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Best Mods in Grand Theft Auto V (2023)



Grand Theft Auto V is an astronomically popular game. This is in no small part due to the moldability of the game's experience. Players can turn the game into almost whatever they want through modding. This has given the title an unprecedented amount of longevity. Additionally, this game world can be molded into whatever the player wants to experience. So recognition of that fact, here is our picks for the Best Mods in Grand Theft Auto V (2023).

5. Mobile Radio Mod

Starting off our list with an entry that, initially, you wouldn't think too much about. The Mobile Radio mod allows the player to take their favorite music with them. It does this by allowing the player to form the soundtrack of their gaming experience. This is great because it allows players to be moving around and participate in different activities within the game, which allows the backdrop of the soundtrack to be hitting. This can make a world of difference in terms of player enjoyment and immersion.

Have a favorite scene in the game that you wish to lay music over. This mod allows that. While it might not be the most substantial or sizable mod, it does wonders for enhancing an already fantastic experience. So if you are looking to blast tunes while you blast your way through Grand Theft Auto V., then this mod will certainly help you to do so. This is really cool and speaks volumes for the creativity and talent of the modding community within Grand Theft Auto V‘s thriving communities through the power of mods like this one.

4. NaturalVision Evolved Mod

Grand Theft Auto V is by no means an unaesthetic game. However, this mod greatly enhances the game's already stunning visuals to their absolute limits. It cannot be overstated how great this makes the game's world feel overall. This isn't the only way that the mod improves the game's graphics either, as it also incorporates 4K technology into the equation as well. Making for a version of the game's world that will leave even the most jaded player's jaw on the floor.

Featuring many changes to the weather effects as well as lighting, this mod allows the game to look as stunning as possible at little cost in terms of performance. This isn't where the mod stops either, as even vegetation and building textures have been pushed to their absolute limits. There has been immense support for the developers of this mod, and it is hoped that it will reach a full release soon, as even in the beta stage, the results are immaculate. To close, this mod is one of the best mods for Grand Theft Auto V in 2023.

3. Grand Theft Auto V RPG Mod

This is a mod that brings the world of Grand Theft Auto V more in line with classic RPG mechanics. This gives the player an immense amount of control over their character. An aspect which, in terms of the base game, was rather lacking. This is surprising, too, considering that even Grand Theft Auto San Andreas had many different ways to affect the stats of your character. This mod seems to rectify these issues and allows players to do a number of things to the game's already fantastic characters.

This isn't where the content in this mod stops either, as it allows the player to enjoy a story experience in a completely different way. In addition, there are a number of character classes to choose from to add some variety to the experience as well. It even comes equipped with skill trees, allowing players to tweak their character and their abilities however they wish. And on top of all of this, which is extremely impressive, it adds a randomized loot system. So if you enjoy RPG gameplay, definitely check out this mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

2. Open All Interiors Mod

The Open All Interiors mod does exactly what you think it does. It allows players to access previously inaccessible areas inside buildings. With the staggering amount of buildings to be explored, this mod is a technical marvel. Players have wanted to go inside more buildings for quite some time, as it feels a bit strange in such a sprawling open world not to be able to even go inside the local corner store. This does a fantastic job of allowing the player more freedom in an already vast game.

From gun stores to strip clubs and everything in between, the world of Grand Theft Auto V quickly becomes your oyster through the power of this mod. So if you are looking to have an opening experience that will open your eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities within Grand Theft Auto V, definitely check this mod out. In conclusion, the Open All Interiors mod, through its unique premise, allows us to enjoy more of a world that we already spend so much time exploring. For this reason, we consider it one of the best mods for the game.

1. Vice City: Remastered

It was inspired by the landscape soaked in the neon fluorescent lights of Miami in the 1980s. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City did a fantastic job of capturing its world. It does this in a way that arguably, even exceeds Grand Theft Auto V. With many different iconic locations. It is no wonder that players have been wanting to visit an updated version of this destination for many of our childhoods.

This mod faithfully recreates the iconic boardwalk area from the game. Including the hotel, so if you are looking for a blast from the past, a trip down memory lane, definitely give this mod a try. Additionally, the amount of love that has been poured into this mod is stunning to see, as it serves to lovingly recreate one of the more iconic locations from gaming history. For these reasons, as well as many more, we consider Vice City: Remastered to be one of the best mods available for Grand Theft Auto V.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Mods in Grand Theft Auto V (2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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