod very helpful overall.

Much like many different mods on this list, this mod can be downloaded from Nexus Mods, so if you are looking for something that changes your experience a bit. Then this might be the mod for you. In a world that is as immersive as the one presented in Hogwarts Legacy, immersion is essential, and sometimes UI elements can get in the way of that for the player, so if you haven't, definitely check out this mod, as it may allow you to sink into the world a bit better. This makes it one of the standout mods for hOgwarts Legacy for improving players' experience.

3. Ascendio

Ascendio is a mod that some would consider mandatory for PC players. The mod does a great job of allowing players to deal with the frame drops that can often occur with PC versions of the game. It handles this by changing a few settings within the Unreal Engine parameters, making the optimization for the game significantly better overall. If you are experiencing issues such as these, then this mod can truly be a lifesaver for you.

Hogwarts Legacy is a magical game that allows players to experience a fantastical world. So graphical hitches and their problems can get in the way of player enjoyment. That is where this mod comes in to save the day. So if you are a PC player who struggles to maintain a smooth framerate or having problems with graphical hitches, perhaps check out Ascendio, as it is more than likely to fix your problem. it is for these reasons that we pick this mod to be on our list of best mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

2. Skin Tone Mods

While the base game features a character creator that manages to apply a pretty wide spectrum of colors, some fans wanted more. That is where various skin tone mods come in handy. These mods allow the player to outfit their character with a skin tone more befitting of their choosing. This is great as it will enable more people of varying skin tones to feel more at home in the game. As it opens the world for a more vibrant skin tone palette overall. So if you are someone who has been looking for more options to outfit your character with, then this mod might just be for you.

The various skin tone mods can be found through modding tools such as Nexus Mods as well as other sources. If you are a PC player, these should be made readily available to you. Allowing you to tweak your Hogwarts Legacy experience to you, the player. So if you are looking for more customization options within the game, look no further than these mods. Each of these is sure to have something here for everyone. It is because we want the magical world to be made as inclusive as possible that we include the various skin tone mods as one of our picks for the best mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

1. Silencio Mod

The Silencio mod is one that offers something relatively tiny in the grand scheme of things. That is the fact that this mod allows the player to silence the voice of the inventor of the Flooi Powder travel system. While it is nice to get a bit of lore whenever you fast-travel, the number of times you will have to hear these voice lines quickly becomes infuriating to the player. So if you would like to silence these lines, then this mod is definitely for you. The first few times you hear the lines, they are endearing and lovely to hear.

However, by the time you have reached the end of the game. You will have heard these lines an exhausting amount of times. This makes this mod wonderful as it allows you to enjoy the wonders of Floo Powder travel without all the fuss. So if you are like us and want to stop these voice lines, players should make sure that they download this mod. It is for these reasons, and partially our sanity that we choose the Silencio mod. This is one of the most inconsequential yet essential mods, making it one of the best Hogwarts Legacy has to offer.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Mods for Hogwarts Legacy (2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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