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Hogwarts Legacy: Best Houses, Ranked



There isn't a budding witch or wizard alive who isn't stoked to receive their long-awaited acceptance letter to Hogwarts next February. And yet, with such little time left before its release, there still appears to be that one burning question that nobody can really answer until the Sorting Hat falls from the cupboard: “which of the four Houses will I choose to be in for the academic year in Hogwarts Legacy?”

Even today, a decade after the series came to an end, fans of the franchise are still fighting their corners over which House is the best in Hogwarts. As for us, well, we're just happy for the opportunity to enter the grounds after several years of begging Warner Bros. to do the right thing and make a genuinely fantastic RPG with the wizarding world alive and kicking. But if we had to slot the four Houses in a certain order based on first impressions, then the structure would look something like this.

4. Ravenclaw

We're not saying Ravenclaw is a bad House, as its heritage is equally as rich as its peers. But the fact is, of all the Houses Hogwarts Legacy has showcased, Ravenclaw is definitely the one that we'd say is the most slept on, as it has only received a minor portion of details compared to the other three. And it's because of the lack of detail, that it's somewhat difficult to put it on a pedestal as “the best in Hogwarts.” Again, this isn't to say that it's a bad House, though, and in no way should it put you off from choosing it come enrolment day.

Due to the books and media being mostly centered around Gryffindor and Slytherin, there's this unfortunate divide that leaves both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff in seperate boats. The good news for Avalance Software, though, is that having little details to work with from the source material does mean there's plenty of untapped potential to explore and capitalize on. And Ravenclaw, being the wise and effortlessly intellectual House that it is, is sure to have more than enough opportunities to reflect these qualities in Hogwarts Legacy's common room. Does this warrant an eventual play-through, even if it's the third or fourth? Absolutely.

3. Hufflepuff

If Cedric Diggory has taught us anything, it's that friendship, even between the most unlikely wizards and witches, is what makes the wizarding world go round. And Hufflepuff, being the beacon of companionship, is without doubt one of the most appealing Houses in all of Hogwarts. And boy, those earthy tones that come with its common room quite easily make it one of the cosiest spots on campus. Therefore, if you'd much rather enjoy a quiet year at Hogwarts, then Hufflepuff is a definite win-win.

There's something about it that makes us want to knuckle down by a dimly lit fire and study till our heart's content. Hufflepuff has this certain aura, and Avalanche Software has done a phenomenal job at reflecting its warmth in the student's personalities and their candlelit common room quarters. It's a definite contender, that's for sure, and we'd be lying if we said we won't be having stern words with the Sorting Hat come launch day.

2. Slytherin

It's not that we want to be evil or anything, but there's certainly an appeal to being a Slytherin student, if only to share its connection with Lord Voldemort himself. And even then, there are several charming elements that make it the second most popular House in Hogwarts, which is precisely why so many would much rather travel down the route of corruption than wholeheartedness. The leaky chamber common room, being just one of those elements, makes it worth entertaining, for example.

What draws us to Slytherin is its no-nonsense approach to learning. More specifically, the several curses that would soon rather abolish a threat than gently dismantle it. Slytherin is a tough nut to crack, and it unintentionally harbors more raw qualities than any of the other three Houses combined. Sure, history has proven that they're mostly bad, but they're also courageous, ambitious, and incredibly resourceful. And to be fair, if the goal in Hogwarts Legacy is to become an all-powerful wizard or witch, then Team Slytherin will definitely see that done, tenfold.

1. Gryffindor

It comes as no real surprise to see that the vast majority of budding wizarding folk are eager to step beyond the Fat Lady and into the common room that stood as the center of the universe for one of the most beloved trios in the world. Decades apart, and yet, the Gryffindor hub will remain mostly the same as it appeared in the movies and books. Therefore, students can definitely expect to see a number of iconic features, paintings, and Easter eggs. And it's because of this, that Gryffindor will be the House with the highest intake of fresh-faced students come launch day.

There are reasons, of course, that make Gryffindor the popular House that it is. Bravery, loyalty, and being generally lionhearted will no doubt get you a ticket to be amongst the most respected students and teachers in all of Hogwarts. And so, if you consider yourself as something of a team player, and seek only to benefit others through your own skill set, then there's hardly an ultimatum at hand. Plus, Gryffindor has Nearly Headless Nick to hoist the House colors, which makes the choice all the more easy to make, for sure.


So, what's your take on our best Houses? Which will you be choosing when Hogwarts Legacy comes out? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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