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Best Easter Eggs in Hogwarts Legacy



Easter Eggs in games allow us a bit more insight into how connected the developers are with the game's world. These can range in their form and purpose, but either way serves as tantalizing tidbits for the player to find. Hogwarts Legacy is a title that takes full advantage of this and adds hints of its own magic in an already magical world. So without further ado, here are our picks for the Best Easter Eggs in Hogwarts Legacy.

5. Howlers

While it might not be the flashiest inclusion, fans of the series will definitely remember and recognize the Howler. This is because it was featured in one of the famous films. Howlers, for those who don't know, are letters that are able to yell at whoever receives them. In the film, Ron Weasley received a Howler from his mother. Additionally, Howlers can be seen given to students around in Hogwarts Legacy. So while this might not be the most insane inclusion, it still is rather fantastic to see from the game itself.

Firstly, this little Easter Egg can be found by finding a student that has the sentient letter yelling at them. It would seem that this particular student is being scolded by a parent. Being one of the lesser-known aspects of the Harry Potter series, it is nice to see this included in the game. This shows just how in tune with the series that the developers at Porkey Games are. So if you are ever out and about around Hogwarts and manage to stumble across this howling letter, take a second to enjoy this fantastic nod to the books and films in the series.

4. Peeves the Pesky Poltergeist

A famous or infamous character from the Harry Potter books is Peeves, the Poltergeist. While not featured in the films, this pesky ghost would constantly tattle on any of Hogwart's more unsuspecting students. His inclusion in Hogwarts Legacy shows that the developers really know their stuff and want his inclusion to feel significant. In fact, the poltergeist even plays a role in the game's main story, especially as the player character roams through the Restricted Section of the library.

Any fan of the books would no doubt remember Peeves, as he is one of the ghostly characters introduced in the series, alongside Nearly-Headless Nick and others. Peeves can even be seen in past Harry Potter titles, although his depiction in this one certainly holds more significance. So while you are roaming the halls in Hogwarts Legacy, be on the lookout for this ghostly figure. He almost assuredly can be found playing pranks on unsuspecting students. All in all, Peeve's inclusion in the game is simply one of the fantastic Easter Eggs in Hogwarts Legacy.

3. Polyjuice Potion

Fans of the series will no doubt remember the significance of Polyjuice Potion. For those unaware, this is a potion that allows the user to take on the appearance of another for a limited amount of time. In the books as well as films, it was used by Hermione Granger in an attempt to appear as one of the students. However, in the film, they mistakenly grab cat hair from the student's cat, turning Hermione into a catgirl. This is shown to have quite an effect on her in the books and film.

The part of the Polyjuice Potion that appears in Hogwarts Legacy is that much like Hermione. A student has taken to brewing the potion in the girl's lavatory. This is a nice little nod to the series, but it isn't the only time the potion is seen in-game. Players will even have a quest revolving around the potion later on in the game. So if you are a fan of the Polyjuice Potion, then be on the lookout for cauldrons in the girl's bathroom in Hogwarts Legacy. So eagle-eyed fans, be on the lookout for this Easter Egg as you make your way through Hogwarts Legacy.

2. Hagrid's Hut

One of the most iconic locations from the books and films is Hagrid's Hut. This is a small hut on the grounds, primarily used by the groundskeeper of Hogwarts, Reubeus Hagrid. Hagrid is a character that has his own history around Hogwarts, so it is fantastic to see a nod to the beloved giant in the game. Fans can see the hut, which is around the Forbidden Forest, as early as their first Charms class. This is a lovingly crafted Easter Egg that allows players to visit one of the best locations in the series.

With so many important story events occurring here, fans of the books are no doubt in love with this location. There are even more secrets that can be found there as well. While we won't go spoiling them here, have a look around the hut, as we are sure you will find what you discover there to be touching and heartwarming. All in all, Hagrid's Hut was a place of solace in the films and books, and it's wonderful to see such a faithful recreation within Hogwarts Legacy. It is for these reasons that we believe it to be one of the best Easter Eggs in the game.

1. The Chamber of Secrets

With a name like The Chamber of Secrets, could anything else possibly top this list? The Chamber of Secrets is somewhat in the game, but only through various means. While players cannot fully explore this area, they can interact with the entrance to the Chamber. Harry Potter faithful will know that the entrance to this iconic location can be found in a rather mundane place, one of the school's lavatories.

While currently, there is no plan by the developers to flesh out this area. It is still a fantastic nod to one of the best locations in the series. Players can visit the entrance to the Chamber, which leaves the door tantalizingly open for content to be created around the location. So if you, like us, are fans of the series and simply want to go through the game discovering all of the Easter Eggs possible, don't miss out on this one. It is simply one of the fantastic Easter Eggs and shows the level of care given to Hogwarts Legacy.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Easter Eggs in Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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